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Reasons to seek employment through a staffing agency

You are currently working in a good company while having good relationships with your coworkers and your employer. However, you feel that you are not getting more promotions. Thus, you start searching for a new job. In this matter, there are great reasons to seek employment through a staffing agency.

In this article, we will show you such reasons to seek employment through a staffing agency. Besides, you will learn here what a staffing agency is and how can you use it to search for employment. We will allow you to do this by talking about the following topics:

  1. What is a staffing agency?
  2. How can you use a staffing agency to search for employment?
  3. Which are the reasons you should seek employment through a staffing agency?
  4. Where can you find more information about staffing agencies?

1. What is a staffing agency?


staffing agency

Today, the most vital asset any company has to battle in highly competitive markets is its workforce. In essence, companies with talented and motivated employees are more likely to operate efficiently, gaining higher revenue in the process. Now, finding and recruiting such talented employees for your company can be challenging. Moreover, they can also be time-consuming processes that represent a heavy workload to HR departments.

Therefore, you must find out how to help your company in this matter. After all, you can end up hiring inadequate candidates or losing your currently employed talent by performing these processes incorrectly. The best way you can provide such help is by seeking the services of a staffing agency. Its primary function is to source, recruit, and hire potential candidates for available roles in your company.

Most importantly, staffing agencies use their expertise in the field to develop ways to optimize sourcing and recruitment. This way, you can get the right candidates for the job faster. For instance, if you are looking for technical staff for your business they can help you find them. With the constant employees’ movements across companies, we can state that staffing agencies will be more demanded in the future.

2. How can you use a staffing agency to search for employment?

The job of a staffing agency goes through the use of available tools to source and recruit potential candidates. Hence, one way you can search for employment is by using such tools in your favor.

Today, most staffing agencies go online when it comes to searching for qualified candidates. Among their preferred methods is the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and visiting career sites and job boards. Furthermore, the more modern Staffing Agencies also source through social media platforms and LinkedIn.

Hence, you can use a staffing agency to search for employment by following strategies related to these tools. For instance, you can be more noticeable for sources on LinkedIn by being proactive on the platform.

On the other hand, you can also add keywords related to available job descriptions to your resume. This way, you will come out as one of the top candidates for the ATS.

Another way you can apply here is to work for temporary staffing firms. In essence, they will search for available temporary roles for you and deliver you as a temporary employee. However, this last practice comes with several advantages and disadvantages.

3. Which are the reasons you should seek employment through a staffing agency?

Staffing agency

Using a staffing agency to seek employment is a method completely different than the traditional one. In the past, you went to employment sites and saw job offers until you found the one you liked. Then, you applied to it and you waited for their call to arrange an interview.

Such a method still exists today. However, when you use a staffing agency, all of this process is out of the window. First and foremost, staffing agencies will receive job openings from their customers.

Then, they will determine if you have the required skills for the role, getting you into the recruitment process when you do. Finally, they will walk you through the hiring process, which in some cases includes onboarding.

With a staffing agency, you will see all of this done efficiently. It is the main reason why most companies use them to hire both contract workers and full-time positions.

Now, it is time to convince you to use a staffing agency to seek employment by showing you the reasons why:

3.1 Less stress while saving time

Working with a staffing agency implies that you will only need to be screened and interviewed once. After that, you will be a part of its candidate’s database, which is reviewed every time an available position appears.

In other words, one interview can make you a potential candidate for several job offers at the same time. This way, you can save the time you can invest in other activities, such as training and further education. After all, the staffing agency will take care of all the leg work for you.

Such candidate databases are a way staffing agencies can save time and scale their business. Both advantages are especially important when it comes to temporary employment. Thus, they are some of the reasons businesses hire temporary staffing firms.

Furthermore, seeking job offers by yourself can be extremely stressful, especially when you do not find proper job offers easily. Hence, you can relieve some stress by using a staffing agency to search for a new job.

3.2 Trying before committing

Using a staffing agency to search for a new job is a great idea because it sets a previous step before entering the company. In such a step, you can make sure in advance if the available position is right for you or not.

Similarly, it is also an advantage for your employer, who can witness if you will fit in his company properly. This way, you will be able to try and analyze the company’s culture and environment before committing to work there.

Above all, it is all about ensuring you and your employer are making the right decision. Moreover, you will have no problem finding out you are not right for the role. You will still be available for other recruitment processes after such a scenario happens.

Tryouts are a common practice in industries where remote work has become the norm. Hence, most companies in such industries are now using staffing agencies because of this. It is one of the reasons why hiring a contract staffing agency can help companies with remote employees.

3.3 Higher variety of available positions

Successful staffing agencies around the world tend to work with several clients simultaneously. Their expertise in the staffing business and their use of technological advances allow them to handle numerous recruitment processes. Consequently, it also brings you an advantage: A higher variety of available positions.

In this matter, it is common for staffing agencies to send you to multiple interviews. It permits them to have you as a potential candidate for several positions, increasing your options of finding adequate jobs.

It can be also beneficial for you when you end up choosing the wrong position to work in. After rejecting it, you will find a job inventory that is constantly changing. Therefore, you may find your dream position tomorrow or the next week.

Such a high variety is also a characteristic searched in candidate pools. You may think it can bring more work for staffing agencies. But, recent studies in the business demonstrated that it is a great idea to expand it.

3.4 Saying no becomes easier

Working with a staffing agency can bring you the welcome consequence of having multiple positions offered to you simultaneously. However, you can objectively choose the right position by following the assessments your agency makes for each one.

Now, when you choose a position to work in, you have to say no to the other ones. Such a process becomes easier with a staffing agency. It only involves communicating your intentions to your staffing specialists, who can redefine your search when it is required.

Similarly, employers must also get into choosing processes for several aspects of their companies. When it comes to staffing services, one of the most important decisions is choosing a staffing solution to apply. Thus, they must know how to choose the right one for them.

3.5 Only applying to serious companies

Staffing agencies are often called by both small and big companies regarding their services. However, most serious companies work with staffing agencies all the time to handle their diverse workforce. Such serious companies are the ones that will present to your agency available positions for you.

Hence, by using a staffing agency, you will have a higher possibility of finding your new job in a successful company. After all, they often work with clients that have proven to be good employers.

Such a reason is related directly to your professional career. Certainly, it will look good on your resume to have some working experience in important organizations. Hence, you will have better job offers after getting a job through a staffing agency for the first time.

Now, for some people inside these companies, recruitment can be the same as staffing. But, in reality, they are different processes. Therefore, you will find it helpful to know what differentiates them.

3.6 Network in the field

The long trajectory of the most important staffing agencies and the current technological advances has allowed them to establish direct connections in the business. In some cases, such a network can be a transport method for available positions to reach your desk.

Furthermore, platforms such as LinkedIn and social media gave agencies the power of expanding their network on a global scale. Thus, you can know several people in the industry of your interest by seeking employment through a staffing agency.

You can find this reason to be paramount in the field of remote work. After all, you can know and work with colleagues from anywhere in the world remotely nowadays. Hence, checking your online staffing agency’s network regularly can help you to find a job tremendously.

3.7 Support

Last but not least, good staffing agencies will deliver to you the proper support you need throughout the recruitment process. Such support can even stay during your employment, allowing you to keep an eye on potentially available positions.

However, you will need to take a look at what staffing agencies offer in this matter before choosing one. The best ones successfully advocate for you when it comes to job seeking. This way, business and hiring managers will look at this support as a sign of your professional qualifications.

Moreover, staffing agencies can also support you by getting you in front of the right people to find you the job you desire. Then, what are you waiting for? Use a staffing agency to seek your dream available role.

4. Where can you find more information about staffing agencies?

You may think seeking a new job today is easier than ever. But, without the proper experience in the staffing business, it can be more difficult than you think. Hence, the best way you can do it is through a staffing agency that knows everything you need.

Seeking employment successfully nowadays also involves choosing the right staffing agency that provides the services that meet your requirements. On Connect Staff, we believe in doing meaningful work for you. We will help you to find the job that will drive your career to the next level.

Do you have some questions about staffing services? Take a moment to contact us and obtain more information about how we can help you, by calling us at +971 43 316 688. You can also email us at, to talk with one of our representatives who will clarify all your doubts.

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