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    Mass hiring refers to the acquisition of a high number of personnel in a short period of time. It is normal for a large number of new workers to join a company all at once if it is rapidly expanding or opening up a new branch. The volume-hiring experts at our company are the best choice if you need to hire a lot of quality workers quickly. We have the resources and capacity to draw in and process a sizable number of hires from our own internal pool of prequalified applicants as well as responses to focused online and offline advertising initiatives.

    We will take care of the hassles of bulk hiring in the region

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    Our mass hiring professionals will help you deal with the challenges of the mass hiring process, including:

    • Time restrictions: When hiring several people at once, problems with job advertisements, application screening, and interviewing coordination may put a major demand on resources.
    • Visibility and reach: It is crucial to have a sound plan in place to advertise and promote your positions when it pertains to volume staffing. This can be challenging when dealing with in-house bulk hiring. For hiring managers in particular who lack access to mass recruitment knowledge and resources.
    • Applicant quality: If the job advertising does not reach the right people, you will have a smaller pool of high-quality applications from which to choose. The hiring process may be delayed if these people’s skills and experience are subpar.
    • Cooperation and communication: It makes sense that if an employer does not promptly respond to an applicant’s application, the applicant may lose interest in the job or pursue employment elsewhere. Due to the highly collaborative nature of recruitment, a high volume hiring strategy can put a great deal of stress on the hiring team. All parties must work effectively together and deliver when pressed. Thus, it is crucial for there to be clear communication between recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers.

    Take advantage of the benefits of mass hiring with our company

    • Reduce the use of HR in the mass hiring process. Businesses simply need to hire an agency to monitor and manage the company’s mass hiring progress when there is a need for it; as opposed to utilizing all of their resources to execute the process of hiring vast numbers of human resources. The corporate recruitment department’s employees will handle other duties in the interim. This will save money and maintain projected recruitment efficiency.
    • Keep recruitment costs low. Due to the rarity of the requirement for mass recruitment, businesses do not need to keep a significant human resource department dedicated to it. Subsequently, companies can still have the greatest recruitment strategies and team without having to spend money on technology or training. Businesses should not worry about re-employment expenses. This because the provider company will guarantee the caliber of applicants in the contract that will be signed.
    • Improve the recruitment speed. Provider companies must have cutting-edge candidate planning and search tech, a sizable multi-industry human resource database, a broad variety of human relations in several fields, a well-trained hiring team, in-depth, continuous update of knowledge, as well as labor market fluctuations.

    If you need help with mass hiring or need to fill several positions at once, partnering with a mass hiring specialist is a financially and logistically viable choice. Our team will help you from understanding what is high volume hiring to obtaining the candidates to complete your staff.

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    Navigate the mass hiring process with our company

    Within our organization, mass hiring is a process rather than an occasion. At Connect Staff, we recognize how critical it is to complete projects on schedule and under budget. We can respond to any demand quickly and effectively by providing support, flexibility, and a wealth of individuals who have been identified, screened, and are ready to work.

    Follow our volume hiring process

    We use some of our most gifted consultants to work on these projects. Every bulk hiring process assignment is different, however, Connect Staff bases the adaptations on the following 6 general steps:

    • Create a mass hiring process plan: The development of a thorough project plan precedes every mass recruitment initiative. Understanding the client’s requirements in terms of applicant profiles, timelines, and preferred selection methods is given particular attention. This is discussed with the customer and redone if necessary.
    • Source a high volume hiring strategy: The implementation of location-specific sourcing techniques. Typical strategies include employing a variety of channels to find prospects; such as portals, industry-specific databases, local prospecting leveraging our extensive network, social media, and even print media.
    • Quality check and volume hiring reporting: Every resource used is subjected to a quality check fairly early in the procedure. This makes sure that the most efficient sources are fully utilized while eliminating ineffective ones. Complete reports and frequent updates on the status of the project are delivered to the client.
    • Screening and short listing: Our consultants may go to off-shore locations to conduct interviews, assessment centers, online tests, phone or video interviews, or other highly tailor screening and short listing processes for client interviews.
    • The client makes the final decision: Prior to making their ultimate hiring choice, clients typically prefer face-to-face interactions for mass recruitment missions. Shortlist applicants can meet our clients at recruitment events that we arrange. We frequently help our clients set up and conduct simple talent and skills testing centers as well as interviews.
    • Offer and acceptance: We make it easier for people to accept offers. We conduct expert reference checks upon our clients’ unique requests. The employment process logistics and post-hire solutions can also be added to the project at the client’s request.

    Outsourcing your staffing needs to a Volume staffing agency in Dubai

    Connect Staffing Agency in Dubai provides direct-hire, temp-to-hire, and payrolling services around the United Arab Emirates. 

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      Let us help you with your company’s mass hiring needs

      Together with your HR and business staff, our team will design a thorough needs assessment. From there, we will create a detailed recruitment strategy; being careful to maintain an ideal level of time and money commitments. Our recruiters quickly conduct skills and knowledge tests after the initial screening.

      Connect Staff will quickly fill your openings with the best possible, qualified people; whether you require 20, 80, or 400 or more full-time or contingent employees.

      Our mass hiring, outsourcing, and bulk hiring services are ideal for companies that hire numerous individuals for the same sort of position, frequently on an ongoing basis. This eliminates all of the labor-intensive work for you and lowers your “cost per hire.”

      Over the years, we have figured out how to arrange, carry out, and handle high-volume recruiting campaigns. This in a way that minimizes stress and unwelcome surprises while maximizing cost. Our consultants have a track record of successfully completing mass recruitment projects in different sectors.

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