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Staffing services: how many types can you get?

The main priority for business owners is to get the right staffing solutions. No matter if your company is big or small, you’re always going to need temp services to supply your company’s needs.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about the types of staffing services you can get. You must be aware that the services will depend on the type of staffing agency. Let’s observe:

  1. What is a staffing agency?
  1. Types of staffing agencies.
  1. What are the staffing services that you can get?
  1. How do staffing firms operate?
  1. Why should you use a staffing agency?
  1. How can Connect Staff help you?

1. What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency is a business that principally provides human resources to other sectors. It collects specific information about the job requirements from the companies and tries hard to meet the labor needs of the companies.

Therefore, staffing firms engage temporary or permanent personnel to help businesses achieve their objectives.  They hire and fill certain available positions.

2. Types of staffing agencies.

2.1. Conventional job placement agencies.

Traditional staffing agencies support job seekers in obtaining jobs as well as corporations in hiring new employees. These organizations also support job seekers by providing staffing services that assist them in locating a suitable employer.

Such staffing services may charge a fee to both job searchers and employers. This is to assist them in finding a job or an employee. Most of these job placement firms specialize in skilled areas.

2.2. Temporary employment agencies.

If you want to recruit temporary employees to supply additional labor during seasonal surges in business, you need a temp agency. These organizations may also assist your firm in locating short-term professional consultants. The key contrast between temp agencies and regular HR departments is that agencies handle the hiring, dismissing, and onboarding of temporary workers.

Hence, it’s the temp agency’s responsibility to negotiate the workers’ schedules, salaries, and any other crucial employment details. If there is a problem with the customer, the worker will report it to the temp agency. If a customer is dissatisfied with the performance of temp services, they should talk with the temp agency first.

Namely, they must reach an arrangement with the temp agency because they don’t have the power to simply fire the worker. All temporary employees, whether full-time, part-time, or seasonal, work for the temp agency. The agency is in charge of providing these employees with benefits, tax status, and other perks.

So, contact now to Connect Staff for getting the best temp services.

2.3. Contingency employment agency.

Clients hire contingency staffing firms (or contract staffing firms). They look for applicants who are a good fit. Firms like these work on a project-by-project basis. Plus, contingency agencies get compensated when one of their enlisted job applicants is recruited by an employer.

Nevertheless, the hired candidate may have to pay the contingent staffing agency a fee for staffing services to enable him/her to be hired. Such candidates may have to compete with other potential candidates who discovered the job posting through other channels. These channels may be the company’s HR department, other recruiters, and job boards.

2.4. Executive or retained search firm.

On behalf of a certain client, this kind of firm is “retained” on an exclusive basis. So, they must go out and seek the best candidate for a specific job post. This service is provided by conducting thorough research to find all potential applicants for a position.

Then, the firm must approach and appoint the best possible fit. It’s worth highlighting that executive search firms work for both big and small enterprises and that such recruiters don’t only work for huge corporations. There are several charity executive search firms and academic search agencies.

3. What are the staffing services that you can get?

3.1. Contingency planning.

If you need to fill a position quickly, you can do a contingency search with staffing services. Staffing agencies get compensated differently for successful searches. The payment is generally a percentage of the applicant’s starting salary.

However, if the candidate doesn’t stay on for a predetermined period at your corporation, you should expect a charge reduction or substitute.

3.2. Recruiting by agreement.

A group plans to enlist many representatives who will select an agreement scout. In this game plan, an HR specialist from a staffing business is hired to work for a customer organization.

So, the agreement selection candidates will work for the client organization, on the organization’s behalf. Typically, the staffing business and agreement enrollment specialists are compensated based on an agreed-upon hourly rate. This fee is regardless of the number of competitors identified and enrolled by the client organization.

Agreement recruitment is frequently used as an alternative to contingency searches. It’s also useful if the business is short-staffed in HR and may benefit from having a spotter on board quickly.

3.3. Freelance or contract assistance is possible.

Contract staffing is analogous to temporary assistance. However, architects, innovation specialists, and other high-level representatives would typically refer to themselves as freelancers or contractual workers.

It’s worth highlighting that you can get benefits by acquiring contract staffing services. So, one of the most attractive benefits is that contractors are cheaper than full-time employees. That’s because they’re only paid the period they work.

3.4. Managed services.

Managed services are used by businesses that have a specific set of requirements. On a proceeding with the premise, a client organization will re-appropriate a whole office or capacity (for example, a sorting office) under this type of course of action.

This administration works well when a company doesn’t want to deal with a certain area of business. So, they can find a staffing firm with some specialized expertise in that area they don’t deal with.

3.5. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

An RPO indicates that staffing services handle the entire selection process for a given skill level. For example, an organization may re-appropriate the enlistment of care employees while continuing to pick administrative and center staff members in-house.

As a result, this enables the organization’s directors and HR personnel to focus their efforts on the organization’s core business. In the meantime, they also ensure a pool of high-level personnel for all positions.

3.6. Temporary assistance.

This is an element that attracts the attention of staffing companies for a large number of people. Staffing agencies use this type of management to enroll, screen, and recruit employees to build a large pool of competent candidates.

Hence, these representatives are sent to the consumers of staffing agencies for brief periods. In that time, they’ll perform duties such as sorting, room inclusion, or official level errands. Most firms prefer to hire temporary workers because it gives them flexibility and access to talent.

So, we, Connect Staff, can offer you a proper temporary assistance and more.

3.7. Hired temporarily.

This is also commonly referred to as “temp-to-perm.” It’s similar to hiring temporary support for companies. However, here the client would select a temporary representative to analyze the potential of that individual from their permanent team.

The wiggle room is that a client company can analyze the candidate before hiring the individual at issue. The disadvantage is that the candidate may continue with their job search and accept a permanent position before you have decided to hire them.

3.8. Permanent placement.

Permanent staffing is a service in which employment firms introduce full-time staff. These people are willing to work and grow with the organization for an extended period. This sort of employee, which staffing firms give to businesses, is paid and eligible for all of the company’s benefits.

It’s worth highlighting that companies give these advantages by the law, such as tax relief, sick pay, pension entitlements, among other examples.

4. How do staffing firms operate?

A staffing agency finds new staff for client organizations to meet their demands. They fill the many types of jobs mentioned above. Positions may be permanent, temporary, or contract-based. Staffing agencies can assist almost every industry.

Here are the stages that illustrate how staffing firms function, from job posting through recruiting.

4.1. Contact the staffing agency on behalf of the client.

Companies that require a new staff for their firm must first contact a staffing agency. Then, you must offer specific information about the requirements. Namely, the type of vacant position, the number of people that your organization needs, the skills required, credentials, and so on.

Thereupon, staffing firms create a job description based on the information. In addition, they’ll post the position on their websites, other job boards, and social media sites.

4.2. The candidate applies

Candidates learn about the job through websites or other ways. Candidates discuss this with their recruiter. Then, if the application is appropriate for candidates, they’ll fill it out.

4.3. Conduct an interview.

After the agency receives potential candidates’ applications, they proceed to the next phase. And this is what interview screening entails. It depends on the sort of employment interview that is held. Potential applicants are introduced to the employer via staffing firms. From which an employer must select the most competent and worthy candidate.

4.4. Sign and pay the contract.

A staffing agency handles the entire procedure. And that comprises numerous information, which they manage using online recruiting software such as an applicant tracking system.

They’re in charge of numerous employment taxes, such as social security, medical insurance, and so on. Client firms indicate the hourly rate for temporary labor. The sum is then specified for the workers by the employment agency.

5. Why should you use a staffing agency?

Why should we have to pick a staffing agency? That’s the main question we’ve always heard. What is the significance of their assistance? And so forth. The answer is in the benefits they provide through their staffing services. Here are a few advantages to using a staffing agency.

5.1. Every employment firm has expertise.

Many experts have observed that the staffing agency is more knowledgeable about its profession than the HR department. If an employer is hiring internally, they’ve first hired a strong recruiter who will fill the additional positions available in the future.

As a result, the entire procedure takes a long time. For the employer, it becomes a stressful operation. The staffing agency, on the other hand, already has devoted and well-trained employees.

5.2. Excellent network.

The network of the staffing agency is more extensive than that of the company’s HR department. As a result, employers have the option of obtaining the best employees through staffing solutions.

Hence, the staffing agency may provide many sorts of employees for the role, such as temporary hires, permanent employees, task-based employees, etc. As previously said, the staffing agency provides you with a variety of services.

5.3. Assist in other areas of the business.

In addition to filling the organization’s vacant positions, staffing agencies also assist the company in several other ways. Here you can observe:

  • Tracking of applicants.
  • Pre-employment screening test.
  • Interview scheduling.
  • Selection.
  • A new recruiting procedure.
  • Onboarding.
  • Making plans for future recruits.
  • Contributing to the bullet points of the job description.
  • Reporting.

6. How can Connect Staff help you?

Using staffing firms in Dubai can help to simplify the hiring process. There are several ways your organization may take to find the ideal people. You may post an advertisement in your local newspaper or on a job board. Those things can help.

However, you can also rely on recommendations or your HR department to find the perfect person. Nevertheless, if your organization doesn’t have an HR department, employing a staffing agency is one of the easiest options. So, we, Connect Staff, an experienced and qualified staffing company, can help you.

Would you like to contact Connect Staff to obtain more information on what services a staffing agency provides? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. You can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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