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What is the main advantage of employing staff on a temporary basis?

Nowadays, companies need to have a good amount of employees for any rise in demand for their products/services. However, many companies can´t meet this quota due to economic problems. For those companies, it´s better to hire temporary staff for that kind of situation. Nevertheless, before doing that, you need to know the basics of hiring temporary staff and temporary event staff.

In this article, we´ll talk about all there is to know about hiring temporary staff and its advantages. We´ll cover:

1-What is a temporary staff?

2-What is a temporary staffing agency?

3-Benefits of employing staff on a temporary basis

4-Risks of hiring temporary staff

5-Reasons to hire temporary staff

6-How can Connect staff help you with temporary staffing?

1-What is a temporary staff?

Before explaining the benefits that a temporary event staff has, we must clarify what is temporary staff. Temporary staff is a term used for employees hired for a contracted period. They work for a short amount of time for the company that hires them. They can be hired by a company or form part of a staffing agency, which sends them to a company.

Hiring temporary staff usually includes a fixed-term, project- or task-based contract, or seasonal/casual work (this includes day labor).

Fixed-term contracts

Fixed-term contracts are also known as project-based or task-based contracts. They are a contractual arrangement between the employer and the employee. They are characterized by their limited duration or by their pre-specified event, which ends the contract. These contracts allow temporary event staff to cover workers that temporally left a company.

In addition to this, companies also use FTCs to evaluate newly hired employees before offering them an open-ended contract. Some companies rely too much on these contracts Staffing. They hire temporary staff for permanent tasks of the company.

This kind of enterprise brings challenges to the firm including worker management in a different type of arrangement. In addition to this, it also brings risks that lead to underinvestment in training and innovation. Consequently, it produces lower productivity.

Some employees choose to work temporarily because they don´t have time for a full-time contract. This is mainly because they combine work with education or have responsibilities that make them unable to work full-time. For workers on Fixed-Term Contracts, this is not an explicit choice.

Casual work

We refer to casual work when workers engage on a very short-term or on an occasional basis. They often work for a certain number of hours, days, or weeks in return for payment based on the terms of the work agreement.

This kind of work is a prominent feature for low-income countries. However, it has also started to be used in industrialized economies. More specifically, in jobs associated with an “on-demand” basis.

2-What is a temporary staffing agency?

Temporary staff agencies are firms that connect businesses to workers for temporary or contract work. In simpler words, they act as the middleman between businesses and temporary event staff. They charge businesses for the workers they gave them to fill their needed roles. They allow temporary workers to work for a company. On the other hand, a business avoids hiring a full-time worker and firing them later to fill a short-term need.

Pros of temporary staffing agencies

They allow simplicity for businesses whose alternative is hiring and firing full-time workers. These agencies allow businesses to outsource work regarding temporary staff jobs to said agency. In other words, temporary staff agencies employ custom staffing and handle all responsibilities surrounding them.

Secondly, it makes the process of finding staffing solutions faster. These kinds of agencies have a large pool of workers available. They filter the resumes, conduct preliminary interviews, and do other methods for finding employees. Since they are the ones to do these processes, the company saves time, since it outsources that work to them.

Last but not least is the availability for companies to try new workers when they work temporarily. This is for the cases where a company sees potential in temporary workers and wants to hire them full-time. For this, you´ll need to talk to the temporary staff agency to discuss hiring that employee.  Sometimes, there are fees related to that, but it´s still a good way to find full-time workers.

Cons of temporary staffing agencies

Temporary staff agencies bring many benefits to companies; however, they also have some disadvantages. One of them is that they require contracts with stipulations (like usage requirements). This sometimes results in companies overstaffing just to meet such demands.

Secondly, is the poor control over which temporary event staff workers you get from the agency. In other words, you can´t see the full pool of potential candidates for the job. This is because these agencies have a hands-off way of managing workers.

Thirdly, there´s the lack of incentives temporary staff jobs have in comparison to part-time or full-time jobs. There is a possibility that they will consider work for your company as another stop in their line of work. This is due to the temporary nature of the engagements that an employee gets and the fact that they´re employed by temporary agencies. This results in temporary workers regularly being low performers.

Lastly, there´s the additional cost of working with a staffing partner. This causes more costs compared to finding temporary workers on your own.

3-Benefits of employing staff on a temporary basis

Now that we know about temporary event staff and staffing partners (staffing agencies) we can start talking about the main benefits that temporary staff jobs give. These are:

Ideal staffing levels

As mentioned before, businesses can find themselves short-staffed because of various reasons. Like employees calling in sick, leaving for vacations or other reasons, or plainly quitting without notice. However, being overstaffed isn´t a viable option to solve those problems. Since they´ll end up paying more payroll than needed to get the job done.

Nevertheless, temporary staff can bring staffing solutions. With IT temporary staff, you won´t be short-staffed because you´ll be able to hire temporary workers when needed. And, on the other hand, you won´t be over-staffed because you won´t have to hire additional employees full-time if you don´t need it.

In addition to this, when you have budget costs or need to reorganize your company, you can send back those temporary workers to the agency they came from.

Happier employees

Temporary workers take stress and workload of the company´s current workers. This means you won´t overwork your employees, giving them the helping hands they need. If they are overworked and overburdened there are going to be a lot of problems. For example, the company´s morale will drop, customer service will suffer, and the employees will be less engaged in work.

Cost and time savings

Hiring temporary staff saves money (from payrolls) and time from the hiring process (if you work with a staffing partner).

Moneywise, your fixed payrolls will be reduced. In addition to this, you don´t need to give benefits to temporary workers. Vacation days, retirement security, or health insurance are some of the benefits that temporary employees don´t get. You also won´t pay much for overtime work on temporary workers.

Timewise, if you work with an agency, you will save time on the hiring process. Mainly, you won´t handle the recruiting and hiring functions in your company. You also won´t have to provide training, just the necessary training for the job. In addition to this, you won´t manage any payroll, HR outsourcing, or compliance functions on temporary workers. The staffing agency takes care of all these processes.

Hiring risks reduction

This was already mentioned before, but working with temporary workers allows you to see their skills. This means that if they stand out and have potential, you can see them in action and determine if you want to hire them full-time or not.

This lowers hiring risk because if you want to hire permanent employees you can look to your temporary workers to see if any of them covers your company´s needs.

4-Risks of hiring temporary staff

As mentioned before, hiring temporary staff has its benefits; however, it also has some risks.

Training takes a lot of time

When you hire temporary employees, although you don´t have to train them completely, you´ll still need to train them for the job. This takes both your time and your full-time employees’ time. This consequently will affect your company´s productivity.

Safety concerns

According to studies, injuries rise on job sites that have temporary workers. They might make a safety mistake. This mistake can potentially jeopardize everyone in the company. That´s why a supervisor will have to look over them, to ensure no mistakes like that are made.

You need to be careful with your IT temporary staff´s status and benefits eligibility. You have to treat them with the same rights and respect you treat your full-time employees. Any mistakes can result in legal problems for your company.

Decreased temporary worker morale

Temporary employees work with your full-time employees. However, they don´t get the same benefits your full-time employees get. This lowers their morale making them work slower and make more mistakes that affect your company´s productivity.

5-Reasons to hire temporary staff

Now that you know the main advantages of hiring temporary staff you might make yourself the questions: what other reasons are there to hire temporary staff? There are several of them, the main ones are:


This is considered the main reason to hire temporary workers. This means that if your company faces staff issues you will be able to hire them to solve those issues. For example a project´s completion date, a significant new short-term contract, or a short-term spike in business activity. 

The ability to look for workers that fit the company´s temporary needs to meet their business objectives can be vital.

Instant impact

Most temporary workers are accustomed to working in companies for a short amount of time. This means that they are used to that kind of working conditions. This results in them making an instant impact on your business.

Reduce stress for permanent staff

Working with temporary workers makes you have better management in terms of workload. Having temporary event staff allows you to distribute the work efficiently. Consequently, your workers don´t get burnout, mandatory overtime, or loss of work-life balance.

Shorter hiring process

As mentioned before, temporary staff agencies allow you to negotiate an immediate start, subject to availability. You also save time on the hiring process, since the agency takes care of it.

Access to an extended pool of workers

Thanks to the “temporary job” economy growing, there are now many workers who partake in it. They have the availability to work for organizations for a limited time frame before moving on to other organizations. This growth results in highly skilled workers available for you and your company.

It has a “try before you buy” basis

This was also previously mentioned in this article. The “try before buy” basis is a pretty simple concept. You try an article, if you like it, buy it, if you don´t, you won´t need to buy it. It also applies to temporary workers; if you see potential in a temporary worker for your business, you can negotiate with the staffing agency to hire them permanently.

6-How can Connect staff help you with temporary staffing?

Hiring temporary staff helps many companies resolve staff-related issues like an increase in workload or the replacement of a worker. They also bring other benefits like potential new employees to the company or time-saving. However, knowing the basics of temporary staff jobs can be difficult for some companies, so it´s better to have a staffing partner alongside you to help you get staffing solutions.

That is why Connect staff is your best option for a staffing partner. With over 20 years on the market, we give you custom staffing that helps you with all your temporary staff jobs needs. Send us the job description and choose from a pool of ready-to-deploy candidates who have appropriate experience.

Would you like to contact us to find out more about hiring temporary staff? Call us at +97143316688 or send an email to and you’ll talk to one of our representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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