Payroll staffing services: What are they?

Payroll staffing services

You can find a lot of reasons why employees work. However, one reason that is common for all of us is financial compensation. In this matter, your company must provide such compensation properly and without mistakes to keep its operation running. Therefore, you must know what payroll staffing services are.

In this article, we will take you on a trip through the payroll staffing services. Here, you will learn what payroll is, how payroll staffing services work, and the amazing benefits of using them. With this goal in mind, we will help you by talking about the following interesting topics:

  1. What is payroll?
  2. How do payroll staffing services work?
  3. What benefits can your company get by using payroll staffing services?
  4. Which companies can use payroll staffing services?
  5. Where can you find more information about payroll staffing services?

1. What is payroll?


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Taking care of your employees involves much more than giving them proper tools and good-looking uniforms. It also demands you fulfill their career requirements, such as training and new experiences. However, in most cases, their biggest concern is their financial compensation.

Hence, such a concern should be addressed properly to avoid generating a brain drain in your company. Above all, you must do it in a way in which your calculations are exact and paying procedures are adequate. Furthermore, such a way should also allow you to keep compensation records.

Luckily, there is a way that complies with all of these requirements: payroll. In essence, it is the process most companies use to pay financial compensation to their employees. Such financial compensation comes in the form of wages, bonuses, contractual benefits, and more.

In short, the payroll involves calculating your employees’ wages by tracking their working hours and paying it through financial means. Moreover, payroll also allows your employees to review their wages with every pay.

On the other hand, negotiating such wages with your employees is an efficient way to scale your company. You can find many other ways by reviewing how staffing businesses do it nowadays.

2. How do payroll staffing services work?

Let us say first that your company only has five employees. When that day of the month comes, you must review their working hours and calculate their wages accordingly. Then, you must use a financial means to pay them, such as a bank or cash deposits.

With five employees, doing this would not take you more than a few minutes, leaving your employees happy and motivated. Nonetheless, in reality, we can be 100% sure your company has a lot more than five employees.

Therefore, performing payroll in any successful business can be tricky, and it gets more difficult with every new employee added. Fortunately, there is something you can use to help your company in this matter: payroll staffing services.

In clearer terms, it involves outsourcing your payroll by hiring skilled and experienced employees in the field. This outsourced staff can help you with processes such as the calculations of monthly salaries, health insurance, and income tax.

Indeed, they are services provided by professionals with proper knowledge of payroll laws in your company’s location and more. Payroll is usually done by accountants and finance staff employed employed by outsourcing companies.

Moreover, payroll can be calculated differently depending on the type of employee being paid. For instance, workers of temporary staffing firms have hourly fees.

3. What benefits can your company get by using payroll staffing services?


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Leaving your payroll tasks performed by outsourced staff may seem scary at first. After all, you are giving external employees the responsibility of calculating and paying your employees’ compensation. However, it can be more beneficial than you imagine.

Outsourcing your payroll by using payroll staffing services allows you to work with people with more expertise on the subject. Their vast knowledge in the field will give you better and more efficient ways to perform payroll in your organization.

Most importantly, it can bring several benefits to your company. Nevertheless, the specific benefits you can enjoy depend on aspects such as your organization’s industry and location, among others.

In this sense, we managed to identify five benefits that are common to every business using payroll staffing services. They are the results of what payroll staffing services can do: get your employees properly paid without delays.

Additionally, such benefits can evolve in the years ahead because of aspects such as rising wages and legal changes. Thus, staffing benefits must be aware of them soon to still be competitive in their market.

Let us now dig deeper into the five benefits your company can get by using payroll staffing services:

3.1 Cost savings

Outsourced employees with experience in payroll can use new ways to save expenses while still fulfilling their legal responsibilities. For instance, payroll staffing services can permit you to determine the real working hours of every employee. This way, you can avoid paying them more than you must.

On the other hand, they also can help you by shifting their processes into a digital environment. There, you will be able to save costs by eliminating the need for physical prints of payroll data.

In other words, with payroll staffing services you can save money which you can invest elsewhere in your business. It is an important benefit, especially for businesses with financial problems that seek ways to resolve them.

Now, you may think you can solve your payroll issues with consulting services instead of staffing services. Furthermore, such a premise can lead you to think that they are the same. But, in reality, they have fundamental differences that you should know.

3.2  Accuracy

Undoubtedly, accurate calculations lead to adequate results. It is a premise applicable to both the academic and business world. Indeed, a badly made sum can give you bad grades, or worse if you are an engineer designing a building. Thus, one feature you need in your payroll is accuracy.

Every calculated wage and benefit cannot have any mistakes. After all, it is the confidence your employees have in you that is at stake. Hence, you need all the help you can get to ensure such accuracy in your payroll.

The proper payroll staffing services will give you the advantage of establishing several filters for such calculations. This way, you can guarantee your paid compensation have the necessary precision, no more, no less.

In this sense, ensuring your payroll’s accuracy goes through the use of the available tools to get it. When it comes to the staffing world, such tools are directly linked to the applied staffing solution. Hence, you must know how to choose the right one for your company.

3.3 Avoiding financial risks

There is always a risk involved in finances regardless of where and how you work. It is the consequence of the current dynamic world, where money flows faster and can give you solutions… or problems.

One key part of your company’s finance is its payroll. Therefore, it has a major influence on your company’s financial status. That is to say, mismanaged wages can bring your company to the ground.

Luckily, you can avoid these risks by using payroll staffing services in your company. Above all, a well-managed payroll will allow you to have a clear picture of your company’s finances. Consequently, you can make better preparations for recession times, or analyze better an investment you want to do.

Nevertheless, financial problems can be generated for several reasons. One that is popular today is the supply chain shortages created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, they have brought substantial consequences, including effects on staffing.

3.4 Consistency

With accuracy, you are ensuring your payroll calculations are precise and without mistakes. But, you could face the problem of getting good calculations this month and not so good the next one. In other words, a poorly managed payroll can potentially be inconsistent.

Payroll staffing services will give you the benefit of consistency. Here, the same people ensuring your payroll is accurate can keep such a practice month after month with no problems. As a result, you will have a consistent payments flow that will keep your employees focused on their activities.

Furthermore, such consistency is incredibly important during the time of calculating and paying concepts such as annual leaves. After all, you will need to know the compensation every employee received throughout an entire year. Logically, you cannot know it without payroll with proper consistency.

Besides here, consistency is also a virtue searched in an employee’s performance nowadays. This is true even for temporary employees. Therefore, you must think about the advantages of evaluating their performance.

3.5 Legal knowledge

Every country has its labor laws with clear wages and benefits regulations. Moreover, performing your payroll without knowing about these laws can get you into severe legal issues that you must avoid. Thus, you need the help of people with adequate legal knowledge.

When it comes to payroll, you do not need lawyers, you need payroll staffing services. Here, your outsourced employees will know how to comply with local regulations while keeping the payroll accurate and consistent.

This way, you can avoid legal issues related to payroll, such as lawsuits made against you by badly paid employees. Hence, make sure your company’s payroll is legally protected by finding the best payroll staffing services you can get.

In this matter, many countries are also addressing new types of work in their regulations, such as remote work. Indeed, it is a practice used by a high number of companies today, including staffing agencies.

4. Which companies can use payroll staffing services?

The official answer to this question is simple: any company can and should use payroll staffing services. However, in a highly diversified business world, every company is going to use such services differently. Certainly, its use depends heavily on every organization’s requirements.

For instance, large assembly companies can use payroll staffing services to handle the wages and benefits of their big workforce. In this case, you would have many employees with a lot of different salaries and working hours. Consequently, it can be challenging to perform their payroll without getting lost.

On the other hand, a health insurance company could use payroll staffing services to take a glance at their expenses diversity. In this way, they can determine which part of their workforce needs a compensation adjustment.

Finally, small starting companies with a low number of employees can also use payroll stafing services. In essence, they will allow them to grow faster by establishing better control over their labor costs.

Above all, seeking the right payroll staffing services involves hiring the right outsourced employees for the job. Hence, you will find it helpful to know how the best staffing recruiters search for such employees today.

5. Where can you find more information about payroll staffing services?

A large part of your employees’ motivation to go to work every day is their financial compensation. Therefore, a lot of your company’s well-being goes through performing your payroll properly. In this sense, you should know what payroll staffing services are and how to use them in your business.

To apply payroll staffing services in your organization correctly, you need to choose the right services provider. It will lead you to enjoy all the benefits listed in this article. On Connect Staff, we believe in doing meaningful work for you, by providing the payroll staffing services you require today.

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