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The benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing staffing

Your business’s success probably made you consider adding more employees to your workforce. This way, you could increase your productivity and keep your growth constant. However, such adding can substantially increase your costs. Hence, you should consider outsourcing staffing. Above all, it is a practice with several benefits and drawbacks.

In this article, you will discover the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing staffing. Here, you will learn what outsourcing your staffing means and how you should do it. Furthermore, you will know in detail its benefits and drawbacks. We will allow you to do this by talking about the following:

  1. What does it mean to outsource your staffing?
  2. How should you outsource your staffing?
  3. What are the benefits of outsourcing staffing?
  4. What are the drawbacks of outsourcing staffing?
  5. Where can you find more information about outsourcing staffing?

1. What does it mean to outsource your staffing?

You can define business as a competition in which the winners get the best customers and the higher revenue. In this matter, you can win it by applying new marketing strategies or upgrading your product. In this way, you can maximize sales and increase your revenue.

However, maximizing your sales approach requires higher expenses, mostly on product development and marketing department. Thus, you need to increase your workload, which requires adding more employees.

Now, you can also apply a different approach to it, based on limiting your costs instead of maximizing your sales. The most effective strategy you can use here is to increase your workforce capacity without it meaning higher labor costs. In other words, you must outsource your staffing.

Outsourcing staffing involves hiring third-party entities to perform certain activities in your company. In this way, you will be able to maximize your profit by lowering your costs. Furthermore, it is an excellent practice to apply when your company performs short-term projects. In essence, you can hire temporary employees to perform specific tasks, such as event staffing, during limited terms.

This has made temporary employment more popular every day. Indeed, many job seekers have shifted to it after discovering its advantages and disadvantages.

2. How should you outsource your staffing?

Hiring third-party entities to work in your company can be a challenging task. After all, you must review their qualifications and expertise to find out if they are adequate for the available roles. Certainly, your HR department can perform such a task, but it could be extremely time-consuming.

As a result, you could end up losing money instead. Luckily, there is another way of outsourcing staffing. After all, you should do it by letting expert people in the field help you in this matter. In other words, you should seek the services of temporary staffing agencies.

They can help you by applying their expertise to perform outsourcing and recruitment activities faster and more efficiently. Indeed, temporary staffing agencies are always looking for ways to find the best candidates for your temporary positions quickly. For instance, if you need contract staffing they will search for the most qualified candidates for the task.

By outsourcing staffing this way, you will be able to focus on important topics of your business. All of this, while adding expert temporary employees for your specialized work operations. Moreover, you can overcome the difficulties of the peak season by getting the services of a temporary staffing agency. Certainly, there are numerous ways they can assist your business during such a period.

3. What are the benefits of outsourcing staffing?

The amount of companies that outsource their staffing is getting larger by the day. Moreover, you can see this trend in several types of business. Therefore, it will be interesting for you to discover why this is happening. First and foremost, companies have seen an increase in productivity by outsourcing staffing. Hence, they have managed to grow because of it. Now, the main reason behind it is directly related to its benefits.

Nevertheless, the benefits of outsourcing staffing can vary substantially between businesses. In essence, you will find it has more influence on some businesses than others, depending on their way of working. However, we managed to find five benefits that apply to almost every industry nowadays. They are directly linked to how outsourcing staffing is made and what your company can get with it.

On the other hand, you can outsource your staffing more properly by choosing the right staffing solution for your company. Therefore, you will find it helpful to know how to choose it correctly.

Let us now show you in detail the five main benefits of outsourcing staffing:

You probably already know that hiring full-time employees entail several costs related to onboarding, training, salary, benefits, and more. When it comes to specific tasks your company requires for a limited time, following this practice seems illogical. In other words, you would spend too much money to perform them.

Outsourcing staffing allows you to follow a cheaper solution for this. It permits hiring qualified personnel without the expenses of full-time employment. In this way, you can divert funds you would spend on it into other areas that need higher investments.

This benefit alone has widened the market of staffing companies at all levels. Indeed, it is one of the main reasons staffing companies can look at their future with happy eyes.

3.2 Bigger talent pool

Working with temporary staffing agencies will allow you to find potential candidates that you had not found otherwise. Their big networks and specialized recruitment methods can give you access to more job seekers. Therefore, you will have a bigger talent pool available for your company.

Temporary staffing agencies can also outsource your staffing faster this way. After all, they can go directly to their talent pool when you express your intention to use temporary employment. In this way, they can save time and resources, delivering you temporary employees more quickly.

Now, you probably think that handling a bigger talent pool can be difficult. However, most staffing companies worldwide have discovered that it is a great idea to expand it.

3.3 Efficiency increased

Certainly, we do not doubt the capability of your full-time employees to perform their assigned tasks. However, you will find extraneous functions in your company that could be complex for them. Furthermore, it can be expensive to train them to do such functions properly.

Outsourcing staffing gives you the possibility of shifting those functions to professionals specialized in them. As a result, you will see your company’s efficiency increase while narrowing your budget. This is a major benefit for companies where the resources’ control is paramount to their operations.

Moreover, you can find several businesses where outsourcing staffing is used solely because of this benefit. One major example of it is the construction industry which was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

3.4 A more expert workforce

One of the qualities most temporary employees have is their expertise in specific tasks. Indeed, its line of work allows them to apply their specific knowledge constantly, while also keeping it updated. In a general sense, their expertise can transform your workforce into a more expert one.

You can even go further by outsourcing staffing. Indeed, your full-time employees can receive training from your outside staff, which will remain after their working term is finished. As a result, you will end with a workforce with expertise for certain tasks. Outsourcing call center executives for your company can be a good idea as they have the experience necessary to manage their responsibilites quickly.

Such expertise of your temporary employees can drive you to think it is a good idea to hire them permanently. But, you first will need to consider some things before making that decision definitively.

3.5 Working non-stop

Nowadays, you may have some intentions of turning your working schedule into 24 hours working cycle. After all, you can be driving a business whose revenue can increase substantially by working around the clock. However, labor laws in most countries demand certain working hours per week that cannot be overcome. Thus, you would need to hire more full-time employees if you want to follow this way with your permanent staff.

Luckily, you can find a way around this by outsourcing staffing. In essence, you can hire temporary employees to perform your operations in the hours that your permanent staff cannot work. Furthermore, outsourcing staffing can also help you tremendously when your business to go overseas. It will give you the workforce required to handle the work in several time zones. In other words, your business will remain operational while you sleep with it.

4. What are the drawbacks of outsourcing staffing?

Unfortunately, things can have also a negative side. In the case of outsourcing staffing, it is a practice with several benefits, but also some drawbacks involved. Most importantly, they are no reason for you to no outsource your staffing. But, they are aspects that you must keep in mind.

Similar to the benefits previously detailed, the drawbacks can also vary substantially between industries. For instance, companies that outsource their staffing remotely can end up hiring employees from several countries. This can lead to communication issues because of the language difference.

However, we took the time to investigate what drawbacks of outsourcing Staffing apply to every business. As a result, we found two drawbacks that you can get regardless of your line of business.

Let us now give you the chance to take a glance at these two drawbacks of outsourcing staffing:

4.1 Lower permanent employees’ motivation

You need to get into the shoes of your full-time employees to understand this drawback properly. Indeed, they could see outsourcing staffing as a way of replacing them, or a as danger to their job stability. After all, you are introducing expert employees in certain tasks that can make your full-time employees feel insufficient. Consequently, they could start to feel frustrated, which could end up in low efficiency and resignations.

Therefore, you must find ways to explain to them why your company needs to outsource its staffing. Furthermore, you must also teach them about how temporary employees are not a threat to them, but welcome assistance. Certainly, it can be difficult to motivate your employees in this scenario. In this matter, you can find it helpful to know how some companies increase motivation among their remote employees.

4.2 Less control

Although your temporary workers can help you with certain specialized tasks efficiently, they cannot be monitored as your full-time employees. It can make you lose control over certain parts of your operations.

However, this should not be an issue for you. After all, your temporary staffing agency will certainly provide you with qualified employees that will perform their tasks perfectly. Thus, you can avoid this drawback by choosing the right staffing agency for your business.

Furthermore, you can also apply regular evaluations to your temporary employees. Indeed, you will have more control and gain valuable information by measuring their performance.

5. Where can you find more information about outsourcing staffing?

The growth of your business depends heavily on your use of all the available tools and strategies directed to it. Most importantly, they have the goal of increasing revenue by scaling your business. In this matter, you can gain competitive leverage with the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing staffing.

You should also take the time to pick the right temporary staffing agency to outsource your staffing. On Connect Staff, we believe in doing meaningful work for you, by providing the outsourcing staffing services you require.

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