In-store assistants

In-store Assistant

Managing a retail and sales business can be a highly profitable option since you can receive many customers and provide them with what they need, so it’s a win-win situation. However, it’s important to have the proper staff that provides and efficient customer service, otherwise, you may be at risk of not having the earnings you expect.

Connect Staff can help you find the best in-store assistants for your business that can deliver an outstanding service to your customers so they can make the purchases that can take your organization to success.

In-Store Assistant Roles and Responsibility

Hiring in-store assistance can be the perfect decision for your company. Whether you run a small department or retail store, or you’re the leader of a procurement department in a large corporation, you must have the proper staff that knows how to lead sales.

An in-store assistant carries out crucial tasks that are related to day-to-day operations. It’s an essential position because it ensures the organization reaches its strategic objectives.

Some of the responsibilities of an in-store assistant are the following:

  • Ensuring physical stock accuracy with reports
  • Stocking products on shelves
  • Managing stock cards by entering information
  • Handling documentation and paperwork related to imports and approval sign-offs
  • Inspection tasks to verify quantity and quality of incoming goods in the store
  • Update the internal system with the goods received
  • Do the follow-up to vendors to ensure goods are delivered within the expected period
  • Prepare monthly reports
  • Assist customers with questions and inquiries
  • Keep the store organized

The level of roles and responsibilities varies depending on the type of store or business. Perhaps you run a small retail store and you just need an in-store assistant that can help your customers with their purchases, or maybe you need an in-store assistant for your manufacturing company, so the scope of the role will be determined by your requirements.



In-Store Assistant Jobs

When you run your procurement department or retail store, you must have the proper number of in-store assistants that can ensure smooth operations. You can instruct your staff to perform from the many basic tasks up to more challenging ones such as reporting and inspection.

Therefore, you must hire top talent to carry out this job. Here in Connect Staff, we ensure your in-store assistants have the required qualifications and skills for this position.

An in-store assistant must have customer service skills, so they can talk to your customers and solve their inquiries efficiently. Keep in mind that since this is a role that is in direct communication with your customers, you must have someone with great communication skills.

Also, it’s important to have someone with experience in the role, preferably in your relevant field of operation. In addition, the in-store assistant should have expertise when it comes to management and logistics since it’s crucial for being efficient.

Connect Staff ensures you get staff with all of the previously mentioned qualifications and skills. We provide staff to fill the following roles:

  • Account Executive
  • Inside sales and outside sales
  • Retail Associate
  • Retail Host
  • Outside sales
  • Sales support
  • Retail store customer service representative
  • Store operations lead
  • Retail store manager

In-Store Assistants Acquisition Process

Hiring an in-store assistant for your business can be challenging if you lack the resources and time to carry out this task. Keep in mind that it’s important to find the right person to fill the role. Because you want to ensure smooth and successful operations in your business.

In this regard, here in Connect Staff, we can help you overcome the issues regarding your internal recruitment because we can provide a seamless hiring process.

Whether you run a department store, online store or procurement business. We can provide the staff you need to fill the open positions of your company.

Our acquisition process starts with an assessment of your company’s culture and the role you want to fill. We can understand your particular requirements and start searching for the best talent your business deserves.

Once we know your needs, we start the in-depth screening process to get the candidate that matches your requirements regarding skills, attitude, and goals.

Lastly, our exhaustive interview process ensures we deliver only the candidates that are fully prepared to fill the role in your organization.

Why Connect Staff?

Implementing the traditional hiring approach in your business can be a problem for some organizations. If you don’t have enough HR resources, recruiters and technology to make streamlined recruitment, you may end up with a bad hire.

A bad hire is the last thing you need because an in-store assistant that doesn’t know how to handle your customers’ inquiries and doesn’t have the expertise to carry out inspections and other crucial tasks will put your sales at risk.

Therefore, you can delegate this task to Connect Staff. We can deliver the perfect staff for your business so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our seamless acquisition process ensures you get the perfect in-store assistants for your business and with the employment model you desire.

In-store Assistant Staffing Solutions

Here in Connect Staff, we provide a wide range of staffing services to match your requirements. If you’re looking for a temporary, direct-hire, temp-to-hire, contracted or contract-to-hire in-store assistant, we got the solution you need.

You can fill your roles with our assistance and we can help you depending on your particular requirements. Perhaps you’re dealing with seasonal demands or peak season and you need temporary staff, or maybe you want to hire a permanent in-store assistant but you first want to evaluate how the employee carries out the tasks before you make a permanent offer.

In Connect Staff we can understand your needs and provide a customized solution that boosts your business. With our consultative approach, we can determine what your business looks for in an in-store assistant and we can help you achieve a successful staffing model.

Our solutions are designed to match your requirements and with our customized service, you can receive the results you expect regarding your staffing needs.


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