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Benefits of holiday temporary work

Benefits of holiday temporary work

Achieving success in any business nowadays often requires working around the clock every day of the year. Certainly, it also includes your company being operational during holidays, which can be difficult with your permanent staff. Thus, you should pursue the benefits of using holiday temporary work in your organization.

In this article, we will take you to travel through the benefits of holiday temporary work. Here, you can learn what temporary work is, how you can use it on holidays, and its awesome benefits. Come and learn about all of this by reading about the following subjects:

  1. What is temporary work?
  2. How can you use temporary work in your company during holidays?
  3. What benefits can your company get from using holiday temporary work?
  4. Where can you find more information about temporary work?

1. What is temporary work?

holiday temporary work

Employment in your company means the fulfillment of your requirements by hiring the right employees. In other words, it involves you reaching a working agreement with your potential candidates. Such an agreement is simple: your company will get their services and they will receive compensation for it.

However, it is the defined duration of this agreement that will tell you the type of employment you need. First and foremost, you should go with permanent employment if your requirements are long-lasting. On the contrary, you will need another kind of employment if your requirements are time-limited.

This is where temporary work comes to your rescue. In essence, it implies hiring employees that will perform part time work in your company. Hence, you can use temporary employment for your short-term projects or your seasonal peaks. Above all, it is a practice that can bring you several advantages.

Indeed, it is a kind of employment you can use in many parts of your business. For instance, you can seek the services of outsourced in-store assistants if your company has stores to sell its products. Their work will help your organization substantially in many ways.

2. How can you use temporary work in your company during holidays?

Temporary employment can help your company in many scenarios where it needs specific skills for short-time activities. Nevertheless, you can also use it to assist your workforce during certain holidays. It is especially helpful for companies that have demand peaks on those dates.

Here, your goal must be helping your full-time workers without the big investment that represents hiring more permanent staff.  Logically, you do not need to hire personnel that would not have other assignments during the rest of the year.

You can find several examples of this practice taken into action for many businesses. For instance, many manufacturing companies seek the services of additional sales staff to handle the demand rise related to Christmas. It is all about fulfilling your holiday requirements quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, you can also use holiday temporary work for maintenance tasks if your company does not operate during the break. Here, you can search for the services of outsourced technical staff if this is your case. In other words, temporary employment can help in more ways than you can imagine.

3. What benefits can your company get from using holiday temporary work?

holiday temporary work

You probably wondered at some point in your business career why so many companies worldwide use holiday temporary work. After all, you probably also witnessed the great results of such use for them. These results could go from their business growth to their higher revenue.

Resolving your doubt about this implies you learning about the benefits of using holiday temporary work. In essence, they are the same benefits of using temporary employment normally, but with a twist related to holiday work.

On the other hand, the benefits from the part time work of your temporary employees vary depending on several factors. For instance, some benefits are exclusive to certain locations or lines of business. However, our goal here is to show you the big picture.

Consequently, we will show you in detail seven benefits that your company can get from holiday temporary work. You can enjoy them regardless of the type of temporary employees you are hiring. For example, you can get many of them by hiring tally clerks for the holidays.

Such seven benefits your company can get from using holiday temporary work are the following:

3.1 Flexibility

Working during holidays often means your company will need to handle unusual situations. Therefore, you must know how your company can adapt rapidly to these fast changes. In this sense, the most efficient way you can do this is by using temporary employment.

The reason behind this is that holiday temporary work will add flexibility to your workforce. That is to say, they can be more adaptable by having more available skills and expertise in different subjects. It is something that only temporary employment can give your business.

Furthermore, employees that perform part time work are mostly quicker to hire than full-time workers. It also adds flexibility to your team, because it is easier and faster to fulfill your temporary requirements this way. It is all about keeping your business always prepared for anything.

Nevertheless, the fast changes in your staff also increase the workload of your HR department. Thus, they will be pleased to receive any help you can give them, such as hiring outsourced HR support staff. As a result, they will handle such workload more efficiently.

3.2 Adding expertise to your workforce

One of the features of temporary employment is that it makes temporary workers gain experience in several industries. Indeed, such deep expertise can help your company tremendously during times as special as holidays. As a result, your workforce will be incredibly beneficiated.

Most importantly, adding expertise to your workforce this way will allow you to have different vantage points about essential topics. They can certainly offer you solutions to holiday problems that you would not have seen otherwise. Of course, you need to allow them to participate in your decision-making processes.

In this sense, you can find several cases where the expertise of temporary work saved the day. For example, many IT firms do not know how to handle the winter demand of their networks. Hence, they often seek the assistance of outsourced IT support staff.

Moreover, you must allow your temporary staff to also acquire new expertise by working in your organization during holidays. This way, they will feel more motivated to share their knowledge with your team and help your business.

3.3 Lower expenses

When you think about using your full-time workers for holidays, your payroll staffing will ask you to think it twice. After all, you would need to pay them extra compensation, add days to their vacations, and more. In other words, your labor cost would reach the sky and above.

Fortunately, you can have lower expenses by using holiday temporary work. With them, you can keep your business running during holidays without the high costs of permanent employment. As a result, you can maintain your operations and save money at the same time.

As a result, you can give your company financial growth that will allow it to expand its operations. Indeed, you would not need to invest in onboarding and training with employees hired only to perform part time work. Hence, keep your accounting books with green numbers using temporary work.

3.4 Potential long-term employees

The process of sourcing and recruiting candidates for your permanent roles includes some screening and interviews. Your objective here is to evaluate if such candidates have the skills and attitudes you need in your company. However, you can perform these evaluations directly in action with temporary work.

Undoubtedly, it is a great way to assess potential long-term employees for your organization. Besides, it is even more effective during holidays, because you will see firsthand how they work under pressure. You can get this benefit only by using holiday temporary work.

In this matter, you should define what you want to see in their performance to consider them for full-time positions. Furthermore, you will also need to consider some things before hiring your temporary employees full time.

It can even be an advantage for your temporary staff as well. This way, they can see features like your working environment and your workforce synergy. Consequently, they will have a clear picture of what it would be like to work permanently in your business.

3.5 Helping your permanent staff

Your need for working during holidays also means your permanent staff will have to work more than normal. As a result, you could end up with a burnout staff, which increases the possibility of mistakes and inadequate decisions. Therefore, you must find ways to help your permanent staff.

One highly effective way to help them is by hiring employees that do part time work during holidays. That is to say, you should use holiday temporary work. Your additional outsourced staff will make your team capable of handling the uncommon workload of a holiday.

For example, you most probably planned a Christmas event to boost the sales of the product your company manufactures. However, carrying out this event can be challenging for your already overloaded permanent staff. Hence, you should seek the services of event staffing to help them.

Certainly, we do not doubt the capability and commitment of your employees. But, holidays are days when the business moves differently. Thus, they will need all the assistance you can give them.

3.6 Better productivity

Indeed, the combination of more staff, better skills, and additional expertise will result in better productivity in your company. This is truer on holidays; where your operations’ increase related to high demands can bring you trouble. In essence, your holiday temporary work will allow you to be more productive.

Furthermore, your temporary employees can also teach you about ways to be more productive without additional expenses. That is to say, they can show you how you can scale your business properly during holidays.

However, having more employees does not necessarily mean being more productive. To do so, you will need to hire the right employees for your part time work. Fortunately, you can do this by choosing the right temporary staffing agency for your company.

3.7 Taking advantage of market opportunities

For some businesses, holidays mean only one thing: a big peak in the demand for their products. In other words, they work during holidays to take advantage of market opportunities and gain higher revenue. Therefore, you must focus on how to achieve this.

In this matter, the most adequate way you can take advantage of market opportunities is by using holiday temporary work. They can even help you with marketing strategies directed to holiday seasons. This way, you can end up with a better profit and some new permanent employees too.

4. Where can you find more information about temporary work?

Holidays can be a beautiful time of the year for your children. But, they can also be a terrifying time for your business. Therefore, you should always seek ways to be prepared for what those days can bring. Above all, it involves knowing the benefits of using holiday temporary work.

Maintaining your business operation running during a holiday will need a staffing agency that works 365 days a year. If you are searching for one with such a feature, Connect Staff is your best choice. We can provide you with the best holiday temporary work your company can get.

Come and prepare your business to handle the peak holiday demand by working with us. Take a moment to contact us and discover the ways temporary work can help your company. You can do it by giving us a call at +971 43 316 688 or writing us an email at

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