According to a recent forecast, the UAE’s national digital economy will be worth well over $140 billion by 2031. The study was released by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy. This as part of its efforts to develop the Dubai digital economy ecosystem, the IT jobs in Dubai and meet the Dubai Economic Agenda targets (D33).

In this article, we will be discussing these news. The report, headlined ‘Dubai’s Digital Economy and its Thriving Startup Ecosystem,’ was co-published with Entrepreneur Middle East. It describes the Chamber’s role in supporting IT jobs in Dubai. Also, their economy policies and fulfilling the wise leadership’s goals of cementing Dubai’s status as a worldwide digital economy capital.

IT jobs in Dubai

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications and Chairman of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, stated that doubling the digital economy’s contribution to the UAE’s GDP from 9.7 percent to more than 20% by 2031 reflects Dubai’s efforts to establish itself as a key tech hub and leading global destination for digital marketing jobs in UAE

“Our strategic plans will also focus on accomplishing the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), notably in terms of driving digital marketing jobs in Dubai and establishing a sustainable business sector,” Al Olama said of the UAE’s pioneering attempts to build the economy of the future.

“We are contributing an average of AED100 billion in economic value to the emirate’s economy each year,” he added.

“Improving business community understanding of difficulties and future trends of IT is a top focus, as is emphasizing the importance of digital transformation as a driver of long-term success in the business sector,” he said.

Since 2017, businesses located in Dubai have raised around 96% of all money raised in the UAE. In 2021, all companies in the UAE raised $1.2 billion, with the great bulk going to Dubai-based businesses. In 2022, the emirate’s startups raised more than $2 billion, more than double the amount raised in 2021.

The research includes interviews with legendary local entrepreneurs as well as recent Dubai transplants from other industries, in addition to identifying the essential strategies, drivers, and players driving Dubai’s digital economy.

2. Discover the plans and strategies from this study

The study goes on to reveal some of the Chamber’s upcoming plans and strategies, such as attracting 300 digital startups to Dubai by the end of 2024; attracting 100 international experts in advanced technologies; improving laws and policies to support the growth of the digital economy; hosting an international conference on the new digital economy; promoting digital transformation across national companies; and improving the business environment to attract new businesses.

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Job labels still reign highest in the world of work. They embody precise delegation of job responsibilities, govern personal assignments, and patrol the parameters between apartments and coworkers. However, the rise of technology and digital transformation has led to a significant confusion of job responsibilities and expectations of managers that will only expand with the age.

3. This is the time to get a job regarding IT and digital economy

The truth is that conventional job titles have become outdated in a number of different work settings. Not that the initiative of different titles or ranks is superfluous. The new workplace is simply not suitable for such firm expert parameters between colleagues and their respective responsibilities. Today’s employees often have to work with other groups and experience outside the parameters of their department as they continue to perform the specific functions outlined in their job description.

With the increasing help of technology and digital transformation, today’s most engaged employees are also repeatedly acquiring new skills and crossing previously well-defined lines to increase productivity and quality of work. A strong reimagining of how to approach job titles and descriptions is essential to infuse day-to-day tasks with more flexibility and a broader scope than a classic title like “IT Support – Grade 5″ could allow, for example.

As technology advance and more jobs are automated, job titles will need to change to fit the new business landscape. Expect more special “project” titles to emerge, as the workforce becomes more collaborative and dynamic.

According to recent data, 67% of firms have boosted their implementation of AI and other automated technology since the outbreak began. It is as close to a foregone conclusion that AI will alter the way millions of occupations are handled and structured. However, humans will continue to be at the core of practically every vocation.

4. Feel empowered to change your perspective of this new era of jobs

Employees need to feel empowered by assistive technology and digital transformation. Therefore, encouraged to learn and grow outside of their regular daily business routine. Also, excited about the prospects of developing their careers without the pressures of precise job descriptions, responsibilities or titles.

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