When you run your business in a physical office, you may receive visits from customers, vendors, and many more people that want to reach your company personally. In this regard, you must have the proper staff to welcome. A receptionist is that person that your clients and customers see when they get to your office, so it’s important to have a staff that can give a great first impression of your organization.

Here in Connect Staff, we understand the importance of having the right people working for your business. We experience placing receptionists and administrative staff for a variety of companies. We can provide the best talent that your business deserves so you can make your brand stand out.

Reception staff

Hiring a receptionist for your business can be challenging because you need to look for a high-quality professional that cares about your business and know how to represent your brand both in-person and online.

A receptionist needs to handle a variety of administrative tasks, such as receiving and greeting visitors, answering and forwarding phone calls, preparing meeting and training rooms, contacting employees, scheduling appointments and much more.

Therefore, this role should be filled with a person that has the required skills and qualifications to do these tasks efficiently. In addition, the receptionist should look professional and have good manners since. This will improve your company’s image because this will be the first person your clients and visitors will see when they come into your office.

An outstanding receptionist should have excellent communication skills and good time management skills since they’re highly important for managing tasks effectively. In addition, the receptionist has to handle administrative and clerical procedures, so as you can see it’s an essential position for your business.


Receptionist roles and responsibilities

A receptionist does more than just greet clients and visitors that come to your office. It’s a person in charge of giving directions to people on how to move in the office, contacting employees or executives to inform them about visits and answering phones and distributing mail.

It’s a crucial role for every business, so it’s important to understand the roles and responsibilities required. You can know how to search for the best fit for the job. Keep in mind that you should look for candidates with excellent written and verbal communication skills. They also should be competent in software applications and know how to use technology resources.

Here we have the duties and responsibilities of a receptionist:

  • Have a positive and helpful attitude to greet clients and visitors
  • Assist clients and visitors on directions and the way around the office
  • Announce clients and visitors
  • Maintain visitor logs
  • Issuing, checking and collecting visitor badges to ensure workplace security
  • Carry out a variety of administrative tasks such as taking notes, copying, taking messages, answering phones, distributing mail, making travel plans and much more.
  • Prepare meeting rooms
  • Answering phone calls politely and professionally and route calls when needed
  • Provide customer service in-person and online efficiently
  • Schedule appointments

Administrative and receptionist jobs

You must consider the importance of a receptionist for your business because this way you’re going to be able to fill the role that best suits your company. It’s important to understand the difference between the types of receptionists, so you can hire the perfect staff. The type of receptionist will depend on the nature of your business.

Here we have the roles we fill regarding administrative and receptionist jobs:

  • Office receptionist
  • Hotel receptionist
  • Personal assistant
  • Admin assistant
  • Administrators & Event receptionists
  • Day receptionist
  • Front of House Staff
  • Meet & Greet Staff

An office receptionist may work in person and even virtually, depending on your type of business. This role is typically for businesses and organizations that sell products or services.

A front of house/hotel receptionist is another type of receptionist but the difference is that this role is for the hospitality industry. This position is great because it improves the presentation of the hotel and they know how to deal with your clients.

Another role that we fill is administrators and event receptionists. They meet and greet your guests at your events, and they represent your brand with a good appearance.

Why Connect Staff?

Here in Connect Staff, we understand the importance of having the right people to greet and receive your clients and visitors at your office, in an event, or even virtually. For this reason, we focus on finding the top receptionists for your business.

With our in-depth search process and consultative approach, we can understand your requirements and give you a solution that matches your needs. You can fill your receptionists’ roles quickly with our assistance.

You can receive many advantages by partnering with us since we offer a cost-effective solution. If you don’t want to hire a permanent employee, our temporary staffing solution can be perfect for you to solve your short-term needs.

Another benefit of partnering with us is that you’re going to save HR time and trouble since you won’t have to carry out a long and tedious recruitment process.

Receptionist Staffing Solution

Our wide range of staffing solutions allows you to select the proper staff for your business. Since we assess and analyze your needs, we can understand your requirements and deliver the right people for your business.

You can select among our variety of services such as contract-to-hire, temporary, direct-hire, and temp-to-hire staff. In addition, we can fill your administrative and receptionists’ roles depending on your needs.

Whether you need a general receptionist for your office, or you’re planning an event and you need meet and greet staff, we got you covered. Our wide range of administrative and receptionist professionals in our talent pool can solve your needs and improve your company’s image.

You can scale up and down your workforce and even have your team of receptionists when you consider it necessary. We can also solve your temporary demands that are caused by peak seasons, so if you need a receptionist we can fill your open vacancies in no time.


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