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What employers really want from temporary workers

Investing in temporary workers can benefit both the employee and the employer. Temporary positions fill gaps that permanent employees cannot fill. Hence, they will provide a source of income for people looking for work for a limited time or who need a job right away.

In this article, you will learn everything about what employers are looking for in temporary workers. To make the best impression as a temp worker, focus on embodying the qualities that every employer seeks. Let us observe:

  1. What is temporary employment?
  2. How do temporary positions work?
  3. Who should consider temporary work?
  4. Employers’ best practices for temp-to-hire workers
  5. Employees benefit from temp-to-hire best practices
  6. Things that employers will appreciate from their temporary workers
  7. Why do employers select temporary employees?
  8. How can Connect Staff help you?

1. What is temporary employment?


Temp employment occurs when an employer requires someone to fill a specific role for a set period. For example, an employer may require a temporary accountant to cover for an employee on three months’ parental leave; or to fill in for someone on a six-month sabbatical.

Temporary jobs are similar to seasonal jobs; such as working in retail during the holiday season or as a lifeguard at a pool during the summer. The difference is that seasonal work is only available “in season,” whereas temporary work is typically available all year.

In addition, during difficult economic times, businesses may hire temporary workers. This allows them to staff up without having to hire a full-time employee (and everything that goes with that).

2. How do temporary positions work?

Companies hire temp staff to fill in for a set period. However, depending on the needs of the company and your performance, the end date may be extended or moved up. In some cases, temporary positions can lead to permanent positions.

Temporary positions can be found directly with companies or through temporary work agencies. Nevertheless, the result is the same: unless hired on as a regular employee, you are only a temporary employee at the company.

3. Who should consider temporary work?

Temporary work is an excellent option for a wide range of workers.

3.1. Travelers

Temporary work is ideal for people who want to work but cannot do so full-time. Some people, for example, enjoy traveling but do not necessarily want to be digital nomads. They might find a temporary job for six or nine months and then travel for the rest of the year.

3.2. Career explorers

Temporary employment allows people who want to build a portfolio career to constantly try out new roles. Also, this allows them to work in new environments without appearing to be job hoppers.

3.3. Changemakers in the workplace

Temporary work can also be a good option for people who want to try out a new industry or career or gain more experience for their resume, but do not want to commit to a long-term position.

3.4. Job seekers of all professions

Temporary positions are also ideal for job seekers who want to fill a gap in their resumes or earn extra money while looking for a long-term position. They are also excellent opportunities for younger job seekers who do not have much work history or experience and want to build their credentials.

4. Employers’ best practices for temp-to-hire workers

4.1. Examine your requirements as well as the candidate’s performance

Take advantage of the interim period by assessing your requirements for the position. You can use this time to determine whether the job’s responsibilities necessitate the hiring of a full-time employee. Also, you should spend time evaluating each candidate individually.

You may find the ideal candidate but decide that the role is unnecessary. In that case, you should look for another role where the candidate would be a good fit within your organization.

4.2. Look for a reputable staffing agency

Spend some time researching, reading reviews, and asking for recommendations before deciding on a staffing agency. You will want to work with an agency that has a pool of highly qualified candidates who are relevant to your needs and industry.

Staffing agencies that insure their temp-to-hire employees and have a thorough screening process will provide you with a higher caliber of candidates. And of course, our agency can provide you with outstanding temporary workers.

4.3. Hire to make the position permanent

You can seek someone to simply fill a temporary position. However, instead of that, you can seek someone who possesses the characteristics and skills that will make them a great permanent hire. This increases the likelihood that the individual will be successful in this role and on your team.

5. Employees benefit from temp-to-hire best practices

Temp-to-hire employees can increase their chances of being offered a full-time position by implementing some of the following recommendations:

5.1. Take the first step

To secure a full-time position after your temporary assignment, look for ways to continually contribute to the goals of your team or department. If you finish your work early, make yourself available to management as well as other members of your team as a resource.

5.2. Create connections

Though the position is temporary, making connections with your managers and coworkers can increase your chances of being recommended as a permanent employee. A friendly and upbeat attitude is a valuable asset to any organization.

5.3. Demonstrate an eagerness to learn

Showing enthusiasm for learning about the company and the position will demonstrate to your employer that you are self-motivated. It will also show them that you are eager to expand your skills. Even if the temporary position is no longer available, they may try to find you a position within the company.

5.4. Treat it as if it were a permanent position

You are technically hired as a temp-to-hire employee by the staffing agency that facilitates the placement. However, you must integrate as a company employee and respect their rules and expectations. You can accomplish this by diligently completing tasks, arriving at work on time, and adhering to the company’s dress code.

6. Things that employers will appreciate from their temporary workers

6.1. Enthusiasm

An upbeat attitude is contagious and will rub off on the permanent staff with whom you work. People are drawn to optimism and will enjoy your company even if you are only there for a short time.

Employers value a motivated temporary worker because it boosts employee morale. Something as simple as a warm smile can go a long way with your boss and coworkers. In addition, with us, you can learn how to motivate your temp workers.

6.2. Reliableness

Showing up for a shift and arriving on time are obvious criteria that employers expect of all employees. Some people are concerned that hiring a temporary worker will result in those expectations not being met. Prove those people wrong by showing up on time for a temporary job.

Being dependable entails more than just showing up; it also entails arriving early and being prepared to work before your shift begins. Another aspect of dependability is completing assigned tasks by the agreed-upon deadline, which also entails following through on direction.

6.3. Communication abilities

Because of the nature of temporary employment, temp workers must adapt to new work environments in a short period. This is only possible if they can communicate effectively with their employers and have a thorough understanding of the tasks at hand.

You should not assume that just because you did a similar job for one company, the expectations will be the same for the next. Employers appreciate it when a temporary employee is not afraid to ask questions.

Temp workers should also be honest with the temporary staffing agency about their availability. Being open about it will ensure that everyone is on the same page and will help to avoid misunderstandings.

6.4. Flexibility

The benefits of a flexible workforce are one of the main reasons employers prefer temporary workers over permanent employees. Temp workers may be called in on short notice, which is why they must be adaptable. They may be called into work unpopular shifts such as overnights or during peak hours.

Aside from being available, flexible workers will also step outside of their comfort zone and take on new tasks. Employers look for people who are eager to learn and take on whatever tasks are assigned to them when hiring a temporary worker.

6.5. Productivity

When you are working a variety of temporary jobs, it can be difficult to stay motivated and productive. You know you will be leaving soon. So, you might not want to get excited, you might struggle to stay motivated, and you might not give it all.

The best temp workers, on the other hand, understand that they must give their all in every temp job they take on; even if they will only be there for a short time. They do not give half-hearted efforts because an assignment is brief. They continue to be productive and motivated.

7. Why do employers select temporary employees?

Today, more companies are using temporary employees to fill company positions because they provide more flexibility without incurring additional permanent staff costs. Companies’ structures are changing to keep up with new technology, rising costs, and competition in a variety of industries.

Part-time employees are being preferred by businesses over more permanent hires. Hiring a candidate for a permanent position could be risky, especially if the company is experiencing financial difficulties.

7.1. Employers’ perspectives

When it comes to hiring employees, some employers’ perspectives have completely shifted. They view temporary workers as a valuable way to outsource people with specialized skills. Candidates with specialized skills may include those with knowledge of information technology, legal administration, healthcare, and so on.

There could be a specialized project that not only necessitates specific skills but also takes 5 or 6 months to complete. Why would you hire a full-time employee in this situation? There will be no need for more specialized staff members once the project is completed. Investing in specialized skills temporarily can be extremely beneficial to an employer at times.

Rather, pay someone on an ad hoc basis for that critical project with no strings attached. Semi-skilled and unskilled candidates can both contribute to the value of part-time employees. Because of the flexibility it provides, some people prefer to only work part-time or temporarily.

7.2. Jobs can vary

Contract times for temporary jobs may vary. Some jobs only require a worker for a few hours, a few weeks, or even a few months. Part-time students may wish to supplement their income flexibly. This can also be a beneficial way to learn more about the business world and the skills required; while also providing the temp employee with experience in a specific field.

Some highly skilled candidates prefer only temporary work because it is far more financially rewarding. They will also be able to expand their professional network while gaining valuable experience for their CV. In some cases, employers will seek the ideal candidate by evaluating the skills of a temporary employee.

If the candidate proves to be exceptional in the position, the employer may offer them a permanent position. It is also important to note that a reputable temp recruitment agency will have pre-screened and assessed all temporary candidates, whether skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled.

This gives the employer confidence that, regardless of the position being filled, the task at hand will be completed successfully.

8. How can Connect Staff help you?

Employers want to invest in a temporary worker who is enthusiastic, a good communicator, hardworking, flexible, and reliable. Hence, they can be sure that they made the proper choice. Hence if you choose Connect Staff, you will get the most qualified temp workers.

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