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the difference between staff outsourcing and HR outsourcing

What is the difference between staff outsourcing and HR outsourcing?

There is a time in all companies when circumstances can lead them to seek external assistance. Your company may need to outsource some tasks in its operations to overcome challenging scenarios. To choose such tasks adequately, you should learn the difference between staff outsourcing and HR outsourcing.

In this article, you can find out some essential aspects about these two services. Discover what staff outsourcing and HR outsourcing are and which benefits your company can get from them. 

  1. What is staff outsourcing?
  2. How can staff outsourcing help your company?
  3. What is HR outsourcing?
  4. Which benefits can your company get from HR outsourcing?
  5. What should you pick for your organization?
  6. Where can you find more information about staff outsourcing?

1. What is staff outsourcing?

You can find several options in the market for external help to your company. However, the most effective ones you can encounter are the ones that include providing you with external staff. They involve adding a complementary professional hand to your organization.

Among them, you will find staff outsourcing. Essentially, it is a different process than staff augmentation, which implies seeking external employees for your temporary requirements. In this way, your company can face many arduous scenarios without requiring additional permanent staff.

To apply it, you first need to define your temporary needs and what kind of expertise you require for them. Then, a firm specializing in outsourcing staffing services can search for and hire the outsourced employees your organization needs. They will have the tools and knowledge to do so.

Most importantly, your company can use staff outsourcing in many parts of its structure. For instance, you could use it to find the additional phone bankers your organization may need to handle financial issues. It is all about covering your requirements with qualified people external to your business.

2. How can staff outsourcing help your company?

Global data shows that staff outsourcing is a popular choice among companies nowadays. If it is your first time considering it, you must be wondering why it is so popular.

Any agency expert in outsourcing staffing services will tell you that staff outsourcing can help your organization in several ways. Are you facing a store staff shortage? Ask them to provide you with in-store assistants. Do you want experienced advice for a project? They are the ones you should call.

Nevertheless, in a more general sense, staff outsourcing can help your company with four main subjects. They apply to any organization regardless of its industry or methods of operations. So, you need to ensure your staff outsourcing firm can help your company with them.

Furthermore, your business will not see the results of such help without including this process in its management plan. In other words, it must become a part of what your staffing management team handles.

Let us now take a look at how staff outsourcing can help your company:

2.1 Covering your professional needs quickly

One of the most attractive features of staff outsourcing is the speed it can add to the recruitment process. Ergo, it can allow you to cover your professional needs quickly by recruiting candidates at a fast rate.

Imagine you are running a healthcare facility where staff is getting shorter by the day. You can use outsourcing staffing services to fill the gaps without wasting any minute. As a result, you would be dealing with healthcare staffing issues properly while still caring for your patients.

You will also gain access to a large pool of professional talent through staff outsourcing. Consequently, your company can improve its workforce significantly with the assistance of your outsourced staff and their provided knowledge. Namely, it allows you to bring experts to your team quickly.

In short, staff outsourcing is the solution you should choose when you need skilled specialists fast. For example, you can use it to hire outsourced customer services executives when the sales momentarily go up. Your internal team will highly appreciate their help.  

2.2 A low-cost solution

Your accountants and finance staff could first feel scared about hiring external assistance because of its cost. However, you must not spare in explaining to them why staff outsourcing is a low-cost solution for your organization. Indeed, it will allow you to save a considerable amount of money.

It is because, undoubtedly, it is less expensive to hire outsourced staff than permanent employees for short-term problems. You would be avoiding expenses such as paid leaves and unemployment compensation by doing so. As a result, you will see more green in your financial books.

Therefore, you should hire outsourcing staffing services if you want to fulfill your requirements, but your finances are compromised. They will allow your organization to seek professional help without a high investment. You could even use them to hire credit collectors and keep increasing your revenue.

2.3 Trying potential permanent staff

Most racing teams often try out potential new drivers by allowing them to participate in some races and evaluate their performance. You can try potential permanent employees by using a staff outsourcing methodology. Ergo, you can consider your outsourced staff as contract-to-hire employees.

A temporary employee hired through outsourcing staffing services with excellent performance will be a great addition to your team. In this way, you can evaluate how they work and deal with the pressures of your business. It is a live assessment you cannot perform otherwise.

Furthermore, you can fill every permanent position you have available this way. For instance, you can ask for outsourced sales staff that will become a permanent part of your company because of their impressive work. In conclusion, it is a staffing methodology with several advantages.

3. What is HR outsourcing?

HR & staff outsourcing processes are similar in how you apply each in your organization. Nevertheless, HR outsourcing involves a more specific yet essential part of your company: Human Resources. Consequently, let us show you in detail what it is.

You may think that HR outsourcing is the same that Recruitment Process Outsourcing services. However, it involves transferring the responsibilities of specific HR tasks to an external provider. Such HR tasks can include recruitment but also other essential activities.

For instance, HR outsourcing can also help your company with payroll staffing services and assistance with offboarding employees. It can assist you in dealing with your employees in several ways. As a result, you will see an increase in your HR team’s performance.

HR outsourcing allows you to, among other things, measure the performance of employees you got through staff outsourcing. You can use it to detect deficiencies in your team and define ways to address them. Assuredly, your HR team can do this, but sometimes they might need help.

4. Which benefits can your company get from HR outsourcing?

To learn the difference between HR & staff outsourcing correctly, you need to discover how each can help your organization. Therefore, we must now show you the benefits your company can get from HR outsourcing. They are all related to how it can assist your HR department.

Such benefits are substantially more specific than what you get from staff outsourcing. They involve assisting a part of every company that can face problems such as current top staffing issues. Thus, they are less numerous but still tremendously important.

Moreover, you can also get some of these benefits from hiring temporary employees for your HR department. Indeed, your company can improve its operations in many ways by getting the help of HR support staff. This is an option you should also consider.

Now, take a glance at the benefits your company can get from HR outsourcing:

4.1 Talent acquisition

You are correct in making the logical assumption that HR outsourcing will help you recruit new employees. In other words, your external provider of HR assistance can help you with the essential task of talent acquisition. It is something that can also improve staff outsourcing in your company.

HR outsourcing can guarantee you are seeking the right talent your company needs. For instance, you can use it to search for and hire technical staff for vital parts of your organization. In this way, your HR team can cover your technical needs efficiently.

Besides, you can ask your HR external firm and outsourcing staffing services provider to direct talent acquisition towards your goals. Ergo, you need to include HR in your business strategy planning. It will allow your company to grow substantially faster and better.

4.2 Managing your payroll

HR & staff outsourcing processes have something in common: They both involve paying compensation to your employees. Nevertheless, you can pay this compensation to all your staff without problems with HR outsourcing. In this way, it can allow you to manage your payroll adequately.

Such help can improve something paramount for organizations nowadays: staff motivation. It can even be a game changer in the fight against the labor shortage in 2022 in the UAE. Your company can achieve further goals with a motivated workforce.

Besides, your external provider of HR services can also show you ways to distribute your payroll more efficiently. It will allow your business to improve its revenue while keeping employees happy with their compensation. Namely, you can use it to scale your business.

4.3 Measuring your staff’s performance

You can find a famous quote in business still popular today: “you cannot improve what you do not measure”. Regarding your staff, you will not be able to upgrade its performance without measuring it. Fortunately, it is something you can do correctly in your organization through HR outsourcing.

Your HR outsourcing services provider can help your company with methods to evaluate your temporary employees’ performance. As a result, you will know what you should correct in them and for what you should congratulate them.

5. What should you pick for your organization?

HR & staff outsourcing can help your business in many ways. However, you have to define which one may help your company the most. Your HR team is constantly telling you they have too much work? Go with HR outsourcing.

On the contrary, you should pick staff outsourcing if your needs are outside your HR department. You can even end up using both to help your company. So, take the time to assess how each can assist your organization. Consequently, you will pick the option your company requires.

6. Where can you find more information about staff outsourcing?

You should not see the size or expertise of your workforce as an obstacle in your search for better performance. However, you cannot pick the right one without learning the difference between staff outsourcing and HR outsourcing.

Furthermore, such external assistance will not help your organization if you choose an inadequate firm to provide them. Fortunately, you can find Connect Staff as the best provider of outsourcing staffing services. Our meaningful work will keep your management and employees happy.

Are you interested in using staff outsourcing to make your business more competitive? We will make it possible. Take a moment to contact us and witness how we can help your organization. Our representatives are waiting for your call at +971 43 316 688. Additionally, you can always reach out to us via email at We are your best partners when it comes to getting the best staffing solutions!

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