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How to Increase Motivation Among Your Remote Employees & Temp Staff?

Remote workers and temp staff have become an important component of businesses these times. More companies rely on temporary agencies to fill provisional workspaces. Nonetheless, several business owners struggle to motivate their workers. Due to distance or time worked, employees feel sometimes disconnected from the business idea.

In this article, we will discuss motivation in the workplace. Our purpose is to give you tools to inspire your staff. Knowing more about what drives your employees will boost your efforts. Also, we will talk about context and how it can influence their productivity. These insights will open your mind to new options.

  1. What is the importance of remote employees for your business?
  2. How do temporary agencies contribute to companies?
  3. Why are these kinds of employees more prone to demotivation?
  4. How is COVID-19 affecting your workforce?
  5. What can you do to motivate your staff?
  6. How do you make your business a better environment for employees?
  7. Why can temporary agencies support your efforts to motivate workers?
  8. How can you hire temporary agencies for your business?

1. What is the importance of remote employees for your business?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several industries had difficulties producing. Lockdowns and other restrictions impeded people from coming back to their jobs. Consequently, many firms have resorted to hiring remote workers. This way, they managed to keep up with their services and avoid losses. By doing this, the company could breathe once again and get back to work.

Even though remote work was a transitory option, business owners discovered many benefits. The first advantage was saving money. Allowing people to work from home reduced production costs. With its workers out of the offices, a company could spend less on office rent and utilities. Also, many employees have preferred reductions in payment rather than being obliged to go back to the office.

On the other hand, working from home increased business retention rates. Plenty of workers choose to leave the company instead of returning to the headquarters. As a result, businesses have adopted policies to enable their people to work remotely. Take into account that a poor retention rate means less productivity and more costs. If employees leave constantly, you are forced to face recruitment processes again and again.

In addition, companies requiring temporary workforces have bigger success if they permit working from home. In cases that apply, a business can recruit easier if people can do their tasks from far away. Remote work facilitates staffing firms to choose better candidates. Hence, you can fill empty positions quicker with fewer costs.

2. How do temporary agencies contribute to companies?

Instead of recruiting permanent workers, businesses hire temporary agencies. These firms offer workers to fill empty positions for a limited time. The temp service already has a big pool of candidates. From this group, the agency chooses the aspirants most experienced in the client area. Those people will perform duties until the contract between the firm and its clients expires.

Provisional staff guarantees productivity and savings. Once you agree with the staffing agency, they assign immediately the requested amount of workers. This keeps your most essential activities running at their best. Also, you can save more money. Rather than executing large recruitment campaigns, a staffing firm will supply your company with the necessary workforce.

Additionally, temporary services offer a wide array of services. They hire professionals in different areas to supply their clients’ demands. A temp firm will also train its workers to improve the quality of services provided. The agency makes sure to provide you with only the best options in the market. Consequently, you save a lot of time while enrolling high-quality specialists.

Moreover, you spend less money in the process. These agencies benefit companies by taking care of paying their employees and all taxes relating to them. In this case, the temp service is fully responsible for managing payrolls and additional expenses. On the other hand, if you hire a permanent worker, your company must address all those payments and thus waste more money.

3. Why are these kinds of employees more prone to demotivation?

Remote and temporary workers are sometimes overlooked by their peers. This happens as a consequence of the context. Often, other workers tend to look at provisional staff as not part of the company. Consequently, it is hard to keep them inspired to perform their duties. Other factors such as distance can reduce your capacity to interact with your personnel.

In the case of remote staff, distance is your biggest obstacle. Having to cheer up employees through virtual meetings is not as efficient as doing it in person. Also, office work ensures social interaction. This is necessary to keep them excited about the work. Other employees can have a positive impact when they talk to each other. However, since that is impossible with remote workers, they are predisposed to lose motivation.

Nonetheless, this situation is different with temporary workers. Even though they are closer to their peers, their provisional condition makes them different. People sometimes think of them as partners for a limited time. Thus, people in the workplace unintentionally overlook the temp staff. This makes it harder to achieve cohesion and understanding.

Temporary staffing services usually look after their employees’ happiness. The agency tries its best to keep them happy and healthy. However, the hiring company has to make additional efforts to achieve that. The staffing service’s client must ensure an enabling workplace for provisional workers. Otherwise, any attempt will be unfruitful.

4. How is COVID-19 affecting your workforce?

The ongoing pandemic has changed deeply how companies work. It forced businesses to adapt to new government restrictions. Lockdowns and movement restrictions altered traditional commerce and services. Although some companies managed to put their business online, many others could not. The pandemic transformed almost everything including the workplace.

New ways to carry out businesses included e-commerce, work from home, and restricted office hours. Yet, a lot of people had to stay in their houses to avoid catching the virus. Then, several companies decided to allow them to replace in-person work with remote opportunities. As a result of this policy, people moved from offices to their residences to keep their jobs.

Although this outlook may look positive, it came with considerable difficulties. For instance, some surveys reported increasing mental health issues among remote workers. Problems such as depression and feelings of solitude dampen their enthusiasm. This has become a problem for business owners because it reduces productivity.

Additional issues include the impossibility to reach the workplace for in-person jobs. Workers living far from their offices had it hard to get to their workstations. Nonetheless, temporary services offer solutions to these problems. Especially by supplying business with workers closer to their buildings. This relieved managers from new recruitment campaigns or losing production.

5. What can you do to motivate your staff?




There are several strategies that you could try to improve your employees’ happiness. Despite some work better in specific contexts, it is worth giving them a try. Once you measure their impact, you will know which approaches adapt better. However, always remember to be creative. Creativity carries a huge influence in inspiring others. More of it implies more engagement and feedback.

The first thing to test is video conferencing tools. Seeing each other faces can have a great impact on your people. It makes them feel connected to the rest of the staff. Also, your team can exchange their feelings regarding the job. This allows them to express themselves and provide valuable opinions about their performance.

Also, focus on socializing and cooperation. Managers usually fixate on improving business instead of looking after their employees. Thus, try to make activities in which your people can interact with each other. They will have a space to communicate and enjoy being part of your company. It also generates collaboration among your staff, consequently improving productivity.

If you have provisional workers, reach out to a temporary staffing agency. Although you can talk directly to your temp employees, the agency can help you. They have internal methods to motivate their employees. So, in addition to your efforts, the agency will support the employee. Consequently, the relationship among parties will improve in positive ways.

6. How do you make your business a better environment for employees?

Companies can resort to many distinct resources to improve the workplace. Plenty of tools, strategies, and dynamics can impact how workers perceive the business. These tactics allow you to cheer up your employees. Also, they will engage with your initiatives. This will result in overcoming demotivation at the workplace.

One thing you can do is to make every duty more enjoyable. Find creative ways to show each task as something your employees would like to do. Consider which assignments can be stressful and address them alternatively. For instance, you can introduce rewards to employees completing difficult functions.

Additionally, encourage teamwork in every possible way. People have a tendency to work better if they feel supported by partners. Thus, collaboration in the workplace improves efficiency and communication. To keep your staff doing their best, promote initiatives to work together. Include stakeholders in the process —such as the temporary agency— and results will improve.

7. Why can temporary agencies support your efforts to motivate workers?

One of the main advantages of temporary staffing services is that they help increase engagement among workers and businesses. They are prepared to mediate between the temp staff and their employers. In case an issue arises, the temp agency can provide assistance. They usually have strategies to approach the situation. For that reason, a staffing firm can be a great ally to solve problems with employees.

Provisional workers often need help to adapt to the workplace. For that reason, communicating with your temp services providers guarantees productivity. The agency tries to make sure that its workers adapt to their workplaces. In consequence, a good relationship with the agency ensures stability at the office.

Also, temporary agencies usually meet with their staff to know how well they are performing. Provisional employees get more motivation this way because they feel appreciated. Hence, they collaborate with their clients to check the workers’ performance. Also, this dynamic allows the worker to adapt easier to his new workplace.

Finally, transparency is key to keeping a good relationship among the agency, the temp workers, and your business. Being clear about your expectations and the results you get will allow better understanding. Therefore, everybody involved will know how to adapt and improve. This way you make sure that all your personnel is aware of your business goals and strategies.

8. How can you hire temporary agencies for your business?

There are plenty of options for temporary agencies in Dubai. However, your best option is always Connect Staff. We offer you a wide variety of staffing services to take advantage of. If you are looking for IT support staff or even call center executives, we have the best choices for you. Everything at affordable prices for your business.

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