Tally clerks

Tally Clerks

Businesses that handle cargo, shipping and warehousing activities must have the proper staff to ensure everything is done correctly. It’s essential to have the right amount of employees and fill the open positions to ensure the operations run smoothly.

In this regard, tally clerks are essential because they handle a variety of tasks and manage data. that is crucial to the proper functioning of the business. If you’re looking for the best tally clerks temporary staffing, here in Connect Staff we can help you. Our goal is to provide you with the best talent your company deserves so you can enhance your company and ensure ongoing operations.

Tally Clerks Temporary Staffing

Tally clerks are also known as shipping clerks, and their main duty is to examine and execute warehousing operations. Companies such as airlines, loading docks and shipping contractors need to have outstanding tally clerks. That can help them with the inventory, data, offloading, loading of shipments, packing and preparation of required documents.

It’s a position that requires people to be proactive, strong, and follow instructions. As you can see, it’s a very important role because it ensures the warehousing operations run smoothly.

A tally clerk doesn’t need to have higher studies, since people with the minimum educational qualification can apply for this job. It’s only required to have a higher secondary diploma. However, this doesn’t mean that the role can be carried out by everybody since an excellent tally clerk should also have skills and qualifications that are necessary for the job.

Here in Connect Staff, we have a vast talent pool where we can find the perfect talent for your company. We can carry out an in-depth search and interview so you can receive tally clerks. That are suitable for the role and have the necessary skills to succeed and take your business further.


Tally Clerks roles and responsibilities

Tally Clerks carry out several tasks and activities that are crucial for the operations of the company. They receive instructions from the Logistics Coordinator/Floor Supervisor and work along with forklift operators and porters to execute the orders.

They also need to follow safety standards to prevent any accident. The company generally provides training in covering quality so they can be more efficient and productive in their role.

The duties and responsibilities of a tally clerk are the following:

  • Receive instructions from supervisors to arrange warehousing operations. Such as receiving, offloading, palletizing, and putting away inbound shipments
  • Prepare the necessary documentation and reports of inbound shipments
  • Verify the cargo and container, as well as the documents, before offloading the cargo
  • Ensure the accuracy of incoming and outgoing shipments by reviewing invoices and packing orders
  • Receive instructions from supervisors regarding outbound shipments to arrange packing, picking, labelling and loading activities.
  • Moving the necessary items and goods as per instructions from the supervisor to arrange empty locations
  • Before loading containers, tally clerks should review and verify the cargo and conditions of the container.
  • Stock count activities and inventory clubbing.
  • Work along with the WH employees and forklift operators to give them instructions on how to arrange and execute tasks
  • Follow and enforce safety standards and housekeeping rules

Tally Clerks Job Position

To find outstanding tally clerks you must be able to carry out a seamless recruitment process so you can attract top talent. However, this may be challenging for businesses that lack HR resources or that don’t have enough time to do an exhaustive search.

You can’t carry out traditional hiring if you’re not sure that you’re going to receive the results you expect. It’s important to search for the best tally clerk since this position requires. A worker that has excellent skills so they can do their job effectively.

Since tally clerks work in a variety of weather conditions, as well as outdoors and indoors, you need to find a person that can stand the work environment and that is adaptable to any condition.

Another necessary skill in a tally clerk should be having good communication skills, since they need to provide instructions to operators and WH operatives, and they also should communicate any irregularity to their supervisor.

A tally clerk should also have the following competencies: computer savvy to manage software, analysis skills, attention to detail, organization skills and teamwork skills.

Why Connect Staff?

In Connect Staff we have a team of expert recruiters that can assess and analyze your needs as well as the skills and qualifications required for the tally clerk position so you can receive the best candidate.

We can provide the staff that is the perfect match for the position, but also the company as a whole. We achieve this by understanding your company’s culture so you can receive staff that works towards your goals.

You can save time, resources and costs by opting for one of our services in temporary staffing. If you’ve been facing seasonal demands or you have more workload in your warehouse or shipping activities, we can provide the necessary staff that alleviates your burden and ensures ongoing operations.

Tally Clerks Staffing Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a temporary tally clerk, or you prefer a temp-to-hire option because you’d like to evaluate the worker first, here in Connect Staff we have the perfect solution for you.

You can choose among our variety of services since we offer temporary, direct-hire, temp-to-hire and contract-to-hire solutions to match your requirements. With our consultative and hands-on approach, we can easily understand your needs so we can provide a suitable solution.

Start building your flexible workforce and scale it up and down as per your requirements with our outstanding solution. You can forget about the hassles of hiring and onboarding since we will take care of everything.

You can receive the tally clerks that you need and we ensure they have expertise in numeracy skills, knowledge about the job position, good communication skills, capable to work for hours both outdoor and indoor and a positive and determined approach.


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