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part time work permit uae

Unlocking Opportunities: Part-Time Work Permits in the UAE

Influenced by the high demand from the international market, the UAE has grown to an extremely active economy. As a result, attracting a large influx of talents. In response to the need for increasing integration and the implementation of multiple jobs, the government implemented Part-Time Work Permit UAE, which has helped both workers searching for new opportunities and companies trying to use their potential.

In this article, we are delving deep into part-time work permits, which are instrumental to the UAE. We focus on the eligibility criteria and application processes. As well as rights, restrictions, and the impacts of the evolving UAE’s labor market.

Eligibility Criteria for Part-Time Work Permits

part time work permit uae

To obtain a part-time work permit UAE, a person needs to meet essential criteria of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). These standards therefore target an effective and orderly immigration process. Next, is an overview of the key requirements:

  • Age: Applicants must have reached 18 years before their application submission.
  • Passport and Visa: A valid passport with at least 6 months validity after the end of employment period. Furthermore, having a residence visa in UAE is mandatory in most cases (for example, dependent visa, student visa).
  • Qualifications: Fulfilling the education qualification and experience requirements given for the position applied for are essential. These are examples of valid documents, which might include diplomas or certificates.
  • Medical Fitness: Approval of a valid medical fitness certificate from a licensed health facility in UAE. It means that the health status, physical capabilities, and fitness level of the person providing service are very important in the UAE.
  • Employer Sponsorship: The employer is the initial applicant that informs and confirms whether an applicant meets all the job requirements. Registration with MOHRE is mandatory and a valid business license is indispensable for them.
  • Additional Requirements: Upon entering this framework, the required responsibilities will vary based on specific, location, or employer’s policies details. Additional conditions like, specific skills, security clearances, or language proficiency test can be applied.

It is worth mentioning that these are only general rules applicable to all kinds of employment. The precise requirements may depend on the particular case and the type of job. Regular consultations with the authorities or with immigration experts will lead to a successful application planning.

Part-Time Work Permit UAE Cost

The cost of obtaining a part-time work permit UAE can vary depending on several factors. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the breakdown of potential expenses. Here is a complete look at the possible cost components:

  • Visa Processing Fees: MOHRE is the agency in charge of processing fees for issuing of a part-time work permit UAE. Generally, AED 100 to AED 500 is the standard fee (USD 27 to 136)
  • Medical Test Fees: Applicants will need a medical fitness certificate and examination at one of the medical facilities in the UAE. The amount that needs to be paid differs depending on the testing facility and on the number of tests required. The range goes between 300 and 500 AED (about USD 82-136).
  • Emirates ID Fees: Emirates ID is mandatory for part-time work in the UAE. Therefore, if the candidate does not already have one, they will need to apply for it after getting the work permit. Prices for the Emirates ID start from AED 300 to AED 500 (USD 82 to USD 136 approximately).
  • Agency Fees (Optional): Many people will prefer to ask for a visa processing agency’s help to be processed or filled. These firms usually add additional fees to their offered services. Which may differ depending on the range of services a certain company provides.

Hence, the approximate part-time work permit UAE cost is in the range of AED 1,000 and AED 5,000. We should highlight that this is just an estimate.

It is essential to carry out comprehensive search. Therefore, examine the charges from the service providing agencies and authorities to this purpose.

Application Process for Part-Time Work Permits

Applying for a part time work permit in the UAE requires following an exacting procedure. Following this, you will have to submit necessary documents and staying in conformity with regulations:

  • Employer Initiation: The employer will apply for the part-time work permit UAE on behalf of the employee to MOHRE. These applications generally encompass offered salary, job description, and duration.
  • Required Documents: After the employer has started the process, the candidate will have to send the requested documents. Typically including:
  • A completed application form.
  • A passport copy with an added validity less than 6 months.
  • Evidence of academic credentials and prior experience.
  • A recent medical fitness certificate, from a UAE-approved medical health institute.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Extra copies of any other required documents by the employer according to the required position of the employer.
  • Processing and Approval: Subsequently after registering application and all required supporting documents, MOHRE will assess and process the appeal. It could be part of a follow-up inquiry or bring additional clarification, if needed. We anticipate the processing time is 30 business days, However, the timeline may vary.
  • Employment Entry Visa: after approved, the applicant is given an Employment Entry Visa (pink card). This visa permits the applicant to enter into the UAE and get a part-time employment which is fixed.
  • Emirates ID: Once the applicant arrives in the UAE, they need to apply for an Emirates ID. This works as their national identification card. This is usually carried out by the employer.

Additional Considerations:

  • The applicants with a valid residence visa of the UAE does not necessarily need to apply for another entry visa while carrying the process.
  • It is necessary that you remain informed about the current regulations and requirements. Visit official government websites or by consult specialists in the matter.

Part-Time Work Permit UAE Requirements

To obtain a part-time work permit UAE, one should satisfy the MOHRE-established criteria. Knowing the details of the requirements is very important for employees and prospective applicants. As a result, you can make a successful application process.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the part-time work permit UAE requirements:

  • The valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity. Furthermore, having a legitimate UAE residency visa. For instance, a dependent visa or student visa is usually a must.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old on their application on the date of application.
  • Possessing the necessary qualifications and previous job-related experience indicated in the position is compulsory. This might include filing documents like diploma, certificate of employment letter.
  • Generally, you will need a UAE-approved medical fitness certificate released by a licensed medical facility in the UAE. This confirms that the individual’s health and well-being is in line with the proposed job.
  • The employer is the first to start the recruitment procedure and to make sure that the applicant completely meets all set criteria. They have to be registered with MOHRE and possess a valid business permit.

Additional Potential Requirements:

  • Skill Certifications: Some occupations might need people to obtain the related certificate or acquire the necessary license to be recruited.
  • Language Proficiency Tests: The level of language expertise might be becoming a significant factor, especially if the nature of the work requires brokerage in specific languages, e.g., Arabic.

It is necessary for both employer and employees to keep abreast with the latest MOHRE laws and decree to avoid any hindrance or complication.

People can make an effort to meet the requirements. Thereby, increasing their chances of obtaining a part-time work permit. Allowing them to bring their talents into the energetic workforce of the region.

Part Time Work Permit UAE Benefits

The part-time work permits introduced in the UAE provide a variety of advantages for both employers and employees. This leads to witnessing a more flexible work environment. Let us delve deeper into the part-time work permit UAE benefits experienced by each party:

Benefits for Employees:

  • Increased Flexibility: Since part-time employment gives people the opportunity to arrange their work commitments in harmony with their personal interests. For instance, studies, family or hobbies, they may have more chances to study and even to care for their family members.
  • Gaining Valuable Work Experience: The fact that part-time work allows one to gain valuable work-related skills in fields that they find appealing is an option that anyone may want to consider.
  • Earning Additional Income: The part-time employment empowers people to be able to obtain an extra income or start a new business independently.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Access to a Wider Talent Pool: Such work permits provide employers the opportunities to access a more diverse and skilled labor force that would otherwise not be available for full-time employment. It facilitates them to close a skill gap or cover short-term requirements without having to incur the charges and commitment of only hiring employees.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: In contrast to the permanent full-time employees, part-time jobs often end up with lower staff costs for the employer. These include payroll, insurance, and social credit payments. And the cost-effectiveness may be especially beneficial to startups, small companies, or companies with limited budget.
  • Addressing Seasonal Demands: Employers benefit from the flexibility offered by part-time hiring when they have to handle seasonal shifts in demand. They can staff their businesses with part-time employees during peak seasons. As a result, being able to handle the increased demand without having to inflate the permanent workforce and incurring any extra costs during off-seasons.

Renewal and Extension Procedures

Generally, the permissible duration of part-time employment in the UAE is no more than one year. The permit holder needs to understand the renewal and extension procedures beyond the permit expiry period to carry on working.

  • Initiation: Usually, the employer is the one who initiates the process of renewal for a part-time work permit UAE. They need to file an update to the MOHRE ministry at least a month before their current permit expires.
  • Required Documents: Generally, such application demands include copies of the same documents used for initial application process among them:
  • Completed renewal application form.
  • Copies of employee’s passport and residence visa.
  • Proof of employment with the same worker.
  • Recent medical certification (if necessary).
  • Any other documents required by MOHRE.
  • Processing Time: Renewal processing time may vary but it is less time consuming than initial filing and it takes about 10-15 working days to complete.
  • Fees: These are in the same line of initial fee charges, including visa processing charges, and medical test fees.

Extension Procedures:

  • Situational: For specific cases, where an individual might be needing more validation than just the common permit once it expires, a renewal period may be requested. Usually this is given just in crucial cases and there is need to have a strong explanation from the employer.
  • Limited Availability: Strictly speaking, an extension will not be easily granted by MOHRE and is subject to scrutiny. We recommend you to seek the help of immigration attorneys or relevant authorities.

Having an expired permit or working without one may result in legal repercussions or penalties. This might be damaging to the security of a citizen and may even bring about deportation. Consequently, following the renewal and extension processes and consulting with authorized professionals should not be set aside.

Part Time Work Permit UAE Cancellation

Having clear ideas about the means and outcomes when starting a part-time work permit UAE cancellation is very necessary for both employers and employees.


  • The employer shall be the one to begin the process of cancellation by notifying MOHRE on the online portal or submitting the cancellation request form.
  • The cancellation reasons should be indicated in a clear manner. For example, by the completion of a job, mutual consent from the employer and the employee, or the termination of the employment contract.

Required Documents:

  • Employee’s passport.
  • Valid residence visa.
  • Employment Contract.
  • Part-time work permit.
  • Any additional documents requested by MOHRE.

Processing Time:

  • Cancellation time payment is usually shorter than application and renewal process and may be done within 5 to 10 working days.
  • Implications for Employees:
  • The part-time work permit UAE cancellation means thus that the employee’s employment with the specific employer has officially ended.
  • They are obliged to quit their jobs in the UAE upon expiration of the permit that gave them authorization to work there.
  • If the reason for cancellation is there and there is a need for a new visa to be applied by them to be in UAE legally depends on their visa type.

Implications for Employers:

  • The employers must strive to ensure a hassle-free cancellation process by presenting MOHRE with the required papers.
  • If the work permit cancellation is not completed in a timely manner by the employer, they may be subject to penalties and fines.

Clearing any pending payments, salaries, and other benefits should be ready prior to cancellation. Immigration specialists and lawyers can be helpful in the consultancy process for both employers and workers, most especially in the complicated cases or to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Understanding Rights and Restrictions

Part-time work gives a lot of positive aspects, although it has its own downside that should be taken into consideration. There are specific rights and restrictions that both employees and employers need to understand:

Employee Rights:

  • Minimum Wage: Part-time workers have equal rights to minimum wage. At least AED 3,500 (approximately USD 950 a month).
  • Paid Leave: Regulations about paid leave for part-time employees may vary. Typically, they grant an annual leave and sick leave in proportion to their working hours.
  • Safe Working Conditions: The part-time workers have a right to work in a healthy work environment. One that complies with UAE’s labour regulations and laws.

Employee Restrictions:

  • Limited Working Hours: One thing which distinguishes the part-time work permit from others mainly comes from the time restriction of working. People usually set a limit of 20 hours per week. This may include some exceptions and permission may be granted to work more hours under specific cases.
  • Sponsorship: Unlike a regular employee, a part-time worker commonly does not have the ability to bring in his dependents to reside in the UAE.

Employer Responsibilities:

  • Compliance with Labor Laws: Apart from the employers, they are also responsible for obeying the labor laws in the Emirates. In particular those mainly focused on the minimum wage, the leave payment and all working conditions.
  • Accurate Recordkeeping: Employers need to clearly record the working hours, paychecks, and leave claims of their part- time workers.

Part-Time Work in UAE has an objective of enhancing Employment flexibility and ensuring workers’ rights. As employees enjoy the benefits as well as employers, it is important to appreciate and take cognizance of the rights and limitations to enhance fairness, productivity, and efficiency of the working conditions for all the parties.

Impact on Employment Market

The inception of part-time work in the UAE may have significant effects on the country’s job sector. Next, we explore the part-time work permit UAE benefits and challenges associated:

  • Increased Labor Market Participation: Students, parents, or retired people can be part of the workforce too as part-time work permits UAE contribute to the growth of the labor pool and the UAE diversifies its economy.
  • Creation of New Job Opportunities: Companies can include part-time workers to have them fill in the shortage of certain skills, manage the peak season demand or address project work, which might increase the number of new jobs.
  • Enhanced Workforce Flexibility: Part-time jobs provide individuals and businesses with the opportunity to keep up with the market changes and respond to the fluctuating consumers’ needs. Employees have the opportunity to balance work with personal obligations and business firms can have the capacity to upscale or downscale the workers according to the needs of their operations.
  • Boost to Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Part-time work permits can give people an opportunity to engage in freelancing or even start their own point of ventures, which, in the end, could turn out to be innovative initiatives and help to increase entrepreneurship in the UAE’s economy

Potential Challenges:

  • Standardization and Regulations: Setting up and operating the system of part-time work that include minimum wage calculations, entitlement to leave and limitations of working hours in different sectors is not an easy task.
  • Employer Misuse: Offering part-time permits to employers carries the possible risk of them violating the full-time employment benefits and responsibilities. Which require tough regulations to control their actions.
  • Challenges for Job Seekers: During the whole process of applying for part-time work permits and securing all necessary documents some job seekers may face some challenges. Potentially requiring better process streamlining and accessible resource development.

How many hours is part-time in Dubai?

In Dubai a person working 20 hours a week is considered a part-timer. This means that when a part-time work permit UAE is issued, they need to work a minimum of 4 hours per day. It is important to note that this is the general rule, and specific working hour limitations for part-time work might vary depending on the:

  • Specific job role: Some jobs may have different regulations, and consulting with the competent organs might be needed.
  • Exceptional circumstances: These working hours for a temporary resident permit holder may also extend under some specific conditions and this issued with permission from MOHRE. On the contrary, this is usually not implementable.

However, staying aware of possible variations and seeking guidance either from the official sources will help to get accurate updates in the field of immigration.

Is NOC required for part-time job in UAE?

part time work permit uae

Usually, one does not need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to get a permit for part-time work in the UAE. Therefore, this approach gives a high level of freedom and ensures that the application process is as simple as possible for people who desire to get an additional source of income or work experience.

However, it is important to understand that specific circumstances might require an NOC, depending on the individual’s:

  • Visa Type: The situation will slightly change if the individual, who holds a particular type of visa such as dependent visa, submits the NOC together with the application. His sponsor will need the NOC in this situation. On the other hand, their sponsors have a significant role as they are the responsible agents in their legal residency in the UAE.
  • Employer’s Policy: However, this norm does not apply to all the cases in which employers may impose their own NOC policies, even when the part-time job does not fall under those rules.

Therefore, while an NOC is not generally a requisite for obtaining a part-time work UAE, it is crucial to:

  • Familiarize with the particular visa requirements depending on your visa type. Consult the immigration authorities or relevant consulate offices.
  • Check the NOC policy of the employer in cases where it comes to part-time jobs.

These issues when outlined beforehand will prevent any interruptions or problems during the application process. Always be sure that you are updated and for precise and accurate information go to the appropriate officials or immigration counselor.

How Connect Staff can help?

We have professionals at our disposal who can help the employers tackle the complicated paperwork regarding part-time work permits & make sure they are within the legal labor laws of UAE. Seeking the help of a recruitment agency can bring you many advantages when you are looking for a part-time job or a part-time employee you can add to your team in UAE.

Connect Staff reaches out to HR specialists to know the required talents and proficiency that the company needs be it for project based or temporary, permanent works. We can handle tasks such as job posting management, interview scheduling, and overseeing recruitment paperwork. We can potentially assist you in various ways:

  • Finding qualified candidates: We can both identify and help you to choose the most appropriate individuals from a pool of potential candidates.
  • Simplifying the process: For instance, they can post jobs, handle interviews, and take care of initial paperwork removing some of these burdens from you.
  • Ensuring compliance: We can guide you through the complex part-time work permit UAE regulations, which will ensure you are following the UAE labor law.

Our team of professional experts is there to walk you through your career path. We can individually counsel and guide a prospect through the phase right from start to finish. Contact us for consultations now!

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