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We Provide High Performance Permanent & Temporary Staffing Service in Dubai for your Event & business. Hire temporary employees on Daily and Monthly basis!

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Using outsourcing implies hiring outsourcing staff firms, and using staff augmentation requires temporary staffing agencies. Fortunately, you can hire a company that can help you with both models: Connect Staff. For us, the success and growth of your company is our most important mission.

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Event Staff: Service marketing is marketing based on relationship and value. It may be used to market a service or a product. With the increasing prominence of services in the global economy.

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In an unstable economy, companies are frequently forced to hire temporary staff. Use Connect Staffing solutions to establish a flexible workforce.

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Temporary staff might be hired on a daily or monthly basis. Please send us the job description. Choose from a pool of ready-to-deploy candidates who have appropriate experience.

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Connect staff provides the best staffing service in Dubai and recruiting for multiple industries and job openings.

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Connect Staff is a leading Staffing Agency in Dubai, offering multiple staffing & Business Process Outsourcing services to connect employers and workers. Outsourcing your staffing needs to an authentic staffing agency.


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Connect Staffing Services is an award-winning staffing agency in Dubai, that offers temporary and permanent staffing placement, and workforce management


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Connect Staffing Agency in Dubai provides direct-hire, temp-to-hire, and payroll services around the United Arab Emirates. 

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    Connect Staff is a leading Staffing Agency in Dubai, offering multiple staffing services to connect employers and workers. Outsourcing your staffing needs to a contract temp staffing agency.


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    During the employee hiring and staffing process, there are numerous questions that arise. To make the process go more smoothly, we’ve collected a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

    Temporary staffers are employees who are contracted by a business to perform a single project for a short period. Companies contract these temporary services to support the main staff to meet a certain business objective. Usually, employers recur to hiring staffing services to suppress costs, they can also provide a new level of expertise.

    Sometimes, companies end up extending the temporary employees' contract indefinitely, depending on the quality of their services. Ultimately, companies hire staffing solutions by themselves through HR. Nevertheless, this process can be easier with the support of a staffing agency

    To satisfy their client's necessities, temporary employment agencies offer their quick-hiring services. They allow companies to have flexibility with the right recruiting solutions. Subsequently, permitting them to avoid many legal responsibilities, temporary agencies assure that companies remain compliant with the law. Providing insurance coverage and covering certain taxes.

    Hiring temporary staffing agencies is a cost-efficient solution for your company. Due to their wide skillset range in certain areas, managers can save money on training temporary employees. Staffing agencies in Dubai and the Middle East, help you manage demand variabilities quickly, therefore companies will never be understaffed.

    Temporary services in Dubai are recently on an all-time high. Lately, there is a big demand for these services through all sectors. Many industries such as healthcare, tourism, agriculture, construction, and retail, are requiring temporary workers to fill job positions.

    Part-time opportunities are helping companies reduce costs while enhancing earnings for employees. In these recent years, hiring temporary workers has become more popular than ever. Certain areas of the industry have suffered a workforce shortage, leading them to hire the services of a recruitment company. These agencies are always in the search of experienced workers to fill short-term positions. Therefore, allowing them to finish exciting projects and create new connections.

    Temporary employees can sign part-time or full-time contracts. They can legally work up to 40 hours per week. Subsequently, if they have a year-long contract, they can only labor for 1.000 hours through that year. Usually, they will receive a bonus payment for their services when they work for over 40 hours a week.

    Specifying how many hours you are willing to work with your employer before starting a job is a great idea. By doing this, you will not have any inconveniences with the company. Also, if you can work extra hours, you can state it in your contract.  

    Independent contract employees' payments are agreed upon contract. They usually meet with the company's manager and decide when and how much income they will receive. It is not frequent for a temporary employee to receive any benefits. Also, they do not count with social security or company healthcare.

    Some employers often offer their temps an extra income if the project that they work on is performing outstandingly. Besides that, they only count on the payment arranged before starting to work.

    Yes, screening processes are a common procedure for temporary staffing agencies in Dubai. Due to the use of technology, they minimize the time it takes hiring employees. Our agency operates an online application process that allows candidates to go through assessment tools, therefore, selecting the most qualified.

    Our main objective is to implement an efficient system that saves managers time while finding the right options for the available job position. We deal with any legal issue there may be on the way. Additionally, we are in charge of conducting interviews and verifying certifications, work experiences, and references.

    Usually, temporary employees do not receive benefits from their employers. Therefore, they have to consider this before signing their contracts. Sometimes, when workers finish a certain project, employers give bonuses to their workers. This usually happens when a job is well-done and finished before the expected time.

    Managers are lawfully obligated to respect every employee’s rights. Especially since they are not permitted to enjoy the same benefits as permanent workers. Ultimately, remaining compliant with the UAE's Labor Laws will always be a top priority to any corporation.

    In these recent times, employers looking for efficiency and good rates are recurring to recruitment companies to search for talent. A temporary staffing agency functions as the bridge between companies and employees. Their job is to match businesses with qualified temporary services. Therefore, helping companies fill their open positions with the right workers.

    Sometimes, it is difficult for managers to find qualified and skilled individuals to perform a certain job. Therefore, contracting staffing services in Dubai or any region of the UAE can be beneficial. Ultimately, temporary agencies handle all of the complications of finding temp services.

    Usually, temporary employees’ contracts do not last for a long time. Companies frequently require their services for a certain project. Legal short-time contracts can only last for a year. Employers can rehire workers for another year if the manager is satisfied with the results once this time passes.

    It is important to note that they cannot be hired a third time to temporary work for the same company as it is not allowed by law. It is always imperative for businesses to remain compliant with UAE laws, and to respect their employee's contracts. Temps working part-time are free to work for two companies at the same time.

    Receiving fair treatment, wages, and overtime pay from employers is essential for employees. Also, they are legally protected from exploitation, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. And they can take sick days when necessary.

    In short, independent contractors have almost the same rights as permanent employees, but they do not count with benefits. Ultimately, respecting the employees' rights is the main goal of any respectable company. Therefore, maintaining a good business relationship between managers and workers is imperative to remain reliable.

    Staffing solutions offer you a wide range of services that will benefit you in many ways. When you use an agency, you will be filling any job position you want in no time. Therefore, having many skills is very important so agencies can provide you with as many options as possible. They will deal with any difficult paperwork you may have while saving you time and money.

    Also, they are usually in charge of managing the company’s payroll. Therefore, manpower employment agencies are a great ally to help you grow a business. Employers just need to specify their requirements and the agency will do all the work for them. Ultimately, employees can resort to agencies to resolve any inconvenience they may be having.

    The company can offer them another position where they will fit better when a temp is not the right fit for a project. They also can terminate the contract if the employee is breaking any clause stated in their contract. Nevertheless, companies may have to pay for the work done by the employee up to that moment.

    Agencies generally offer various options for companies to choose from, so this case typically does not happen. But, in case it does, we offer our services to deal with any changes that will be presented along the way. Our agents are experts in dealing with the requirement process, therefore, you will probably not have any trouble with your employee.

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