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How to Select a Staffing Agency to Complete Labor and Staffing Requirements?

Companies may need to select a staffing agency to complete labor and staffing recruitment, or project, or even to expand. In these and other cases, you can hire the services of a staffing agency to find a quick and effective solution. From temporary staff to permanent staff, these agencies have a wide category of services.

In this article, we provide you with the tools to know and select this type of agency. In addition, you will be able to know about the types of services they offer and how to use them to complete labor and staffing. Let us see:

  1. What is staffing and all staffing?
  2. How to select staffing agency for recruitment services
  3. Why do some agencies focus on specific hires and others have general staffing services from labor staff to executives?
  4. What is the type of personnel services provided by personnel firms?
  5. Temporary Staff/Permanent Staff
  6. Find the staff you require through our agency

1. What is staffing and all staffing?

select staffing

This process consists of searching, selecting, and hiring employees to fill vacant positions in a company. Additionally, this can be done within the same company through employee promotion or bringing in new staff. Within the company, it is the Human Resources department that carries out the entire selection process.

However, you can select staffing through a specialized agency, which will carry out the entire process for you. In this case, some agencies focus on a specific niche, although others may cover a wide range of industries.

2. How to select a staffing agency for recruitment to Complete Labor and Staffing

If you want to cover your complete labor and staffing needs, you must select the right agency for the best results. Therefore, we offer you some recommendations to find the one that meets this need of your company.

2.1 Assess your staffing needs

The first thing you should evaluate before you can select staffing through an agency is to know what positions you need to fill. In addition, you must know what budget you have, or what type of hire you require. In this case, it can be a short contract, a contract to hire or hire someone directly.

2.2 Inquire about the staffing agencies you can hire

In the market, you will find recruitment agencies that handle various industries or that specialize in a particular niche. Therefore, you want to find an agency that fully understands the type of industry of your business. Additionally, you have to check the track record of being successful in recruiting the right candidates.

2.3 Analyze costs and contracts

When hiring an agency to complete labor and staffing, you must be extremely careful when evaluating the costs. In this sense, a company that offers a low cost will not necessarily offer the best service. This may even lead you to incur unnecessary expenses in the long run.

2.4 How is the process to select staffing?

Another important aspect is to know how the recruitment agency works throughout the staffing process. Also, research what tools you use and what recruiting resources you have. Additionally, ask about the experience and background of the organizations you have on your list of possibilities.

2.5 The way they get their talents

Skilled recruiters do not just sit around reviewing resumes and filtering candidates, they do much more than that. The most successful agencies are the ones that are on websites, collecting referrals, attending job fairs, etc. Plus, they have access to candidates who do not commonly apply on job boards.

Therefore, thanks to these actions, they spend years building a solid candidate database. In this way, they will also allow you to complete labor and staffing more quickly.

2.6 Know the type of evaluation they carry out

An effective staffing agency screens candidates thoroughly without missing any details. Some of the things they check are:

  • Verify job dates of applicants.
  • They check the references of the last managers.
  • The job skills of the candidate.
  • Business culture.
  • The eligibility for the position.

Therefore, inquire about how the company you want to hire performs the evaluation process. This way, you can ensure that the contracted agency can provide you with the best talent, depending on the needs of your business.

2.7 Hiring time

Also, you must evaluate how long the staffing agency allows you to have the candidates at your disposal. However, you should consider what type of vacancy you want to fill since finding specialized candidates requires more time. Therefore, establish the period in which you expect to have the required personnel hired and if the agency can meet it.

2.8 What type of communication do you offer?

The point of contact offered by an organization for select staffing is ideal for knowing the progress of the hiring. A good option is to work with a “desk recruiter” so you can be involved in the process from start to finish.

2.9 Treatment of applicants

Although the candidates are in direct contact with the staffing agency, it functions as an extension of your HR department. Therefore, they represent you, because, although they do the hiring, the employees will work in your company. So look for an agency that has similar values to your business.

2.10 Find an agency that is interested in your business

Last but not least, you should work with an organization that cares about providing you with great employees. This is not only for temporary positions but mainly for long-term positions.

3. Why do some agencies focus on specific hires and others have general staffing services from labor staff to executives?

There are agencies to select staffing that only focus on a niche market and others that cover a wider range of industries. However, this does not mean that one can offer a better service than the other.

In the case of agencies with a specific niche, they can benefit from this approach by winning clients in that sector. In addition, they can have more efficient processes and streamline the organization. Therefore, this type of agency takes advantage of the fact of perfecting itself in a type of company to attract more applicants.

On the other hand, companies with a higher industrial range are more likely to obtain contracts due to their nature. In addition, this allows them to have a greater chance of success in the long term. However, this type of agency must have a big staff since it must cover different types of industries.

4. What is the type of personnel services provided by personnel firms?

select staffing

A staffing agency generally provides the following services:

These agencies can help you conduct a contingency search to fill any open positions in your business. In this way, you can quickly select staffing and you will only have to pay a percentage of the salary of the chosen employee.

4.2 Hiring contract

A recruitment agency can offer you a Human Resources professional to work directly with your company. In addition, this professional and the agency will receive compensation consisting of an hourly rate. This payment will not depend on the number of candidates you provide to the client.

4.3 Independent or potential contract workers

This type of worker is equivalent to those who are considered as temporary help. However, within freelancers or contract employees, you can find architects, innovation specialists, etc.

4.4 Outsourcing of recruitment processes or RPO

These agencies specialize in the entire selection and hiring process for specific positions. Thus, you can outsource the hiring of part of the staff and carry out another internally. Thus, the resources department of your company can focus on other parts of its tasks within the business.

In addition, you will maintain a high level of contracted employees thanks to the experience of the agency in complete labor and staffing.

4.5 Managed services

With this service, a company can take care of the complete services of a particular part of the business of the client. In this way, a company entrusts this area to a specialized agency if it does not want to take care of the said area.

4.6 Temporary support

With this type of hiring, the agencies to select staffing offer employees for short periods with specialized functions. Therefore, companies can find these services to find workers who provide them with flexibility and talent.

4.7 Temporary to hire

Although it is related to the previous service, in this case, the worker hired to work temporarily, can become permanent. This type of hiring allows the client company to evaluate potential employees without making an immediate commitment. However, during this time, the candidate can find another job option.

4.8 Permanent recruitment

These recruitment agencies also offer suitable employees for permanent hires. Therefore, if you want to have a staff ready to permanently join your company, you can also look for these types of agencies.

5. Temporary Staff/Permanent Staff

As you have seen, staffing agencies can offer various ranges of services including temporary or permanent staff.

5.1 Temporary staff

These workers are hired, through a personnel agency, to perform a non-permanent job. In addition, there are several types of temporary contracts that they can offer, which are the following:

  • Contracts for a short-term job
  • Contracts for freelancers for temporary jobs
  • Occasional work agreements
  • Workers representing a staffing agency

5.2 Permanent staff

As its name indicates, this type of worker is hired with the purpose of staying in the company for a long time. Therefore, they have contracts that do not have a set end date. Also, this type of employment can be part-time or full-time according to the needs of the business.

In addition, regardless of this last aspect, they will receive the benefits established by law according to the contract.

5.3 Differences between both types of staff

Although they may seem obvious, we highlight the most notable differences between permanent staff and temporary staff. The said differences are the following:

  • The clearest difference is the length of the contract of the worker. In the case of the permanent one, it does not have an end date but the temporary one does have a limit.
  • The process of hiring a permanent worker is much more detailed since more limiting aspects are evaluated.
  • In terms of benefits, permanent staff commonly receives benefits that include health insurance, among others. However, there may be cases in which workers can receive the same benefits but this is not always the case.
  • The salary of a permanent employee is based on hours worked and they are paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. On the other hand, temporary workers receive a payment per hour worked or, in some cases, a lump sum payment upon completion of a specific task.

6. Find the staff you require through our agency

To meet the complete labor and staffing needs of your business, you can hire a staffing agency. These offer you various services and the opportunity to hire staff on a temporary or permanent basis. Additionally, you will have the best employees in your business while saving time and effort in the hiring process.

In this sense, in Connect Staff we have the labor solutions you need to fill the vacancies you need. Some of the workers that you can find through our services are the following:

Select staffing through our agency will bring the best employees to your business. To contact us and for us to work together to meet these needs, call us at +971 433 16 688. Also, you can do it through our email

On the other hand, those who want to find a job in a big company can go to There, they only have to register and search for the best offers in the world of work. You can email for information or submit your job references.

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