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Staffing management: Why does it matter for your company growth?

From your house to your restaurant, it all requires adequate management to stay organized and operational. After all, management is where decisions are made to direct your business to success, or failure (we hope not). Above all, you must know why staffing management is important to get your company growing.

In this article, you will know why it is important to have proper staffing management for your company’s growth. Here, you will learn what staffing management is, its types, and what you can achieve when you do it properly. To allow you this, we will talk about the following topics:

  1. What is staffing management?
  2. Which types of staffing management can you apply in your company?
  3. What can your company get with proper staffing management?
  4. Where can you find more information about staffing management?

1. What is staffing management?

Staffing management

You can find an old quote that says: “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. In essence, it means that planning is an inevitable step if you want to reach success. In the business world, there are countless examples where good plans gave companies a better future. You may think staffing is something you cannot plan. But, the truth is that staffing needs planning. The result of such planning in this matter is what we know as staffing management.

Staffing management involves the tactics, processes, and strategies required to identify potential candidates, recruit them, and retain them as employees. It includes everything from sourcing candidates to onboarding new employees and also includes looking for ways to retain them. In other words, staffing management is the planning made by your company to identify and hire the talent it needs. Therefore, it has a direct impact on your workforce handling, exerting an influence on your company’s productivity.

On the other hand, one of the vital parts of staffing management is the strategies directed to the candidates’ search. However, defining such strategies correctly demands knowing how the best staffing recruiters search for potential candidates for IT support staff and other positions nowadays.

2. Which types of staffing management can you apply in your company?

First and foremost, staffing is a varied universe, with several ways of performing its processes. As a result, experts in the business have developed various types of staffing management, depending on several factors. Some of these factors are the size of your company, the industry where you are working, and its specific needs. Furthermore, it can also include the laws and regulations of the country where your company is.

However, most companies applying staffing management use one of two main management types: direct hire staffing, and contract staffing. Moreover, you can even find cases in which companies use both types. Now, these types are not a direct formula to success. Indeed, you must analyze what your company needs to find, acquire, and retain talent. Hence, feel free to discover other types of staffing management to fulfill your requirements.

Furthermore, current technological advances allowed management to be made more efficient. One way this is possible today is with remote management, which allows managers to work from anywhere in the world. When it comes to staffing agencies, you must know how to manage them in this manner.

Let us now show you in detail the types of staffing management you can apply:

2.1 Direct hire staffing

Companies in which a stable workforce is essential to their business need a type of management directed to full-time positions such as HR support staff. Thus, they need to define strategies to attract candidates seeking long careers in their business. Direct hire staffing is the type of staffing management that companies like those should apply. Here, developed tactics are headed to highlight the benefits of a long-term working relationship with potential candidates.

Similarly, you need to show them the advantages of being a permanent employee in your company. Moreover, you also must define strategies to retain your acquired human talent for the long run. To do so, you can establish policies such as promotions through performance and technical training, among others.

However, the process of developing tactics and strategies you need for your staffing purposes can take you a long time. It can also require resources that you need in other places. Therefore, you will find it helpful to work with a staffing agency that can handle such a process for you. It is one of several reasons why companies use staffing services for full-time positions.

2.2 Contract staffing

In essence, every company needs full-time employees on its staff. Nevertheless, more and more companies every day are finding it attractive to use temporary employment. Indeed, they can save money and have a more dynamic workforce by hiring temporary employees.

Hence, direct hire staffing will not work here. Companies using this practice need a type of staffing management directed to skilled candidates seeking for providing their talent during a set amount of time. Luckily for them, such a type already exists, and it is called contract staffing.

Contract staffing management involves defining strategies and tactics headed to find and hire candidates for temporary roles. Logically, retaining employees is not a priority here. Thus, you must find ways to attract skilled job seekers looking to get paid an hourly rate for their work.

The demand for temporary workers is growing more every day. Consequently, contract staffing is a type of staffing management whose popularity is rising rapidly. Above all, contract staffing involves a much higher workload than direct hire staffing because of its increased staff rotation. It is one of the reasons why your organization should use staffing firms to hire contract workers.

3. What can your company get with proper staffing management?

Staffing management

You probably ended up in this article because you do not have a staffing management strategy instated in your company. First and foremost, you do not have to worry about legal issues or fines for not doing it. However, you are missing several benefits without one.

These benefits vary depending on aspects such as your business type and what type of staffing management you are applying. But, there are general benefits you can enjoy with effective staffing management. In this matter, we managed to define four main benefits that your company can get with proper staffing management. You can enjoy them regardless of your industry or your staffing philosophy.

On the other hand, another industry in which management is paramount is event planning. It is an example of where good management delivers great results, lower costs and more clients. Hence, there are a few things you should know about before hiring event staff if this is your line of business.

Let us now dig deep into what your company can get with proper staffing management:

3.1 Filling open positions faster

For one or more reasons, you can have a role that opens up unexpectedly in your company. Without a good staffing management strategy, such a scenario can be a problem. In essence, it can take you a lot of time to fill up the opening without proper planning.

Good staffing management will give you the possibility of finding and recruiting potential candidates quickly. Thus, you can fill your open positions faster, regardless of whether it is a permanent or a temporary role. Several strategies can be defined with this in mind.

For instance, you can instate a tactic of sourcing potential candidates constantly, even when there are no available positions. This way, you can save time by already having identified the qualified and skilled candidates when an opening appears.

Staffing agencies that apply such a tactic define it as building a candidate pool. Above all, it can bring great benefits, especially for companies with temporary employees. You may think that small candidate pools are the preferred ones, but it is actually a great idea to expand them.

3.2 Finding the right candidates for the jobs

Inadequate staffing management strategies can lead you to find and pick the wrong candidates for the available roles. Indeed, it can translate into severe consequences, such as losing money and resources in onboarding and training unappropriated new employees. Thus, proper staffing management will allow you to find the right candidates for the available jobs in your company. Here, you can use successful recruitment strategies directed to search and screen suitable candidates with the necessary skills.

For example, you can implement strategies such as establishing the platforms in which candidates are searched and recruited. Furthermore, you can also define which keywords are related to the job description of each available position. Your recruiters will search such keywords in the candidates’ resumes.

However, finding the right candidate for the job is not always easy. In some businesses, economic problems and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have complicated this process. Nursing homes are an example of this. It is one of the reasons they are terribly understaffed.

3.3 Company’s growth

Filling your available positions faster and with the right candidates for the jobs has a desired consequence: your company’s growth. Indeed, the two benefits combined can deliver a talented workforce always complete and ready to work. Thus, your company will have a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Most importantly, proper staffing management will give you the chance to better handling of your resources. This way, you can use them for tasks that are essential for your company’s growth, such as marketing and distribution. Furthermore, good staffing management strategies will be also necessary when your business expands. In most cases, growth also means more jobs, which require new potential candidates that you must source and recruit.

Such an increase in the demand for potential candidates means staffing agencies will have a higher workload. However, they can scale their business by using currently available tools. The best of these tools they can use is staffing and recruitment software, whose big market is growing at a fast rate.

3.4 Lower costs

With every new employee you hire, there is a risk related to the possibility of having to dismiss him/her quickly. Such a possibility represents expenses you need to avoid to ensure your company’s financial health. Proper staffing management will safeguard your company from this scenario. In essence, you can define tactics directed to search for qualified candidates, keeping you from having to raise your costs. Moreover, you can also develop strategies to lower the costs of your staffing processes.

One of these strategies can be sourcing candidates in the available employment platforms and social media. In this matter, your staffing agency will tell you that you must use the right staffing solution to save money. Indeed, you can lower your costs while still recruiting the right candidates for the available roles. Therefore, you must know how to choose the right staffing solution for your company.

4. Where can you find more information about staffing management?

Making your company grow involves consistently having the right employees in the right positions. It also requires finding ways to keep them well-managed. Hence, you can achieve your company’s growth with proper staffing management. It can bring you substantial benefits, regardless of your preference for permanent or temporary employees.

Proper staffing management is a task that can take the time you can invest in other activities. Nevertheless, you can seek the services of a staffing agency to get it. On Connect Staff, we believe in doing meaningful work for you, by providing the staffing management services you require.

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