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termination of employment uae

Compensation for Termination of Employment: What Employers Need to Know in the UAE

Understanding compensation for termination of employment UAE helps you have a compliant business while running your operations in the Emirates. Keep in mind that in the UAE, employment laws are highly important and not adhering to them may cause your business to face penalties.

In this article, you are going to learn everything you must know regarding compensation for termination of employment UAE. Moreover, you can understand how to minimize financial risk and how to negotiate termination agreements.

termination of employment uae

Before diving into compensation for termination of employment UAE, it is important to understand local labour law and contractual relationships. In the UAE, there were two different types of contracts: limited and unlimited.

However, with the recent modifications to the UAE Labour Law, there is now just one type of contract. Thus, employees in the UAE are under a fixed-term or limited contract. This contract has a specified end date in which the employment relationship ends.

In this regard, the UAE has also established end-of-service benefits, and it is an important part of the local regulations. Thus, when the limited contract ends, the employee will receive compensation for their years of service.

Also known as gratuity or severance pay, it is mandatory compensation for workers based on the length of their service.

The following are the employer obligations and calculations regarding gratuity:

  • Employees who have not completed a year of service will not receive gratuity.
  • The calculation for gratuity for full-time employees is as follows:
  • From 1 to 5 years of service: 21 days’ wage per year worked.
  • More than 5 years of service: 30 days’ wage for each year.
  • The maximum gratuity payment a worker can receive is two year’s wage, i.e. 730 days.
  • Workers that are under one of the other work patterns such as temporary, part-time or flexible, may receive gratuity compensation if they work 48 hours total per week or eight hours per day. Thus, they are considered as full-time employees. This calculation is established in Article 30 of the Cabinet Resolution No. 1 of 2022.

When it comes to severance pay due to termination of employment UAE, the employer has to comply with the following legal requirements and responsibilities:

  • The employer has the responsibility to make the proper severance pay calculation. Thus, it is important to take into consideration the years the employee has worked for the company.
  • According to the law, the unpaid days of absence from work do not have to be included in the calculations.
  • The calculation is based on the last wage the employee has received.
  • The employer has to pay the employee within 14 days of the contract’s end date.

Minimizing Financial Risks: Strategies for Managing Termination Compensation in the UAE

To minimize financial risks when it comes to compensation for termination of employment UAE, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest labour law amendments.

In addition, you have to consider the following strategies:

  • To minimize risk, ensure that if you decide to terminate the employment relationship, you are doing it for valid reasons.
  • Make sure to not fall on arbitrary termination, as the worker may file a complaint and this may involve a significant financial risk for you.
  • Ensure to give the employee the proper written notice period, in accordance with the law.

Negotiating Termination Agreements: Best Practices for Employers in the UAE

When it comes to termination of employment UAE, there are different cases in which the relationship can be ended. For instance, there is the employee resignation from a job, which is known as termination by the employee.

On the other hand, there is also the non-renewal of the employment contract. In this case, once the contract reaches its end date, any of both parties may decide to not renew it.

There is also termination by the employer, in which it is necessary to comply with the legitimate grounds for termination. In any case, it is important to negotiate termination agreements with the employee from the moment of hiring. Thus, you can decrease risk for your business.

Budgeting for Termination Costs: Tips for Employers to Plan Effectively

Running a business in the UAE may be challenging as you have to follow many regulations. In addition, if you do not follow these rules, it may affect your business financially. For this reason, you have to do proper budgeting whenever you hire new staff.

In this budget, you have to include the compensation for termination of employment UAE too.

The following are the tips you can follow:

  • Forecast the severance pay if you plan to reduce your workforce at any given time.
  • Keep in mind that the cost of terminating an employee is very high, so only terminate workers if it is completely necessary.
  • Estimate termination costs for your employees to know how to allocate a budget.

Termination Compensation Planning: Ensuring Fairness and Consistency in the UAE

In relation to the compensation for termination of employment UAE, it is important for the employer to ensure fairness and consistency. As such, it is essential to have a solid HR and payroll team that has the proper records of employment.

In this regard, you can consider the following recommendations:

  • Review the employment contract to understand all the terms established clearly. In particular, you have to check the end-of-service benefits agreed, as well as any additional entitlement.
  • Instruct your payroll team to make proper calculations, considering the employee’s length of service, last wage, and applicable deductions.
  • Keep an open communication with the employer so they can know their compensation for termination.

The matter of termination of employment UAE may be challenging for employers. If you make a mistake, you could face legal repercussions. In this regard, it is important to know how to mitigate legal risks when it comes to paying termination compensation.

Take into account that if an employee files a complaint in court, and it is determined that termination was unlawful, you may have to pay up to three months of the worker’s wage.

  • Make sure the calculations for the termination compensation are done properly. Instruct your HR and payroll team on the best practices to follow.
  • Look for an amicable resolution of the dispute if there is some disagreement with termination compensation.
  • Seek assistance from an expert legal team or even from MOHRE, as they provide mediation services.
  • If you were not able to solve the dispute with an amicable resolution or through MOHRE, and you have to go to court, then make sure to have an expert lawyer by your side.

Another important aspect of compensation for termination of employment UAE is related to paperwork. There are important legal documents the employee has to get when the employment relationship ends, such as the following:

  • Employment termination certificate
  • Termination notice
  • Certificate of service
  • Pay slips for gratuity, salary and any other compensation received

In addition, the employer has to maintain records from employment, including the contract and any other that may be relevant.

Managing Redundancy Compensation: Strategies for Employers in the UAE

Redundancy is a case of termination of employment UAE by the employer. According to the law, employees who face this scenario have several rights and benefits such as the following:

  • Gratuity pay: this will be determined based on the length of service and the termination pay.
  • Notice period: employees have the right to get the proper notice period in case of redundancy. Thus, this way they can prepare for the future.

Although there are no provisions regarding redundancy in the UAE labor law, it is important to establish a procedure to follow to avoid the termination being classified as unlawful.

Nonetheless, if the matter reaches the court, it could be considered fair and valid if the reason of the employer is to save money or if the position is no longer considered necessary in the company.

In any case, the employee may receive their end-of-service benefits as long as they comply with the requirements. As such, it is important to make proper calculations regarding their years of service and last wage.

Termination Compensation and Employee Relations: Maintaining Positive Workplace Dynamics

Even when the employment relationship ends, it does not mean that it was due to negative reasons. There are many circumstances in which an employee may decide to resign or, on the other hand, the employer may decide that the employee is no longer a proper fit for the business.

In any case, it is important to keep a positive workplace dynamic when it comes to compensation for termination of employment UAE. You can do the following:

  • Develop solid termination policies and ensure all of your employees are aware of them.
  • Instruct your managers to build strong relationships with their subordinates to avoid having issues in the workplace.
  • Constantly evaluate your employees’ performance and provide necessary feedback.
  • Make the necessary warnings to the employee in case you are considering terminating the contract so they can improve.

Training HR Personnel: Ensuring Competency in Termination Compensation Matters

termination of employment uae

Regarding termination, your HR personnel has a big role as they can help minimize risk for the company. In addition, they can ensure a smooth process for the employee.

Here are some aspects you have to consider regarding training your HR staff:

  • Train them to have well-defined processes when it comes to termination
  • Instruct them to develop termination compensation policies and ensure employees read them.
  • Train your HR staff on how to help managers have clear conversations with the employees.
  • Instruct your HR personnel on the best steps to follow for handling termination, such as conducting a meeting and doing it privately.

Keep in mind that you need to handle this matter properly. There are penalties for late salary payments, and also for not paying compensation for termination within the established timeframe.

Termination Compensation in the UAE: Case Studies and Lessons for Employers

To understand more about compensation for termination of employment UAE, it is useful to learn about case studies.

In this regard, there are many cases in which termination is valid and compensation is granted if the employee has been working for the company for over a year. Some of the cases are the following:

  • Mutual written agreement by both parties
  • Expiration of the employment contract
  • Termination by the employee
  • Termination by the employer

Continuous Learning: Staying Updated on Changes in UAE Labor Laws Affecting Termination Compensation

Getting an introduction to the UAE Labor Law is the first step for ensuring compliance with termination compensation. However, it is equally important to instruct your in-house HR team to stay always up-to-date with the changes in the local regulations that affect this matter.

Handling the compensation for termination of employment UAE is important as it allows you to remain compliant. However, in some cases, it may be difficult to understand it, particularly if you are a foreign employer.

If you need additional support with staffing and how to stay compliant in the UAE, you have to contact us. Our team of professionals can provide HR Outsourcing and a wide variety of services to boost your current operations.

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