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Four great ways to get more out of your temporary employees

Temporary staffing is often an unavoidable step in the growth process of a retail business. A store owner can no longer do everything themselves after a certain point. Hiring part-time and/or temporary employees, on the other hand, can present its own set of challenges.

In this article, you will learn everything about some ways for getting more out of your temporary employees. They are key pieces in your company. Hence, it is important to keep them satisfied. Let us observe:

  1. Why temporary staffing works: Case studies of retailers in need of seasonal employees
  2. How to find temporary employees?
  3. How can Connect Staff help you?

1. Why temporary staffing works: Case studies of retailers in need of seasonal employees

Temporary staffing can assist you with your retail business in a variety of ways:

1.1. Sales at an event

Going to a craft show? Do you want to sell your wares at a music festival? Or perhaps you are planning a pop-up shop. If you do not have enough staff to run the store and attend the event, you could hire temporary help. This is also useful if you are traveling outside of your local market; you can find temporary workers close to your destination.

1.2. Brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors can assist you in spreading the word about your retail operation. They can distribute free samples or coupons while building relationships and informing the community about your store.

On the other hand, we offer highly effective contract staffing services. They can be really beneficial for your company. Additionally, we can show you the reasons why you may need them if you contact us.

1.3. Seasonal employees

During the holidays or any other busy season, your existing staff may not be able to meet the increased demand. For the holidays, many retailers hire temporary workers. Target hired about 100,000 new employees for the 2017 holiday shopping season.

1.4. In-store events

You may plan a large event, such as a grand opening or an anniversary party. Thus, you may require the assistance of an extra set of hands. In addition, with us, you can learn about event management.

1.5. Company retreats

If you take your team on a retreat or require an all-day training session, your shop will not run itself. These scenarios can help you keep the wheels of your business turning while also building a stronger team.

On the other hand, if you want to learn more about temp agencies, feel free to check out our other articles where we explore these services in-depth.

1.6. Existing personnel changes

Unforeseen circumstances arise. You may have an employee on maternity or paternity leave, someone leaving town for an extended vacation, or other unanticipated commitments. Temporary employees can help fill any gaps left by regular employees.

2. How to find temporary employees?

Starting looking for temporary employees as soon as possible is your best bet. This is especially important if you are hiring seasonal workers.  Also, do not plan too far ahead. Because these are temporary positions, finding suitable candidates may take longer.

Seasonal employees, on the other hand, may not invest as much in your brand because the job will not last forever. A different opportunity with more hours, more pay, and more work may arise, and you may find yourself back at square one.

However, not every retailer has the luxury of planning months in advance, and the need for temporary workers can arise unexpectedly. Here are some tips to help you succeed in your next search for a temporary retail employee:

2.1. Creating a job ad

The job description and job ad are likely the first places to start in your employee search. It is the first thing potential candidates see, and it is ultimately what piques their interest in and leads them to apply to your company.

The job description should inform candidates about what to expect from the role and what skills they should have. “Retailers must understand the role and responsibilities, and effectively communicate these,” says Adam Lewis, CEO of Apploi; this is a tool that assists retailers in finding qualified talent.

Job seekers see a lot of job ads, but they need to know why this job is right for them. And, while the job advertisement should be detailed enough to set clear expectations, it should not be a full job description. Excessive wording in your ad can turn off a large number of qualified applicants.

2.1.1. What can you include in a job advertisement?

  • One or two sentences of a company summary emphasizing the advantages of working there.
  • Describe the role and opportunity in two to four sentences.
  • Several bullet points outlining specific day-to-day responsibilities.
  • A few bullet points outlining the qualifications that must be met.
  • Any desired or “additional” skills.

According to Lewis, it is critical to clearly articulate the experience they will gain from the job. For example, will this be something they can use on their resume? Also, clarify whether or not successful employees will have long-term opportunities. A temporary job can be an excellent way to break into the workforce.

2.2. Recruiting candidates

After you have written the job description, you will need to get it in front of potential candidates. A great first step is to post jobs on job boards.  There are also job boards that specialize in temporary and part-time positions. Your ideal candidate pool is likely to visit those websites regularly.

However, those are not your only options. Retailers must be creative in order to increase their chances of finding the ideal hire. Lewis advises businessmen to think wisely about marketing and outreach strategies. If you post a job on a traditional job board, it may not be sufficient, particularly during the holiday season.

Most employers prefer email as their main method of communication. However, not everyone uses email. Hence, allow (job seekers) to apply and communicate via text message, as they are more likely to respond quickly.

2.2.1. Additional advice

This advice is echoed by Lewis. Many candidates are being forced to quit applications because they are not mobile-optimized. Consider the following to ensure that the application process is mobile-friendly:

  • Using a job board with a mobile app or a mobile-friendly application process (many of the major job boards mentioned previously qualify).
  • Experiment with a tool that incorporates text messaging as a core component of the application and screening process.
  • Posting the job ad on a mobile-responsive page of your website and ensuring it is legible on small screens.
  • Even if your site is not fully mobile-optimized, keep the application process as short and simple as possible. This is because too many steps will turn off mobile users.

Another place to look for talent is on social media. According to Lewis, it allows you to engage with people who are already brand advocates. As a result, they are more likely to spread the word in order to assist you. You might even find a brand advocate who is interested in applying.

Offline recruitment occurs as well. Enlist the assistance of your current employees in your recruitment efforts. Consider offering a referral bonus for a successful hire to motivate them further.

2.2.2. Promoting job openings

There are numerous opportunities to promote the job opening in-store. Lewis says that you can certainly take advantage of the foot traffic in your store.
A lot of people know the job seekers and will be quick to recommend (someone), especially if they are already a client.

If you have previously hired temporary workers, look through your applicant pool to see if there is a promising candidate there. You can also ask your current part-time employees if they would like to take on more work; as long as it does not conflict with their current commitments and workload.

If your own efforts are futile, or if you simply do not have the time to recruit, you can hire experts to do it for you. Several temporary staffing agencies specialize in finding the best candidates for your requirements, like Connect Staff.

2.3. Candidate evaluation

Writing a job advertisement and recruiting applicants are only the first steps. The next — and most important — step in the process is to screen the applicants.

The first step is to review applications and resumes. If the applicant did not correctly follow the application instructions, this is an immediate bad candidate. Look beyond relevant work experience if they did follow directions. Applicants with flawless resumes, a solid education, and a wealth of volunteer experience should be at the top of your list.

The interview will take place after the resume has been reviewed. During the interview, it is critical to look for someone who has a passion for the job rather than just skills and experience. To find out, you must ask the right questions and learn how to interpret their responses.

Understand the position’s main responsibilities and challenges, and ask questions to help you determine their ability to handle such responsibilities. Ask applicants questions that will make them think, questions that they most likely did not prepare for.

2.3.1. Example

For example, instead of asking them to tell you about a time when they had to overcome a work challenge; you can try to ask them what they would do if they suspected a customer of shoplifting while they were in the middle of a product demonstration.

Keep in mind that different countries have laws governing what questions employers can and cannot ask candidates during the interview process. Make sure you are familiar with those rules so you do not inadvertently ask something you should not.

Even if you are hiring remotely, it is still important to meet in-person with candidates to ensure you are hiring the right person. “Make use of video screening,” Lewis advises. Employers are quick to spot personality and presentation skills.

When you think you have found the right person, do your research. You must check their references and run a background check. If everything appears to be in order, you may have found your next employee!

2.4. Training/support

Many temporary jobs require some form of on-the-job training or instruction before the employee can begin working. When “training” is not done properly, the impact on the performance or retention of your temporary employees can be severe.

We have discovered that the most effective on-site training is broken down into manageable portions – not too much, not too little. Training programs designed for core workers are often overqualified for temporary workers, detracting from the employee’s confidence and ability to get to work quickly.

More comprehensive training programs must be designed with the flexibility required to accommodate different learning styles. Some temporary employees have become overwhelmed in a training program that was not tailored to their specific needs. Attendance problems and, ultimately, turnover are common outcomes of a training program that does not consider the mindset of a temporary employee.

Concerned about whether or not the training program you devised for a temporary employee is effective? Inquire about the employee’s preferred method of learning, including when and how they prefer to learn.

3. How can Connect Staff help you?

Every company will need temporary employees at a certain point. When it comes to peak seasons, the demand increases. Having a staffing strategy in place to hire these temporary workers permanently is beneficial. It will allow an organization to retain top talent rather than simply losing them to a competitor.

Our agency can help you to get the temporary employees that you need. In addition, we can assist you in how to keep them motivated, increasing their overall performance and satisfaction.

Would you like to contact us to obtain more information about some ways for getting more out of your temporary employees? If you have any questions, you can email us at or give us a call at +97143316688. Then, you are going to talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

Additionally, visit and submit your CV if you desire to be part of our team, or apply for a wide range of open positions in diverse fieds. We will not store CVs and resumes you send to You will be with the best team.

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