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certificate of employment

Certificate of Employment: Everything You Need to Know

Many people have memories of the feelings of anticipation and excitement they had as they set out for trips to explore new countries, get education, or try out their business abroad. Certainly, in the midst of it all, the reality for most is a maze of bureaucratic and documentation processes that have one single element, the Certificate of Employment, which can be a stumbling block.

In this article, we expound on how a Certificate of Employment is relevant in many situations. We also look at the main functions of this document and what are the procedures to follow. We will even offer a sample. Furthermore, we underline the main aspects of issuing and verifying certificates for the applicants.

What is a certificate of employment?

certificate of employment

Certificate of employment (COE) is a significant and well-known document. As it is a verified record showing an individual’s work experience with a particular company. However, it incarnates the key element of any report. Since it lets employers check the exact position and qualify the monthly wage of the employee.

Being aware of the depths of a COE, how to get one and the info that it is usually packed with gives people the power to make civil matters easier. Indeed, a COE may be applicable in various situations. Next, we describe some of the most common reasons:

  • New Job Applications: When submitting your application for a new job, it is common for the employer to request the COE of your recent employment details. Doing so gives the hiring managers the privilege of validating the information provided in the original document. As well as offering them a clear view of your professional background.
  • Financial Applications: Instances where institutions like banks necessitate a COE as a requirement. For loans, credit cards, and other financial products are some of the instances that might occur. It lets them know about your financial situation and the repaying aspect of any debt that you may have in the future.
  • Visa Applications: COE is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa for travel or work. Immigration authorities use this document to double-check your professional status and the source of income in your home country. The process helps authorities to make sure that you have a reason to return home after an official trip or possess financial means to survive abroad.
  • Renting an Apartment: Although less frequent, some landlords can include COE as part of their requirements. It gives the lending company an insight into how you manage your financial resources.

How to get a certificate of employment in UAE?

The process of granting a COE in the UAE is in most cases simple and convenient. Following this, we describe the typical steps involved:

  • Identify the Point of Contact: The majority of companies in the UAE legally have to grant their employees the status of being on the compulsory employment registry by default. The process of filling out the application would be slightly different from one company to the other. Start by asking whether your Human Resources (HR) department or your immediate supervisor have resources that can help.
  • Submit a Request Letter: In other situations, the letter of request has to be delivered for the procedure to commence. It is adressed to the specific department or member of the company assigned to propagate COEs. The letter should also be straightforward and ideally written in a manner that is somewhat professional. It should specify your full name, employee ID (if applicable), and a straightforward sentence of request the Certificate of Employment.
  • Timeframe and Issuance: The timeframe for issuing your COE depends on your employer’s internal policies. Overall, it should not require an extraordinary period but should be pertinent. Nevertheless, asking about the expected outcome time beforehand is still a wise thing to do. Following the conclusion of the process you will in most cases be given the COE in direct mail or an appropriate pick up location.

Adhering to these procedures should therefore enable you to get your Certificate of Employment timely in the UAE country.

Certificate of employment request letter

Overall, a certificate of employment request letter serves a very crucial role to your employer. By demonstrating sound conduct and saving time for you and your employer. We will guide on what to include and how to structure it:

  1. On the heading of the letter, indicate your full name, present address, contact number, and email address. This helps your employer to have necessary and correct contact information.
  2. Include date in the letter heading at the top along with your contact details.
  3. Indicate in your letter the right person or department from where the COEs could be provided. If you are unsure about the exact rules, it can be helpful to verify with your human resources department or supervisor.
  4. Start the body of your letter with a formal salutation, for instance, “Dear [Name of recipient]” or “Dear Sir or Madam” if the recipient’s name is unknown.
  5. Clear Request: In the beginning sentence state your purpose of writing in a direct and brief manner. For example: “This letter is a formal application for a Certificate of Employment”
  6. Enclose the information of your current job very briefly. Which has the objective to remind your current employer as well as verify the accuracy of COE.
  7. If you are comfortable with that, you might disclose the reason that got you this certification request. For instance, “The COE is required while applying for a new job”
  8. Add a courteous ending to your letter, like “Sincerely” or “Thank you for your time and help.”
  9. Make sure that you provide an empty space for signature.

Through adherence to these key components, you can compose a compelling certificate of employment request letter. As a result, that will accurately summarize your demands to your employer.

How to make a certificate of employment?

Generally, it is better to get your employer to create an official certificate of employment (COE). So that they follow their official format and have the appropriate authorization. As a reference, here is how you can make your own:

  • Formatting: Choose a professional template to start the letter, write your name and contacts at the top. Or use a simple document and start with your name and contact information at the top. Which should also be the footer.
  • Title: The title should be “Certificate of Employment”.
  • Employee Information: Put in your full legal name as documented on company records.
  • Company Information: Indicate a company’s name, address, and contacts.
  • Employment Dates: State timeframe and during which you worked; for example if you are looking for a previous job, write the “end date”. If you are still employed, put “present” or “to this date”.
  • Job Title: Make sure to put in a short phrase that tells the reader the position you held inside the company.
  • Issuing Date: In order to convey that the document was composed on a specific day, please disclose the date in the document.
  • Statement of Employment: Write down one sentence or two sentences implying your specific position and from given dates.

Optional Information:

  • Salary (for financial applications or visa purposes, ensure to check the requirements first)
  • Reason for Leaving (optional, positive reason only)
  • Signature Line: Remember to leave your signature and the written form of your full legal name.

Seek legal assistance in case the COE is a necessity and relates to a visa application, to guarantee the COE contains all the appropriate details.

Certificate of Employment Sample

Here is a template that functions as Certificate of Employment sample:

[Company Logo]

Certificate of Employment

This is to certify that [Employee’s Name] has been employed with [Company Name] from [Start Date] to [End Date], serving as [Job Title/Position]. During this period, [Employee’s Name] has demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and excellent performance in their role.

Employee Information:

Employee’s Name: [Full Name]

Job Title/Position: [Job Title/Position]

Dates of Employment: [Start Date] to [End Date]

Company Information:

Company Name: [Company Name]

Address: [Company Address]

Contact Information: [Phone Number], [Email Address]

Company Registration Number: [Registration Number]

This certificate is issued upon request of the employee for employment verification purposes.

Authorized Signature: ______________________


Date: [Date] [Note: This certificate is valid only if presented in its original form and bears the authorized signature of the company representative.] [Company Letterhead]

Download Certificate of Employment Template

certificate of employment

You may find online platforms that provide the free or paid certificate of employment template and you may use background editing tools to personalize them.

  • Websites such as Canva,, or Adobe Stock often provide different options to get a template.
  • Some human resource (HR) software solutions allow you to use ready-made certificate templates to issue certificates of employment, for instance. If your business owns an HR tools suit, find out if they have this feature in the software.
  • In case you do not have a chance to edit a template, you can use software like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Adobe InDesign to create your own employment certificate. Start with a new document and carry out your design with the desired format. Add all the relevant details such as employee details, company particulars and signatures.

Once you find a template, replace the bracketed information with your details. Pay attention to formatting and ensure it looks professional. Go through it one more time and make sure you have not made any mistakes before sending it to your employer (if they need to fill this in) or using it for your visa application.


  • Certificate of employment templates are just for reference. As the most preferable method is getting a COE directly from your company, which might have a specific format, it is always better to try this way.
  • Before setting it into motion, verify that it suits your entity’s regulations.
  • It is possible that the template downloaded is inadequately optimized for mobile devices, so your best bet would be to use a desktop for a better format.

While choosing a template whether to download or create it, you should take into consideration if it meets your specific requirements and follow any legal or company documentations settings.

What is the purpose of requesting a Certificate of Employment when applying for a visa?

There are many reasons why immigration authorities request an employment certificate (COE) when you apply for a visa:

  • Proof of Employment: A Certificate of Employment is the official document from an employer which consequently confirms that the applicant is currently employed or has been employed in the past. It ensures the authorities giving the visa can confirm the correctness of the applicant’s employment status.
  • Financial Stability: Some visa applications require applicants to show that they have the support of reliable financial backers. On a Certificate of Employment, the applicant’s income or salary may be mentioned. Hence, it helps in enabling the applicant to complete a visa process by proving that they have a stable income source.
  • Ties to Home Country: Visa authorities commonly request guarantees of applicants having strong connection with their home land and a commitment not to exceed their visitor status. A Certificate of Employment may show that the applicant has a job to come back to, and this can be used to affirm his or her obligations to the home country.
  • Purpose of Visit: Depending on the type of visa, the authorities may ask that the applicant’s stated purpose for the visit to align with the status of employment. For instance, a certificate of employment issued for a business purpose would certify that the applicant is genuinely traveling for work.
  • Residency Requirement: There are some visas that impose residency requirements, requiring applicants to verify their jobs in their own countries. The requirement becomes true because of a Certificate of Employment acting as a proof of applicant’s employment.

Finally, presenting a COE during the visa application process is very useful because it allows the visa authorities to better understand the applicant’s eligibility for the visa.

What information is typically included in a Certificate of Employment for visa application purposes?

The unique data to be issued in a certificate of employment for visa applications might be different by destination country and visa type. However, there are some general details requested:

  • Employee Information: This part should include providing your full legal name as it exactly is on your passport. These should not be different if you want to minimize the process time.
  • Company Information: Your employer details (including the name, address, and contact details) should be clearly provided in this section. Through this means, immigration authorities can ensure that your employment is authentic.
  • Employment Dates: This paragraph includes a precise description of the time you will be employed. It usually mentions the start date of your employment and, if necessary, the end date (past employment), or “current” (present employment).
  • Job Title: Include a statement indicating your role in the organization at present or the most recent role. It helps immigration officials to see what your academic degree and competencies are.

Optional Information (Depending on Requirements):

  • Salary Details: There are cases that do not require the salary’s inclusion in the COE. Whereas some other visa applications require your annual or monthly gross salary listed in the COE. This data reinforces the assessment of your financial capabilities.
  • Statement of Leave (for work visas): This is a statement from your employer that informs parties about your approved leave and the date of your return as soon as you finish your travels.

Always keep in mind to verify carefully the exact details of your visa application with the embassy or consulate of the country you are intending to visit. The guidelines provided by them could be very specific on the acceptable format and the information required in your COE.


In conclusion, a Certificate of Employment is the most beneficial document, for your visa application to give you the strongest chances of success. The most important aspect of COE is that it essentially verifies your employment status, financial stability, and travel purpose (for work visas) and consequently, increases your chances for approval by a significant margin. Be careful to do a thorough check prior to applying for any COE ensuring to match the specificities.

We hope this guide with the full set of information makes your visa application process with the COE easy. We are here to help you out concerning all visa and travel documents queries. Just feel free to get in touch for more details. We have a team of qualified professionals who are willing to guide you through the complexities of international travel and thereby provide easy-going, hassle-free travel.

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