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Hiring temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE

It is that time of the year again when we start thinking about summer vacations and Christmas. For your business, such time implies figuring out how to take advantage of your seasonal demand peaks. Consequently, you can consider hiring temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE.

In this article, you will discover why you should hire temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE. You can learn what temporary staff does, how your company can get it for holidays, and more. Take a glance at the following points:

  1. What does temporary staff do?
  2. How can your company get temp staffing?
  3. What does it mean for your company to hire temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE?
  4. Which methods can you use to find temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE
  5. What benefits can your company get from hiring temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE
  6. Where can you find more information about temporary staff?

1. What does temporary staff do?

You can find several kinds of staff in every company worldwide. Essentially, the features that allow you to classify them are their type of work and the duration of their contracts. Regarding the first feature, you can establish them as skilled, unskilled, or semi-skilled labor.

On the other hand, their contracts’ duration allows you to divide them into two main categories. First, you can find staff filled with employees that will stay in organizations for the long term. These are the full-time workers.

You can also find workers in your company whose contracts are time-limited. Essentially, they are assigned to perform duties that are seasonal requirements or a one-in-the-lifetime need of your organization. Such a description certainly belongs to your temporary staff.

In other words, their goal is to work in your business only to cover your temporary needs. For instance, your temporary staff could be the temporary employee you occasionally hire as your technical staff. In this way, you will not need to hire permanent employees for it.

2. How can your company get temp staffing?

When you intend to hire temporary staff for your company, you first need to know how to get it. Assuredly, it is something you do not perform regularly. Consider learning how to get temp staffing for your organization adequately.

First, you could look for the temporary employee you need yourself. It includes posting job offers on employment websites that you can use to get external call center executives. However, it also involves that your organization screen and interview them directly.

On the contrary, you can also use a temporary staff outsourcing methodology. Namely, you can hire a temp staffing agency to help you get the temporary staff you need. Their experience in the field will help your organization tremendously.

Furthermore, agencies specializing in temporary staff outsourcing know how to source and recruit any temporary employee you require. Yyou can use their services to hire customer service executives for your organization. Undoubtedly, they will know how to do it efficiently.

3. What does it mean for your company to hire temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE?

If your company specializes in products such as toys and clothing, then Christmas is always a busy time for you. You will find it challenging to handle these seasonal demand increments without assistance. Fortunately, you can hire temporary staff to help you with the holiday rush in the UAE.

Hiring a temporary employee for the holiday rush means that your company will have its seasonal requirements covered. It can include hiring additional in-store assistants to help your store’s full-time staff. Remember, you will see more clients than usual visiting it during holidays.

Moreover, you could also need temporary staff outsourcing services during other holidays besides Christmas. For example, you can use them to hire additional receptionists you could need in your hotels during the summer. With so many guests, you will need all the help you can get.

In short, you must find ways to make the holiday rush an opportunity instead of a problem. One of the best ways you can use to achieve it is to hire temporary staff. They will make your company prepared for any scenario.

4. Which methods can you use to find temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE?

Did you decide to hire temporary staff to handle your holiday demand? That is great. Your permanent employees will thank you for it from the minute of your decision. But, you then find yourself with another question: How can you find every temporary employee you need?

Every temporary staff outsourcing expert you can find will tell you that there are several methods to do so. Nevertheless, they will also tell you that you should use the more effective ones for temporary work on holidays. Essentially, they are three very different methods.

Each method is successful when you use them properly for your company. Therefore, you need to find a temp staffing agency that knows how to use them. Above all, they represent an excellent way to improve the value of your temporary staffing investment.

Let us now show you the methods you can use to find temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE:

4.1 Social media

During an era when you can get famous online for several reasons, social media is undoubtedly a serious weapon. We know your company probably has social media profiles to promote its products. However, you can use them to find the temporary staff you need too.

By all odds, social media sites are a pool of thousands of potential temp employees for your holiday requirements. It is the reason the best staffing recruiters use them to search for potential candidates today. You only need to define how to catch their attention.

You need to perform two actions. First, you should post information about your working environment and culture. In this way, every potential temporary employee will see your company as an attractive place to get a job.

Finally, you have to make your job ads on social media appealing. Do you require additional sales staff? Upload posts that include the advantages of selling your products. They will not think twice about answering your calls after seeing them.

4.2 Posting positions early

Let us imagine your company has its demand peak during Christmas. You must have all temp staffing requirements covered by early December. You should hire the temporary staff you need by posting positions early. For this case, you should post them in late July.

Remember, most employees you can get through temporary staff outsourcing are highly skilled professionals. Consequently, their services will have a high demand during holidays every year. It includes the IT support staff you will need for your online sales.

What if you need a temporary employee for the summer in the UAE? You would need to hire him in August. You need to post your available positions in late April to guarantee to get the assistance your organization needs. It must be a part of your business strategy planning.

4.3 Employee referrals

Besides finding the temporary staff you need for the holiday rush, you also must ensure they will not generate problems. One of the best ways to do it is by working with employee referrals. Namely, asking your employees in your full-time positions to present you with your best options.

After all, no people will put their reputation on the line by offering you inadequate candidates for your temporary roles. You can establish a compensation policy for every employee referral you hire. As a result, you will cover your holiday needs and make your employees happy.

Furthermore, employee referrals allow your organization to make its recruitment processes faster with lower risks. It is one of the many reasons temp staffing agencies use them to avoid the current temporary staffing issues. Assuredly, you will not like to see your business understaffed during holidays.

5. What benefits can your company get from hiring temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE?

We are done talking about why you should hire temporary staff for the holiday rush in the UAE, nevertheless, you may wonder why companies follow this practice every year without fail. The answers to such doubt are the benefits your company can get from it.

Logically, every company worldwide will enjoy different benefits from hiring the services of a temp staffing firm on holidays. But generally speaking, all companies will get three benefits from it. Most importantly, they apply even with the event staffing you hire for your holiday events.

However, you are free to look for any additional benefit your company could enjoy during holidays with temporary staff. It could even be the good advice you receive for your temporary admin support staff. Every temporary employee you hire can help your organization in several ways.

Let us present to you the benefits your company can get from hiring temporary staff for the holiday rush:

5.1 Flexibility

A company is flexible when it can handle any market disruption, supply chain shortages, and staffing effects. Above all, flexibility will allow your company to do so without affecting your daily operations. Do you want your company to be flexible during the holiday rush? Hire temporary staff outsourcing services.

Essentially, every temporary employee you hire is a highly trained specialist in their field. It means that they are ready for any possible scenario, including unruly customers and products not arriving on time. Their vast experience allows him to handle such issues effectively.

As a result, you will increase the competitive profile of your business by hiring him. For instance, you can make your stores more flexible by hiring some temporary tally clerks during holidays. In this way, your rivals will surely start copying your methods.

5.2 Motivation

One of the best features a temporary staff has is that they want to make a difference from day one. After all, they are staying in your company for a short period. Therefore, they need to take advantage of every minute they have by showing their excellent performance.

In other words, you will not find a more motivated worker than a temporary employee. They can even share such a motivation with your permanent staff. Consequently, all of your company will increase its productivity without a high investment. For this reason, it is a great way to scale your business.

5.3 Expertise

When you hire a temporary staff outsourcing service, you get access to a large pool of expertise for your organization. You can find the best experts in their fields among your temporary staff. They can help you with the holiday rush in the UAE without problems.

Besides, you can even consider a temporary employee as a potential candidate for a permanent role. In other words, you could use the services of your temp staffing agency as a way to test your future full-time workers.

6. Where can you find more information about temporary staff?

You could get scared when you look at the calendar and see that the holidays are approaching. In this matter, we recommend you not panic and assess your options to handle it adequately. It includes learning how hiring temporary staffing services for the holiday rush in the UAE can help you.

Temporary staff will help your business if you hire the correct temp staffing agency. Fortunately, you can protect your organization against every holiday issue with Connect Staff. You can count on us to cover your temporary needs effectively.

Do not let Christmas become a missed opportunity for your company. All you have to do to get the temporary staff you need is to contact us and discover how you can handle the holiday rush with ease. Get in touch by calling us at +971 43 316 688 or email us at any time:

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