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5 New Commitments Employers Must Consider According to MoHRE

All employers in the United Arab Emirates must comply with the UAE labor law. However, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation can issue additional requirements. Indeed, they established five new commitments you must include in your MoHRE labour contract.

In this article, we will talk more about annual leave encashment in the UAE. As a result, you will know how to calculate annual leave in the UAE. So, learn how to comply with these five new commitments by reviewing the following topics:

1. What new commitments must employers consider in the UAE?

MoHRE labour contract

Every employer in the UAE must have an expert in the UAE labor law to write employment contracts. After all, he can help your business to avoid legal issues related to their employees. But is it all you need if you own a company that uses mass hiring?

Indeed, you also must turn your employment contract into a MoHRE labour contract. Above all, your oil and gas company can achieve this by complying with the following new commitments in the UAE:

  • Your temporary staffing team must only use the contract model that matches the job offer.
  • Every employer can add additional benefits that do not appear in the job offer.
  • Unless they contradict the UAE labor law, you can add further annexes to the contract.
  • Your E-commerce firm must save every employment contract and every job offer for two years from the employee’s departure.
  • Finally, your employees must know their contractual rights and duties.

2. Annual leave encashment in the UAE

You may think the previous commitments are the only ones MoHRE issued in 2023. However, they also released guidelines regarding annual leaves in the UAE. Above all, they apply to all industries, including Information and Technology.

All MoHRE Policies

In this sense, MoHRE now allows employees to perform annual leave encashment in the UAE. Namely, they can turn their unused annual leave into a cash allowance. As a result, they can use the money to invest in the fast-growing UAE digital economy.

On the other hand, employees can use an annual leave calculator during their notice period. After all, MoHRE also allows them to receive a cash allowance according to their unused annual leaves in the UAE.

3. What should you know about annual leaves in the UAE?

Lastly, MoHRE chose 2023 to bring a piece of additional good news to employees in the manufacturing business. Assuredly, you may think that it is a salary increase. However, it relates to the annual leaves in the UAE they can enjoy.

Indeed, 2023 is a year with 58 available days of holiday in the Emirates if you use 24 days of annual leave. After all, the UAE will have prospective holiday dates such as Eid Al Fitr, National Day, and Islamic New Year. By all odds, they will be excellent days for you to rest.

4. Where to find more insights about how to calculate annual leave in the UAE

Learning how to calculate annual leave in the UAE is now more essential than ever before. After all, employees must take advantage of policies such as the annual leave encashment in the UAE. Most importantly, they must ensure their employers write an adequate MoHRE labour contract.

On the other hand, there is a high possibility that you are a busy businessperson in the UAE. Consequently, you will not have time to study the UAE labor law and other regulations. Fortunately, you can rely on Connect Staff to provide the knowledge you need in your company.

Let us help you regarding your MoHRE labour contract and annual leaves in the UAE. Moreover, you can contact us to discover tools such as our annual leave calculator. So, submit your requests via email at or phone at +971 43 316 688.

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