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Temporary Staffing Agency

What is the function of a temporary staffing agency?

Small companies may have problems because they find themselves being short-staffed for various situations. That’s where temporary staffing solutions help you, as they solve those problems. However, finding temporary hotel staff can be hard to do by yourself. Nevertheless, a staffing company takes care of this problem.

A staffing company is a company that takes care of the temporary staff being sent into your company. Also known as temporary staffing agencies, these kinds of companies can help you save money and time spent on temporary HR staff. So it is important to know all there is to know about these companies so that you can work satisfactorily with them.

In this article, we´ll talk about the basics of temporary staffing agencies and their functions, so you can hire temporary hotel staff . We´ll talk about:

1-What is temporary staff?

2-What is a temporary staffing agency?

3-Functions of a temporary staffing agency

4-How to find the best temporary staffing agency for your company

5-Things to take into account when working with a temporary staffing agency

6-How can Connectstaff help you find the best staffing agency?

1-What is temporary staff?

Temporary staff is a term we use to refer to employees hired for a contracted period. In other words, you hire them to work at your company for a limited amount of time. These workers fulfill all the functions of regular workers at the company. They can help during increases in demands, or when employees take a temporary leave. In addition to this, they also can provide expertise for situations outside a company’s normal work range.

For example, let´s say your business undergoes an extensive financial audit. In that case, you can hire a temporary accountant to help you with that process. However, temporary event staff jobs also have their disadvantages, so it´s best to know about them.


Temporary hotel staff usually don´t require benefits. This makes them less expensive than full-time employees. You only pay them for the hours they´ve worked; therefore, you don´t worry about their vacations or holidays. If you´re not convinced by their performance, you can terminate them immediately without undergoing any tedious processes.

On the contrary, if you like the performance of a worker from the temporary hotel staff you can offer them a full-time position. In other words, you can try the quality staffing and see if they convince you. Consequently, this helps you save time since you don´t spend it looking for full-time workers.


Each time you hire temporary hotel staff for the same position, you need to train them, and this can take a lot of your time. You have to take into account that temporary hotel staff works for a short period. This means they don´t develop long-term work relationships, unlike longer hires.

Lastly, temporary workers don’t have the same loyalty full-time workers have. If their needs aren´t fulfilled, they may not show up for work, or they could end up working with other companies.

2-What is a temporary staffing agency?

As we already mentioned before, a staffing agency helps you find superior staffing solutions. A temporary staffing company is a firm that connects businesses to workers for temporary or contract work. They charge businesses for the temporary IT staff they find for the company. This arrangement lets workers find temporary employment. On the other hand, businesses avoid hiring and firing full-time employees to fill a short-term need.

The alternative to these kinds of agencies is hiring temporary hotel staff yourself or finding a contractor for that. However, this takes a lot of time from you, making staffing agencies the best choice for first step staffing. Nonetheless, they also have their disadvantages, so it´s important to know about them.


They allow simplicity for the companies that work with them. They allow businesses to outsource work regarding temporary event staff jobs to said agency. Simply put, they employ active staffing and handle all responsibilities surrounding temporary workers.

In addition to this, they make the process of hiring temporary hotel staff faster. This kind of agency has a large pool of workers available. They filter the resumes, conduct preliminary interviews, and do other methods for finding employees. Consequently, this saves the company´s time since the agency does these processes.

Last but not least is the availability for companies to try new workers when they work temporarily. If a business owner is satisfied with their performance they can hire them full-time. For this, you´ll need to talk to the temporary staff agency to discuss hiring that employee.  Sometimes, there are fees related to that, but it´s still a good way to find full-time workers.


A temporary staff company requires a contract with stipulations (like usage requirements). This sometimes results in companies overstaffing just to meet such demands.

There is also poor control over which temporary event staff job workers you get. This is because you can´t see the full pool of potential candidates for the job. Temporary agencies have a hands-off way of managing workers.

Thirdly, there´s the lack of incentives temporary hotel staff have in comparison to part-time or full-time staff. Thanks to the temporary nature of the engagements that an employee gets, they may see working for your company as another stop in their line of work. This results in temporary IT staff regularly being low performers.

Lastly, there´s the additional cost of working with a staffing company. Working with one costs more compared to finding temporary workers on your own.

3-Functions of a temporary staffing agency

When we talk about hiring temporary hotel staff is important to know about their functions, responsibilities, and roles. Staffing agencies bring superior staffing solutions to companies that employ their services. These responsibilities are:

  • Temporary staffing agencies have to understand the workload needed for the company they work for.
  • They determine the workforce needed to meet that same workload.
  • Conducting interviews and shortlisting candidates.
  • Find potential candidates´ backgrounds and employment history and examine them through those.  
  • Draw contracts and look for legal processes.
  • Impart training in case of gaps.
  • Take into account follow-ups on the performance of the temp workers to see if the requirements are met.
  • Terminate the hire and compensate the company if the worker is not the right fit for their needs.

Besides responsibilities, these kinds of agencies have many roles regarding temporary workers. Depending on the requirements of the business, they can scout for different types of permanent jobs. Temporary staffing agencies categorize them into 3 types of roles

Contract employment/Short-term hire

In this model, agencies focus on the immediate needs of the company. This means that the project is short-lived, and it needs special services from temporary hotel staff.

Long-term temporary staffing

Secondly, in this model, not only does the agency take into account the company´s needs, but they also look for their growth plan. Some examples are if a company plans to set up a new branch or if some employees are retiring temporarily.


We already mentioned before that companies can test temporary hotel staff to determine if it wants to hire them full-time. This model focuses on just that. In this one, the agency takes the temporary IT staff on a trial basis. If they meet the company´s criteria, they are hired permanently by that company. They shift from the staffing agency’s payroll to that of the company. They will be counted as employee. These companies also avail payroll services dubai to streamline their business operations. 

4-How to find the best temporary staffing agency for your company

Evaluate your staffing needs

Before hiring temporary hotel staff you need to make sure you know your business needs. If you hire workers temporarily, contract-to-hire, or on a temp-to-hire basis, you´ll also need to know your budget since you´ll need to pay the agency for the worker. Hiring someone on a full-time basis usually costs a lump sum fixed percentage fee based on the first year’s salary.

You need to take into account that a contract-to-hire has many benefits. In this model, you pay as you go, but you still can terminate your contract at any time if something is not working out.

A staffing company lets you save time from contracting permanent employees. You get more time to evaluate the candidate over a period of time, letting you evaluate them. If they convince you, you can hire them. In addition to this, the temporary office staff has time to make sure the company is a long-term fit for them as well.

Research on potential staffing agencies

While looking for a temporary staffing agency, you need to search for various companies in the market. Make sure you find one with a deep understanding of your company´s needs. They should also have a good understanding of the industry. Lastly, they should also have a good strategic approach to engaging quality candidates.

Evaluate the cost of services and contracts

Choosing the cheapest agency just because it is cheap can be detrimental to you, costing you more in the long run. You also need to be wary if an agency´s terms seem “too good to be true” since there is a good chance they are cutting corners. This results in you receiving bad candidates for your company. If you work with a staffing agency you need to make sure to get a COI (Certificate of Insurance)

Lastly, watch out for temporary-to-full-time worker contracts that have extra fees after the contract is over. If you are hiring via this method, find an agency that doesn´t do this.

Understand the recruitment process of the agency

You need to make sure the agency´s recruitment process is a good one for your company. Try to understand it to make sure it fits your criteria. Some methods we recommend to do to find their process is to ask about:

  • Their selection process for finding, engaging, and attracting candidates.
  • Recruiting tools and resources at their disposal.
  • How many years have they spent on building their networking and candidate talent pool?
  • Type of positions they have been working on lately.
  • Their track record.
  • How long does it take for the agency to present qualified candidates?

Look for an agency that treats candidates with respect

A staffing agency can also be considered as an extension of your human resources department. They represent you since they present an opportunity to prospective candidates. You must find agencies that share a similar alignment of values as your company. This will ensure a successful temporary hotel staff placement and longevity.

Work with an agency that values your business

An agency that isn´t interested to work long-term with you can be detrimental for your company. You need to find one that looks out for your long-term interests. This applies to many situations, for example, supplying short-term contract employees, or working on permanent positions. More often than not, temporary workers become amazing long-term employees.

If you work with an agency that’s “too big” can be bad for you, since you run the risk of being overlooked when you need help. Even though quality staffing agencies can come in all sizes, you should find one that truly gives you attention.

5-Things to take into account when working with a temporary staffing agency

Before hiring temporary hotel staff from a temporary staff agency, there are many things you need to take into account. You need to know that even though it brings benefits, bringing a temporary worker can be risky. Your business can lose money if the temporary worker doesn´t fit your company. You´ll also need to remember that the process takes time; a simple resume review is not enough.

However, despite this, if the agency you´re working with is a good one, it will be worth it in the end. This is because you can turn the work of determining whether a candidate is a technical fit over to the staffing agency.

6-How can Connectstaff help you find the best staffing agency?

Hiring temporary hotel staff can be pretty hard to do by yourself.  Nevertheless, agencies help you with this but finding a good one can be a hard task. With over 20 years of experience on the market, Connectstaff is the best staffing agency choice for you. We provide quality staffing solutions, just send us the job description and choose from a pool of ready-to-deploy candidates who have appropriate experience.

Would you like to contact us to find out more about temporary staff solutions? Call us at +97143316688 or send an email to and you’ll talk to one of our representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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