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Are you looking to hire hostesses for your events? With Connect Staff you can find the right candidates for your needs. With our hostess agency Dubai support, you will have access to a vast selection of hostesses who live in Dubai and who are multilingual and represent a wide range of countries. All of our hostesses have the necessary experience with launch events, road shows and much more. To guarantee that we are giving you only the most exceptional hostesses in Dubai, they are all inspected and frequently audited.

Enjoy the Benefits of Working with Our Hostess Agency in Dubai

By outsourcing your needs to our top Dubai hostess agency, you can obtain the following benefits:

Access to Talent: Access to top-notch talent with the proper and necessary experience in the hostess industry.

Scalability: Increase you staff for your event according to your needs with the support of the hostess agency Dubai.

Professionalism: Hiring from our company, we promise to provide you qualified professionals who will join your crew for the event.

Social Responsibility: Our candidates have the necessary training to provide top-notch services. Abiding by the morale code and other guidelines.

Punctuality: Each person we propose for hire will arrive at the event venue on time and be willing to give their best effort to meet your event's needs.

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Make the Most Out of Our Hostess Agency Dubai

In any case, having someone oversee the schedule and guide the attendees is crucial to making sure everything runs as planned.

Our skilled event hostesses can assist businesses introducing new products or services, or businesses organizing a corporate event, in making sure everything runs smoothly for an enjoyable occasion..

Our event hostesses in UAE are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable, which is something our clients appreciate about our hosting staffing solutions. They have the professional poise to conduct themselves in any type of event.

We prefer to provide people who can speak multiple languages because communication is crucial at these events, especially for display stand hostesses who must actively engage potential clients.

Find Staff for Any Type of Event with Our Top Hostess Agency Dubai

As a top hostess agency in Dubai, we will help you find the ideal candidates for any type of event. Let us give you the assistance you require to find individuals that represent your company in the best way. With us, you can find hostesses for:



Private events.



Sport events and more.

Our Quick Process Of Finding Candidates

Connect Staff is the top agency you need to find the ideal hostesses. Thus, all you have to do is:

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Why Choose Connect Staff?

At Connect Staff, we recognize the value of providing excellent service. So, we put a lot of effort into choosing the best personnel who can enhance your event. Our goal is to provide you with a motivated staff that can make your event a success.

We have had experience dealing with organizations that manage various events. We have teamed with marketing firms, companies, and organizations that are seeking teams that are active, energetic, and capable of making any marketing event unique.

Our hostess company can offer you the most effective and efficient staffing option, whether you only want a competent female host to work an exposition stand or you require highly skilled female hosts for a great corporate party. We thoroughly evaluate their academic credentials, professional expertise, and hosting history.


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    The hostess staffing agency provides efficient, welcoming and well-qualified hostess that you might need for your event, conference, restaurants etc. business first communicate about their requirements with the agency and convey the details of the event. Based on the information provided, the agency then selects the hostess that suits best to the criteria from the pool of other staff members.

    The hostess service can be availed for various events like official conference, corporate events, promotional occasions, charity functions, high-profile gathering etc.

    A hostess makes sure that the atmosphere is professional and welcoming to the guests. She gives a warm welcome to every attendee of the event. Depending on the nature of the event, she might help in the registration process. She needs to have sufficient knowledge about the event to guide others. 

    Booking notice for hostess staffing in the UAE may be a little bit shorter than for general event staffing. For most events, aim for 1-3 months in advance. It may be best to reserve 4-6 weeks in advance for complex events or those that fall during busy seasons.

    In the UAE, there isn’t a general legislation requiring insurance for those working as event crew, including hostesses. However, respectable event staffing companies usually give their employees insurance coverage of some kind. 

    Choosing the right hostess staffing agency can be challenging. Here is how you can evaluate:

    1- Look for the past experience of the agency  if they have worked before in this niche or not.

    2- Secondly, check if they provide the relevant qualified and well-equipped hostess.

    3- Ensure the insurance of hostesses, provided by the event staffing agency. 

    4- Lastly, seek the agency that communicates well and caters to your specific requirement well. 

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