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ways to avoid temporary staffing issues

What are the ways to avoid temporary staffing issues?

Today, many companies worldwide are enjoying the advantages of using temporary staffing in their workforce. However, it is a practice in which you can certainly find some problems of diverse kinds. Therefore, you must learn about the ways to avoid temporary staffing issues or protect your business against them.

In this article, you can discover the ways you can avoid temporary staffing issues. Here, you will learn what temporary staffing is, its issues, and what you can do to avoid them. Let us show you all of this in detail by talking about the following interesting subjects:

  1. What is temporary staffing?
  2. Which temporary staffing Issues can your company face today?
  3. What strategies can you apply to avoid temporary staffing issues?
  4. Where can you find more information about temporary staffing?

1. What is temporary staffing?

ways to avoid temporary staffing issues

The dynamic of the business world nowadays often makes your company require fast changes in their operations. However, it can be challenging for your company to be that adaptable. After all, such operations are the results of years of design, planning, and assessment.

When it comes to staffing, these fast changes can include your need for specific roles during a certain time. Nevertheless, such needs cannot be fulfilled by your permanent staff, because they eventually would not have anything to do. Thus, you must go with a different staffing solution: temporary staffing.

In essence, temporary staffing involves the recruitment and hiring activities of employees for temporary roles in your organization. They are the perfect solution for your short-term projects or seasonal requirements. That is to say, you must hire them when you have limited-time requirements.

Most importantly, the best option you can use to get temporary staffing is seeking the services of a staffing agency. It will provide you with the expertise you need in the field to hire the right temporary employees. You can use them to get the contract staffing you require.

2. Which temporary staffing issues can your company face today?

Using temporary staffing in your business can save you from a lot of troubles from different sources. But, it can also bring its own troubles to the table. After all, it is an industry that also suffers the consequences of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

In other words, your company can encounter some temporary staffing issues to face along the way. Hence, you must know what you can about them to figure out how to deal with them properly. In this way, your business can avoid serious problems associated with such issues.

Certainly, every industry, location, and company can have specific temporary staffing issues to handle. However, our goal here is to show you the big picture. Therefore, we prepared some information about the two main temporary staffing issues your business can face. Above all, your company should use temporary employment despite all the issues it can bring. Indeed, it is a practice that can give your company many advantages to enjoy.

Let us now show you in detail the two main temporary staffing issues your company can face today:

2.1 Temporary staffing shortages

Equally to what is happening with permanent employment, your company can also have problems related to temporary staffing shortages. In essence, you can be in a situation where you cannot find available temporary employees for your organization. Logically, it can be terrifying, to say the least.

The reasons for these shortages can be extremely varied. One of them is that new generations are not seeking careers with certain skills your company may need. On the other hand, you may also deal with temporary staffing shortages related to health safety concerns.

Thus, it is a temp staffing issue that can be difficult to attack. Fortunately, most staffing agencies in the temporary employment business are now building strategies to deal with this problem. Such strategies also involve effective changes their clients shall make in their structure and operations.

Consequently, such changes can represent a work overload in your workforce, especially in your HR Department. Hence, you can find it helpful to hire the services of proper HR support staff to assist them. We are sure they would be more than thankful if you do.

2.2 Hiring inadequate temporary employees

The other main temp staffing issue your company can face is the hiring of inadequate temporary employees for your company. It can be both associated with picking the wrong staffing agency or not having clear what your temporary requirements are. Most importantly, the consequences of it can be massive.

In this matter, you may need to make bigger expenses or some project re-scheduling when you hire them. Furthermore, because of the flexibility of their work, they can end up sharing your commercial secrets with your competitors. In short, they can bring your company down quickly.

Moreover, inadequate temporary employees can also damage sensitive parts of your business, such as its accounting. Hence, you need to ensure hiring proper accountants and finance staff for your organization. They can keep your bookkeeping away from any catastrophic failure.

Remember, any staffing agency you work with will never intend to hire the wrong people for your temporary roles. But, it can happen, and your staffing solution must cover what to do in such a happening.

3. What strategies can you apply to avoid temporary staffing issues?

ways to avoid temporary staffing issues

Let us imagine you are in your meeting room at your company. In the meeting, you and your team first analyzed the problems your company is facing. At this moment, you now must follow the next step of the process: thinking about strategies to resolve them adequately.

When it comes to problems with temporary staffing, many effective and awesome strategies can come out of that meeting. You can even build a strategy for every single temp staffing issue your company is dealing with. Here, the opinion of your staffing agency also matters substantially.

Above all, such strategies must go hand in hand with the staffing solution your company is applying. Thus, you should first learn about the staffing solutions you can use and choose the right one for your business.

In this sense, we performed a similar meeting to the one we imagined with you. As a result, we discovered four simple but effective strategies you can apply to avoid temporary staffing issues. Most importantly, they apply to every company regardless of its line of business or location.

Let us now take a glance at these interesting four strategies:

3.1 Your hiring needs

Certainly, you will always pick the wrong option if you do not have clearly defined what your needs are. This can apply to anything in your life, from your lunch to your personal partner. Indeed, it also applies to your hiring needs for the temporary roles of your organization.

You can do this by assessing every temporary position in your company. Your goal here is to look for what everyone needs in terms of skills, working experience, behavior, and more. This way, you can express to your staffing agency exactly what you need, which makes their work much easier.

On the other hand, your hiring needs must also go hand to hand with your company’s growth. For instance, let us say you are planning to open an IT division in your organization in the upcoming months. Here, your need should be seeking the services of an IT support staff.

To sum up, you should take a moment and think about your hiring requirements for your temporary roles. Defining them properly can save your company from facing any temp staffing issue.

3.2  Employees and colleagues’ referrals

One highly effective way to avoid hiring inadequate temporary employees is to consider your employees’ and colleagues’ referrals. After all, your employees already demonstrated their commitment and efficiency in what they do. Thus, you can trust the people they are referring to are as good as they are.

Above all, no employee would ever put at risk his/her reputation by recommending bad candidates for your organization. Therefore, you can apply this practice to ensure you are hiring adequate temporary employees for your business.

Moreover, it also can speed up your hiring process tremendously. With referrals, you will not need deep screenings and interviews in their recruitment process. Your employees can tell you about all their virtues in advance, which can lead their referrals straight to their hiring.

You can find many examples of the success of using this practice actively. For instance, one of your employees can talk to you about his friend that is really good at selling products. Hence, you can hire her as his referral for your sales staff.

3.3 Flexibility

Most temporary employees enter the world of temporary employment because they love its flexibility. Certainly, they can schedule their work easier and learn about multiple business subjects in a short time. Thus, you can ensure proper temporary staffing by guaranteeing such flexibility in your company.

In this sense, you can let them participate in the planning of your short-term projects. Furthermore, you can also set up a deadline for their assignment while letting them schedule their work to complete it. It is all about making your business attractive to them by being flexible.

This is advice your staffing agency will definitely bring to the table. It is an excellent way to avoid such a terrible temp staffing issue as temporary staffing shortages. Besides, your company can benefit from the knowledge they can acquire in a parallel job to yours.

On the other hand, your company can improve such flexibility in their temporary staff by outsourcing its staffing. Certainly, it is an option with many benefits and drawbacks.

3.4 Your workplace’s culture

The employees of today not only consider financial compensation during their job search. They also analyze the working environment of their potential future company. Consequently, they often ask themselves questions such as: Does it have a toxic working environment? Can we have break times?

Therefore, your staffing solution must also consider building a more appealing workplace culture in your organization. In other words, you need to ensure your temporary employees are happy to work in your business. You can do this by promoting synergy and teamwork in your workforce.

Another way you can improve your company’s culture is by taking into consideration the mental health of your temporary staff. In this sense, you can build a schedule of activities directed to decreasing the stress of your temporary employees. Indeed, they will perform better by being less stressed.

Between those scheduled activities, you can include some corporative events. However, planning and carrying out these events can be challenging for your team. Hence, you can help them tremendously by seeking the services of event staffing.

4. Where can you find more information about temporary staffing?

Your company can certainly save money and time and be more productive by hiring the services of temporary staffing. Nevertheless, it is not a completely perfect formula for success. Thus, you must learn about the ways you can avoid temporary staffing issues. Unequivocally, your company will thank you for it substantially.

Above all, dealing with several temporary staffing issues requires the help of people with deep knowledge about the subject. Luckily, you can find Connect Staff as a temporary staffing agency that has this deep knowledge and more. In short, your temporary staffing will be saved against any problem with us.

Our excellent services are there, always ready to help your business in ways you cannot even imagine. You just need to contact us to see how these services can take your company to the next level. Contact our representatives by a call at +971 43 316 688 or an email submitted at

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