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permanent staffing solution

Success is something you do not achieve alone, but with a team. When it comes to business, it is achievable by having the best workforce you can have. In other words, you need permanent employees. Hence, you must know if a permanent staffing solution is important for your organization.

In this article, we will explain to you why a permanent staffing solution is important for your organization. You will learn what a permanent staffing solution is, where your organization needs it, and why it is important. You will be able to do so by reviewing the following topics:

  1. What is a permanent staffing solution?
  2. Where does your organization need a permanent staffing solution?
  3. Why having permanent employees is important to your organization?
  4. Where can you find more information about permanent staffing solutions?

1. What is a permanent staffing solution?

Permanent staffing solution

Regardless of where your organization is in its timeline, it requires adequate staff to operate properly and achieve its goals. Like any other, your business must have key positions where a temporary employee would be a bad choice. Thus, you must think about how to build long-term working relationships.

In this sense, you must find and hire potential candidates that have long-term aspirations in their careers. However, you cannot do this without a proper plan that you put in operation. That is to say, you need to choose and implement a permanent staffing solution.

A permanent staffing solution is the process of sourcing and recruiting qualified candidates for long-term positions. Such candidates must have specific characteristics related to what building a long-term working relationship requires. In other words, they must have a preference for permanent positions to work and grow professionally. For instance, if your company needs accountants and finance staff, you can easily find candidates with this process.

Certainly, finding this kind of candidate is not easy nowadays, when everyone wants more dynamic professional careers. Therefore, you must identify your long-term requirements and search for ways to make your company more attractive to full-time employees. One way you can get them properly is by using staffing services.

2. Where does your organization need a permanent staffing solution?

Most companies today are diverse organisms where you can find all kinds of employees working together every day. However, they have positions in which a certain employee kind is mandatory because of the type of job it demands. Indeed, you will find jobs that are not for everyone.

When it comes to permanent staffing solutions, a lot of their success goes through where you must apply it. Thus, you must search for positions where a permanent employee is paramount. They are positions in which putting a temporary employee would bring more disadvantages than advantages.

Furthermore, the positions you can find with these features depend mostly on factors such as your organization’s industry and location. That is to say, you may think there are many of them when, in reality, it is not the case.

Luckily for you, we did our homework and identified two positions where most organizations need a permanent staffing solution. Nevertheless, besides where you apply it, you should also define which staffing solution is the right one for your company.

Let us now show you in detail the two positions where your organization needs a permanent staffing solution:

2.1 Producing products or delivering services

The motive of the existence of every company worldwide is to sell products or provide services. It is how they gain the revenue they need to operate properly and grow. Hence, the people that produce such products or deliver such services are essential to the success of every business.

In other words, your employees in positions where they must perform product design should have deep knowledge of your business. Similarly, it is the same with your employees that supply the services your company provides. After all, they are in direct contact with your clients regularly.

Certainly, these are not functions we recommend you give to a contract worker. When it comes to producing products or delivering services, you shall give such functions to permanent employees. Their commitment to your organization and their knowledge of the business ensure your product or service will fulfill customers’ requirements.

On the other hand, another way you can find permanent employees for your company is by reviewing your temporary staff. Between them, you could find potential full-time workers. However, before making such an important decision and hiring them, you should consider some things to do it properly.

2.2 Management

We just talked about the “face” of your organization. Let us now address its other vital part: the “head”. Management in every company is where the decisions are made, regardless of whether it is about investments or discovering new markets. Furthermore, it is where your business’ financial moves are performed.

Indeed, your management team must always be aware of what your company needs at any time and place. Moreover, they must know how to translate your business vision into tangible results while addressing aspects like costs and resources. That is to say, in management, you need people you can trust.

This is where your permanent employees are perfectly suitable. Here, long-term working relationships are paramount, because they will know what your business plan is and how to apply it. Logically, it is something you will not get from a temporary worker of any company.

Now, management is being performed in several ways around the globe. The most popular of such ways right now is remote management. In this sense, many staffing agencies have found numerous advantages with this practice. However, you must know how to do it to enjoy those benefits.

3. Why having permanent employees is important to your organization?




You could find more positions in which permanent employees are the best option depending on your line of business. But, when it comes to a permanent staffing solution, it is not only about the “where”; it is also about the “why”.

Let us do an exercise here: pretend you are a manager in an HR department. In such a position, imagine you want to sell the idea of implementing a permanent staffing solution to your employer. What would you say to him? How would you sell the idea?

Well, the most effective way you can do it is by highlighting the advantages of sourcing and recruiting permanent employees. That is to say, you should explain to him why they are important to your organization. We did this exercise and came up with four reasons he should apply it.

You can even do this exercise for temporary employees as well. After all, there are several advantages your company can get by using temporary employment, such as lower costs and flexibility.

Let us show you the reasons we found why it is important for your organization to have permanent employees:

3.1 Solid knowledge

When you spend a long time doing something, you learn everything about it and find new ways to do it. In business, learning everything about a process and finding new ways to perform it means you have solid knowledge. Thus, it is something only your permanent employees can give you.

In other words, a permanent staffing solution will provide you with employees with solid knowledge about your business. It can be essential in scenarios such as when innovation is required in one of your products or services.

Certainly, it is knowledge acquired by working many years in key positions in your organization. Hence, your permanent employees can provide you with huge help in several parts of your business processes. They have the brains required to take your organization to the next level.

Above all, solid knowledge is important when you want to perform changes to increase your revenue or reduce your costs. That is to say, it is essential when you seek to scale your staffing business. Here, you can find it helpful to know how staffing businesses do so.

3.2 Cost-effective

Sourcing and recruiting employees are, in essence, an investment you make to improve your business by adding new human talent. However, like any investment, you want to gain profit out of it eventually. Here, such a profit will come in the form of added value to your product or service.

Indeed, you can add value to your product or service with both temporary and permanent employees. But, it certainly will be most cost-effective with permanent employees. After all, a permanent staffing solution will allow you to retain employees more effectively.

This way, you can avoid losing money related to separation expenses and unemployment compensation, among others. Furthermore, you can even save money you would spend on the sourcing and recruitment processes of new employees.

Above all, costs are a current concern to many companies. In this matter, you can find more ways to reduce them besides applying permanent staffing solutions. For instance, staffing agencies do so by using staffing and recruitment software. It is a tool with a big market and a bright future.

3.3 Stability

Temporary employees can add flexibility to your workforce by adding new skills constantly. However, you could have team members that are not happy to see new faces in the organization every month. Assuredly, learning how to work with new people can be challenging.

Luckily for you, a permanent staffing solution can bring you something to make those team members happy: stability. There are two vantage points to this: First, stability in the team translates into a stable working environment. That is to say, you will have a well-assembled workforce.

On the other hand, stability also decreases anxiety among your permanent employees. Certainly, they could feel anxious about losing their jobs if you have an unstable environment in your organization. In short, a permanent staffing solution will make your company travel through stable seas.

Such instability can have serious consequences for any company. One clear example of this is the firms in Dubai, where many of them are currently understaffed.

3.4 Security

Like any other successful business, you probably handle much confidential information in your company daily. Furthermore, it is vital to your business that such information does not fall into the hands of your competitors. Hence, you should always think about your security.

Here, a permanent staffing solution can be a tremendous assistance. Permanent employees develop long-term working relationships with their employers. Such relationships decrease the possibility of delicate information escaping your organization’s walls. After all, a temporary employee could use the gained knowledge in your company to help your market rivals.

Moreover, permanent employees that resign from your organization can do the same. Thus, you should implement a proper permanent staffing solution to ensure retaining them for a long time.

One industry in which security is more than essential is IT companies. Hence, they must choose their temporary staff properly. In this sense, you should know what temporary IT roles are the most challenging to fill and why.

4. Where can you find more information about permanent staffing solutions?

Permanent employees are necessary in every organization around the world. Their solid knowledge and commitment will give your company several advantages over your competitors. Hence, you should know why a permanent staffing solution is important to your business nowadays. Certainly, you can achieve a lot by applying one properly.

Choosing the right permanent staffing solution for your organization involves also choosing the right staffing agency. On Connect Staff, we provide the best permanent staffing solutions you require.

Do you have some questions related to permanent staffing services? Feel free to contact us to obtain more information about how we can help you, by calling us at +971 43 316 688. You can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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