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work permit number UAE is illegal

Consequences of Working Without a Work Permit in the UAE

Do you have big hopes and ambitions to accomplish your long-term goals by relocating to the UAE and seeking work? If it’s a yes, then you must remember that the first ticket to the big launch of your career in the UAE is a work permit and employment visa. You are at high risk for severe consequences if you don’t possess this ticket in addition to being found in violation of the law; consequences like heavy fines, jail time, immediate deportation, or penalties.

Looking to hire someone in the UAE or if you are an employee searching for a job in the UAE market, you should totally read our guide that sheds some light on the repercussions of working without an employment visa in the UAE.

Usually, candidates are hired globally to work in the UAE by recruitment firms. However, the first and foremost thing these employees should do is to get a work permission card and a UAE work visa. They can only be permitted to work freely in the UAE once they have obtained a work permit.

Go through this article to learn more about the consequences of working without a work permit in the UAE.

Working in the UAE is Serious Business

work permit number UAE is illegal

The UAE government and the relevant authorities definitely mean serious business. They are vigilant in their activities of enforcing the labor law and are actively trying to reduce the number of cases of illegal working.

Ways of Being Ever Active and Always Vigilant – Setting Up a Hotline & Reducing Numbers Tenfold

Working without a work permit is quite a serious crime. In order to control the number of cases of this crime, the UAE government has even set up a hotline. This hotline is meant to be used by anyone with any information on illegal working cases needing to be reported.

The UAE government has been busy in their efforts to reduce the number of illegal working cases. There have been severe consequences declared for those who violate the labour law of the country by working without a work permit.

Here Come the Consequences

There are quite a few consequences to working without a valid work permit, all of them strict and harsher than the other. These consequences encompass some of these:

Working without a work permit can spell legal trouble for you

Fines and penalties as a result of not going through the legal route

There may even be deportation and a travel ban waiting

Be ready for jail time

Every action has a consequence. Working without a valid work permit has grave consequences for both your personal and professional reputation, putting you at risk of not recovering soon from this downfall. It is one’s duty to uphold their personal and professional value as well as to follow the local law upholding its regard. If you want to work in the UAE, you should regard their labor laws that say you should have a work permit before working. This way the law will be upheld so will you.

There is an alarm sound ringing loud and clear announcing legal troubles if you are working without a work permit. There are strict sets of rules and stern policies followed in the UAE, intended to make the labor market run smoothly without any hitch or hindrances that may arise because of illegal working. Illegal working or working without a work permit is entirely against the labor laws of the UAE.

The notion that working without being in possession of a work permit is punishable is strictly enforced in the country. The consequences to this action may take the shape of fines or forms of deportation and imprisonment.

The UAE Labour Laws make it mandatory for employers to acquire a valid work permit number from their employees, both local and foreign. Employers who intend to hire local or foreign workers are required to obtain a work permit for them from MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation).

It is not a wise decision to work in the UAE without a work permit nor is it an economical one. Troubles can arise in the tragic shape of hefty fines and penalties.

Employers will have to pay a fine of AED 10,000 for each employee working without a permit. On the other hand, employees will find themselves in trouble with AED 10,000 fines for their violation of the UAE law.

Awaiting for Workers without A Permit: Deportation and a Travel Ban

People working without a work permit in the United Arab Emirates call for their doom; a trajectory of their fate. The country people try so hard to work in but resort to illegal means to land a job may very well find themselves deported.

UAE is known for its zero-tolerance policy for those who work illegally. A part of this zero-tolerance policy is to deport employees who try to work without a work permit.

Not only that, the UAE also has a strict immigration policy in place. Its immigration policy is intended to protect its labor market productively so that only workers who take the legally correct route are hired.

All foreign workers are to have a valid work permit before setting out on their work journey in the country. It is also illegal for employers to hire foreign workers without a valid work permit. 

If employees are found guilty of working without a work permit, they run a high risk of facing grave consequences.

Employees caught working without a work permit or labor card will face immediate deportation.

Depending on the severity of their case, the employee who is being deported may also have to pay a fine. In cases of deportation, the relevant UAE authorities contact the employee’s country of origin to arrange the deportation. This process of deportation is costly and lengthy. It is also required for the employee to have a document on hand that verifies their identity.

A travel ban also awaits the workers who resort to illegal means of working in the UAE. In cases of travel bans, the employee runs the higher chance of losing many potential job opportunities. It restricts their career to a dead end. The travel ban puts a definite stop on their return to the UAE for a specified time frame.

work permit number UAE is illegal

Be Ready for Jail Time

Jail time awaits those who violate the labor laws of the United Arab Emirates. Employees who work without a work permit risk a jail sentence of six months.

Grave consequences for taking the risk of working without a valid work permit can come in the shape of an intimidating sentence of six months in prison.

The Law is for All

For Employees

Employees working without a work permit may have to pay a whopping fine of AED 10,000. It may also progress into a jail sentence of up to six months. Other than that, there are high chances of facing deportation or even a travel ban putting a stop on their return to the UAE for a specified time period.

For Employers

Employers can face penalties and fines for hiring workers without a valid work permit.

A company that has not provided a visa can receive fines of AED 10,000 per every worker who has been working illegally.

Their company can even be shut down if they are found in violation of the employment laws.

It is also possible for the employers to face criminal charges. If they are found guilty, they would be sentenced up to six months in prison. 

There are severe penalties for those who work without a work permit in the UAE, so you must not take it lightly. Making sure that they are being compliant with the UAE labor laws is important for both employers and employees. Moreover, a valid work permit must be obtained before they start working. By doing so, they will be able to avoid hefty fines and possible jail time, since working on a visit visa is in violation of UAE laws.

Career Implications

There can be severe implications for a person’s career who might be working in the UAE without a work permit. Since it is illegal to work without a valid work permit, the employer and employee both will have to face disastrous consequences. The danger of harsh penalties for hiring someone without a valid work permit looms large for the employer. The threat of deportation is to haunt the illegally working employee.

Following disciplinary actions can be taken from your employer when you are found in violation of the labor laws:

Suspension of employment

Termination of employment

These disciplinary actions can have these impacts:

Career facing a setback

Reputation in shambles

The ability to find new employment affected

Limited Employment

Actions have consequences. Ignorant actions call for harsher consequences. Working without a work permit when it has been forbidden by the UAE labour laws is an ignorant action; one that does not show respect or regard to laws of the country. These ignorant actions call for harsher consequences, such as facing deportation, paying fines, and being limited in the job market due to the restrictions imposed.

Since the laws of the UAE dictate that people without the necessary documents not be hired, people without work permits will not be able to apply for most jobs anyway. 

Even if someone succeeds in securing a job in the UAE without a work permit, serious legal trouble awaits them and the danger of termination looms close. 

People who do not have a work permit will not be able to access benefits otherwise readily available, such as:

Health insurance

Vacation pay

Banking service access

Access to transportation

Damage to Professional Reputation

Employees who are detected working without a permit may also face long-term ramifications for their professional reputation. Employers are wary of hiring individuals who have broken the law. This can result in a shortage of job prospects and trouble finding future employment. Furthermore, it might be difficult to explain the situation to potential employers, making it much more difficult to obtain a job.

Working without a work permit in the UAE is a criminal violation with severe consequences. An individual may face severe sanctions, including deportation or jail time. They may also have to bear their professional reputation being tarnished.

Personal and Financial Risks

Those who work without a work permit risk being arrested and deported. This not only risks one’s ability to continue living in the country, but it can also result in a permanent ban from entering the UAE in the future. Furthermore, people discovered working without a work authorization may risk jail time and significant fines.

From a financial aspect, persons who work without a work permit are not entitled to the same advantages or safeguards as those who have one. This includes vacation time, UAE sick leave, and medical benefits. Working without a work permit also heightens the chances of not being paid properly for your employment. Without the protection of the law, companies can exploit those without a work visa by paying them less or nothing at all.

Overall, it is important to be aware of the risks of working without a work permit in the UAE. It is always best to obtain a work permit before taking on any employment in the UAE. This, in order to protect yourself and your finances.

Loss of Job Security

One of the biggest downsides of working without a permit is the lack of job security. Without a permit, workers have no legal protection against unfair dismissal or mistreatment from employers.

The UAE has strict laws governing work permits and labor contracts. Workers in the UAE cannot access labor laws and protections unless they have a valid work permit. Workers without permits are subject to exploitation. Employers may terminate employees’ employment at any moment without providing notice or adequate compensation.

Furthermore, without a permit, workers are unable to access the UAE’s social security system. This means that workers are not entitled to benefits such as health insurance, sick leave, and unemployment benefits. This lack of job security can leave workers in a difficult financial situation if they are suddenly dismissed from their job.

Financial Burden

In addition to the fines enforced by the UAE government, persons working without a permit may face legal action from their employers. This can lead to substantial financial losses. Employers may seek to recover unpaid pay as a result of the employee’s noncompliance. Individuals may also be held accountable for damages resulting from the employer’s losses in certain circumstances. 

The inability to secure a loan or other finance may also result from not having a valid work permit. This might be particularly troublesome when trying to get housing or other necessities. People do not have the required evidence of income to be eligible for a loan if they do not have a work visa. causing more financial hardship.

Conclusion: Why Compliance Matters

Compliance is a must for any firm operating in the UAE. The UAE is well-known for enforcing its regulations and having a robust legal system. As a result, business owners must understand and follow UAE norms and regulations. Adherence to legal obligations aids in ensuring that businesses operate within legal constraints. Furthermore, their operations help to boost the UAE’s economy.

In addition, compliance allows organizations to demonstrate their commitment to ethical business operations. This can help to foster trust among customers and other stakeholders. As well as improve the company’s reputation in the UAE. Furthermore, compliance can assist protect the company’s intellectual property and prevent it from being exploited or misused.

It is critical that employees understand how to verify their Ministry of Labour Dubai work permit status. So they can be sure whether it is still valid or not. In addition, knowing how to report unauthorized labor in Dubai is critical for avoiding fines and penalties.

To sum it up, understanding the legal consequences of working without a UAE work permit number is important for both employees and employers. Working in the UAE without a work permit is illegal as it is an offense punishable by law. Employers can face fines or jail sentences or both of these two things whereas employees can face fines or deportation or both as the consequence of working without a valid work permit.

If you are interested in learning more about hiring compliantly in the UAE, you should head to our insights section now!

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