Expanding your candidate pool: Know why it is still a good idea

expanding your candidate pool

One of the consequences the COVID-19 Pandemic brought with it is a huge amount of layoffs in all industries. This means that the number of candidates for a position in your company is now significantly larger. For this reason, expanding your candidate pool may be a smart move you can make.

If you want to know why expanding your candidate pool is still a good idea, read this article we build. Here, you will find why this action remains important for companies today, and how you can perform it correctly. To do that, we will show you the following topics:

  1. What does it mean to expand my candidate pool?
  2. Why is expanding my candidate pool a good idea?
  3. Which tips should I know to expand my candidate pool correctly?
  4. Where can I find information about expanding my candidate pool and more?

1. What does it mean to expand my candidate pool?

Let us analyze this situation: You have a vacancy in your company, and there is a high amount of available candidates. Logic can make you think that the way you should assess this is by adding filters in the evaluation. By doing so, you would be returning to rigid candidate requirements.

However, in this “new normal” environment, this is not the right approach. In fact, expanding your candidate pool means that you should go in the opposite direction. It involves the increase of the options available for certain positions, which will give you a higher chance of finding the right employees.

As you will discover here later, this nontraditional approach to the acceleration of permanent unemployment can bring you substantial benefits. In short, you need to erase the phrase “the right person for the job” from your vocabulary. Hence, you should consider candidates that do not fit the traditional expectations.

Furthermore, we should state that one key recommendation in this matter for you is to work with a staffing company. You can accelerate your job search by doing this. To learn more about it, you can review our article on how working with a staffing company accelerates your job search.

2. Why is expanding my candidate pool a good idea?

Answering this question will require analyzing it from different perspectives. The COVID-19 pandemic generated trends that companies took into consideration to keep their businesses running on to a better future. Every perspective considered comes from companies taking advantage of one of these trends regarding staffing and recruitment.

First, we need to clarify that those previously mentioned concepts, staffing, and recruitment, are similar, but different. To know more about their differences, you should check this article about what differentiates staffing from recruitment. Now, let us tell you why it is still a good idea to expand your candidate pool:

2.1. Measuring the employee value from behavior, not background

In the past, companies did candidates’ evaluations by only verifying if they fulfilled the necessary requirements. However, in many cases, employees hired because of their background failed to accomplish their position goals, because of behavior issues. It was not about what they knew; it was more about what they did.

By taking a moment to inquire about how candidates apply their knowledge to navigate a job, you will be assuring to hire workers with more value. Here, it is how well a certain employee performs their tasks by applying what they know matters the most.

Your company will have a high-value workforce if you take this philosophical approach to your hiring process. Therefore, you will have a competitive advantage among competitors, and will also look more attractive to job seekers.

Staffing companies can take care of this activity. This is one of the reasons businesses hire them. But, it is not the only one. If you want to know about the remaining reasons, you can review our article about why do businesses hire temp staffing firms.

2.2. Transferring skills that are the most valuable ones

Beyond an employee’s qualifications, there are key skills he/she must master in the job, like attention to detail, and communication. However, these skills can only be found in experienced candidates, who had worked in any industry before. This is not the case for less experienced candidates, such as new graduates.

As a result, it is important that you evaluate if a certain candidate demonstrated great ability with those key skills, nonmatter of their background or limited experience. The missing knowledge they may have for the job can be fulfilled by your new hire training process.

On the other hand, all of these tasks in the staffing process can be time-consuming. To not lose productivity in your company, you can choose a staffing service to do it.

2.3. Building an active upskilling culture

One frequent question made in job interviews is how you see yourself in some years. Candidates who answer that question with phrases like “with more knowledge in the field” or “improving my career” are the ones perfect for an active upskilling culture. In essence, they are curious and adaptable people.

Expanding your candidate pool can increase the possibilities of finding motivated people who want to continuously learn more. It can also expand the variety of industries from which candidates come. Consequently, this will bring multiple perspectives to problem-solving teams in your organization.

Motivated employees like these will definitely increase motivation among their fellow workers in your company. However, this may not be enough to accomplish this.

3. Which tips should I know to expand my candidate pool correctly?

After we took you to see the “why”, let us know get you to learn about the “how”. Expanding your candidate pool can depend heavily on the type of industry you are in. However, there are tips that can be applied in every class of business to pursue the benefits above explained.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that these tips are recommendations and not mandates. Inside every industry, there are hiring customs that can interfere with some parts of what we state here. Consequently, feel free to adapt them to your personal experience in your specific business.

Most importantly, you will discover that these tips will help you beyond staffing. They will give your company a better image for your customers. In a way, it is a “good” vicious cycle: You find motivated workers, manufacture and sell more products, and turn more attractive ones to candidates.

In total, we will present you here 5 awesome tips that you or your staffing agency can apply to widen your candidate pool. These 5 tips are the following:

3.1. Make your company culture an appeal

The candidates in the job market of today seek more than good salaries and a benefits package. Here, companies with clear transparency can be the most attractive, by resonating with their workers on a personal level. Therefore, the company culture has become an essential part of its structure.

The secret to this is to make your company unique in comparison with its competitors. In essence, a company with a great culture highlights everywhere, and workers often feel lucky to be a part of the organization. This will increase the number of candidates interested in your job offers.

One way of doing this is by using the available tools for hiring the right candidates. For this, integrating hiring and HR systems in your company may be helpful.

3.2.  Apply a wider hiring criteria

When the posted criteria in your job offers are too stringent, you may be losing some potential candidates. Hence, lowering your hiring requirements can open up your candidate pool tremendously. Remember, with a larger number of candidates, the possibilities of finding the right one increase.

On the other hand, this will need some careful thinking. Your staffing firm will have to handle this larger number of candidates efficiently to make no mistakes during their evaluation. Fortunately, most staffing companies are designed to perform this task without any issue.

3.3. Use social media for recruitment

As it is at any level of the business world, social media changed the way everything is done. From marketing to future sales projections, the companies use these platforms to have a better understanding of their business. Talents acquisition has not escaped this reality.

Therefore, the screening of potential candidates in social media has become a standard procedure. You may think that it ends there, but it does not. In addition, applying an effective social media strategy to attract people who resonate with your company values is also a good idea.

One key technological development that enabled the possibility of the efficient use of social media for business is remote working. Even the staffing firms themselves are now managed remotely.

3.4. Built job postings with creativity

When it comes to posting a job offer, you have to look beyond the job description, the company name, and the requirements and skills needed. A good practice you can apply is to read your posted job offer from the candidate’s perspective. Think outside the box to review your post.

The main goal here is to make it unique for candidates. You need to search for ways to get the candidate to feel excitement when applying for the vacant position. For instance, one way you can do this is by highlighting your company culture in the post.

3.5. Work with a staffing firm

Staffing agencies, such as Connect Staff, can help you in all this process of expanding your candidate pool. It can be expensive and time-consuming to do this with your own staff. Hence, turning to staffing firms that are experts in the process of finding new candidates is definitely a smart move.

Therefore, the process of choosing the staffing agency that better suits your company is very important. It can make your company more efficient. To help you in this process, we recommend that you review our article about the things to keep in mind for choosing the ideal contract staffing service.

In conclusion, these are tips that any company can apply without big expenses or any loss of time and resources. Work with your staffing agency to apply these strategies in your business plan, and take advantage of the benefits of following this very good idea.

4. Where can I find information about expanding my candidate pool and more?

As a consequence of the pandemic, the number of available candidates is the highest it has ever been. You should see it as an amazing opportunity for your company, and to take advantage of it, expanding your candidate pool is a necessary action. It is, still, a very good idea.

According to the staffing agency of your choice, there are several types of staffing services you can get. In Connect Staff, we believe in doing meaningful work for you, by providing the staffing services you require for expanding your candidate pool.

Do you have any questions about our staffing services? Feel free to contact us to get more information about them by sending us an email at contact@connectstaff.ae, and one of our representatives will talk to you to answer all your questions and inquiries.

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