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Why do employers choose temporary workers for their businesses?

Today, you can find a wide variety of options when you seek new staff for your organization. In this sense, your definitive choice depends mostly on why your company needs them in the first place. You should know why employers hire temporary workers for their businesses around the world.

In this article, we will show you why employers choose temporary workers for their businesses. Here, you will learn when a worker is temporary, how an employer can choose one, and why. Take the time to review the following points:

  1. When should a worker be temporary?
  2. How can an employer choose a temporary worker?
  3. What is a temp staffing service?
  4. Why do employers choose to hire a temp worker?
  5. Where can you find more information about temporary workers?

1. When should a worker be temporary?

Time is an essential aspect of every part of a business. Even a few minutes can be the key to catching a client’s attention or letting him go. It is also paramount for topics such as the duration of a phone banker’s contract.

In this sense, you could ask about the time a worker should stay in your company. Such an inquiry has two possible solutions. First, you will need a worker to remain indefinitely in your organization if your requirements are long-lasting. In other words, you will require a permanent staffing solution.

On the other hand, you will need the short-lasting option if your requirements are time-limited. Namely, you will need a temporary worker. Temporary workers are the ones that fulfill the temporary needs of your company. It means that they will leave your organization when their job is complete.

However, such a departure is not mandatory for your temp worker. As you will see here later, you could also ask them to keep working in your company if their performance is flawless. Let us now talk about how you can choose a temporary worker.

2. How can an employer choose a temporary worker?

Choosing a temporary worker is not like picking a shirt in your favorite clothing store. It implies an adequate assessment of your temporary needs. Ergo, you must define the skills, abilities, and knowledge you require in your organization for a short time.  

You could use one of the most innovative and secure services to hire a temp worker. They include searching for him as a freelancer. In other words, you would have to post attractive job ads to catch their attention.

Nevertheless, it could be challenging for your team if they do not know how to do it properly. Here is where the second option to choose a temporary worker appears: a temp staffing service. Their deep knowledge in the field will help you tremendously.

With a temp staffing service, you can choose a temporary worker from any line of business for your organization. For instance, you could use it to hire tally clerks you require in your stores for a short time. Let us now show you briefly how it works.

3. What is a temp staffing service?

Finding a temp employee through a temp staffing service involves several steps you should follow correctly. Essentially, it is a service offered by temporary staffing agencies that include sourcing and recruiting temporary workers. Their goal is to provide you with the temp staff you need.

A high-quality temp staffing service will perform these activities with you:

  • Evaluate your temporary requirements to know where and what to look for in their candidates.
  • Search for potential candidates using the techniques performed by the best staffing recruiters in the business.
  • Screen and interview the potential candidates to assess their skills, personalities, and working background.
  • Hire the best candidate for your temporary role to allow him to start working in your organization.
  • Receive your feedback regarding the performance of their hired temporary worker, besides his adaptation to your working environment.  

As a result, you will see your temporary requirements adequately covered, which will improve your company in many ways. Most importantly, you can establish an effective alliance with your temp staffing service provider. It is something that certainly should not be temporary.

4. Why do employers choose to hire a temp worker?

You are in your office during the morning of a beautiful working day. At one moment, you look through your window and see the temporary receptionists your neighboring company hired. You may then start wondering why they employed them in the first place.

Resolving such a doubt you have implies learning about the benefits your company can get from a temp employee. In other words, you must know how a temporary worker can help your organization. However, such learning can take a long time that you do not have available.

Fortunately, we managed to build a summary of the reasons why employers choose to hire a temp worker regularly. They apply to any business regardless of their industry or location. Nevertheless, feel free to look for additional reasons regarding your company.

They also apply to every temporary worker you could need, such as event staff for your occasional gatherings. After all, your team needs an unforgettable event from time to time to stay motivated.

Let us now show you in detail the reasons why employers choose to hire a temp worker today:

4.1 Flexibility

In the current business era, a company cannot survive without the capability of adapting to changes fast. It is an affirmation that you probably saw materialized during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Its consequences, such as supply chain shortages and its effects on staffing, affected many companies worldwide.

Your company today needs flexibility. It is something you can get from your temp staffing service. Remember, a temporary worker is often a highly-skilled professional with experience in several industries. It means that they are ready for almost any possible scenario your company could face.

One great example of such an advantage is the expertise you can bring by hiring temporary IT support staff. You will end up with an organization equipped with the latest technological advances. Logically, you would not like to see the computers in your company malfunctioning.

A temporary worker will allow your business to be flexible. Their working methodology prepares him for handling numerous issues. Moreover, you could also trade him for another worker quickly if you need to.

4.2 Pool of expertise

When you need to hire a temp worker, your temporary staffing agency can perform all the recruitment processes for you. To do them efficiently, they search for potential candidates in their pool of expertise. It allows them to work with candidates they already know. 

Above all, it can bring two attractive benefits to your organization. First, it allows you to access a large candidate pool that can assist your business substantially. For example, you can find the highly skilled and talented technical staff you require for your company there.

On the other hand, a pool of expertise allows your temp staffing service to increase its accuracy. This will give you a higher probability of finding the right temporary worker you need in your company.

Moreover, the expertise of a temp employee can help your business in several ways. For instance, you could receive proper marketing advice from your temporary sales staff. Undoubtedly, they will know how to reach customers adequately.

4.3 Taking care of your budget

Seeking external assistance for your organization often brings the attention of your accountants and finance staff. Most importantly, they will ask you to evaluate if its cost is not too high. However, you must show them you are taking care of your budget by hiring a temporary worker.

Your use of a temp staffing service eradicates the need for paying compensation related to permanent employment. It can include paid leaves, productivity bonuses, healthcare insurance, and more. Besides, there is also the possibility of unemployment compensation which can be high for full-time employees leaving your organization.

As a consequence, you will witness higher revenue for your business, which can improve its growth significantly. Therefore, you must hire every temp employee you need if your requirements are temporary and your budget is limited. It will allow you to save money you can invest in other parts of your company.

4.4 Low risk

When you hire a new employee, there is always the risk of him bringing you more problems than solutions. After all, some candidates can hide their inadequate features in a way your HR support staff cannot see them. You must seek ways to minimize such a risk.

Luckily, your temp staffing service provider is familiar with methods to ensure they are hiring the correct temporary worker. They include deep screening activities and modern interviewing techniques. As a result, you will lower the risk of recruiting the wrong candidate for your temporary role.

Risk is essential for some temporary positions you would need to fill. For instance, you would not like to see your credit collector stealing your money. Let your temporary staffing agency perform what they need to ensure they bring you the adequate temp employee.

4.5 Shorter hiring process

Sometimes, the success of your business year depends on how fast you cover your temporary requirements. For instance, you could miss sales during a peak in your demand by not having enough in-store assistants. You must add speed to your hiring process during those cases.

In this sense, hiring a temporary worker can be tremendously helpful for your organization. Their hiring process is significantly shorter, which allows you to fulfill your temporary needs faster. It can assist you substantially when the time is against you.

Moreover, a shorter hiring process also gives your new temp employee the opportunity of learning about your business more quickly. It is time he can use later to bring additional ideas to the table. For example, he can explain ways to manage clients as a call center executive.

4.6 Try before you buy

Fulfilling a permanent position in your organization can be a job for your Recruitment Process Outsourcing team. However, you can find it helpful to seek candidates for such a position among your temp staff. Indeed, you can find the best candidate for it in a temp employee.

When you hire a temp worker, you can evaluate how he works and interacts with your team. Consequently, you can determine if he has the quality to be a permanent employee in your company. He can also assess your organization as a working place for a longer-term.

In other words, you can ask for a temporary worker to try it before you buy it. It is a method with the advantage of dismissing him easier when he does not cover what you need.

5. Where can you find more information about temporary workers?

In business, intelligent choices can take a company to unthinkable levels of competitiveness and revenue. Regarding your staff, you can go with permanent or temporary employees in your organization. You should know why employers choose temporary workers for their businesses today.

Hiring the correct temporary worker involves also hiring the best temp staffing service for your company. Among all the available options, Connect Staff is undoubtedly your best choice. Our meaningful work will allow you to get all the temporary employees you need fast and easily.

Let us show you how we can help your company with its temporary staffing requirements. You can contact us if you have any questions about our temporary workers and how they can suit your requirements. Do it today by calling us at +971 43 316 688 or write us an email at

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