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What makes contract staffing different from temporary staffing?

Searching and hiring new employees for your company is still essential for your operations nowadays, and your organization can use several staffing services available in the market. But before, you should know what makes contract staffing and temporary staffing different to define which one you need.

In this article, you are able to discover the difference between contract staffing and temporary staffing. Learn what staffing services are, their two most popular types, and their fundamental differences. 

  1. What are staffing services?
  2. Which types of staffing services can you find available in the market?
  3. What differences can you discover between contract staffing and temporary staffing?
  4. Which one of these staffing services do you need for your company?
  5. Where can you find more information about staffing services

1. What are staffing services?

Depending on factors such as the size or location of your company, you can find it challenging to hire staff. You could seek the assistance of HR support staff for your internal team. But, eventually, it is still not enough to face this challenge.

You can find a better way you help your organization with its sourcing and recruiting requirements: staffing services. Essentially, they involve giving the responsibilities of recruitment to an external firm. In this way, they will search and interview potential candidates for you.

Your staffing services provider will always ask you to define your requirements clearly. They need such information to know where and how to look for the employees you need. After all, they use different methods to search for skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled labor.

Moreover, your company can use several types of staffing services. Choosing the type you need depends on the kind of employees you want. Next, you will learn which types you can find available to help your organization in multiple ways.

2. Which types of staffing services can you find available in the market?

Because it is possible to find several types of employees working in your business, there are staffing services for everyone. However, most of them do not apply for specific positions or expertise. You will find it hard to look for staffing services that only allow you to hire receptionists.

It is more common for you to find two types of staffing services in the market. They are the most used by companies today due to their many advantages. For this reason, we invite you to learn more here about each one.

These two trending types of staffing services have much to do with temporary employment. After all, several companies worldwide are including it as an essential part of their staffing solution. It allows them to save time, money, and resources.

Let us show you our detailed explanation of contract staffing services and temporary staffing services.

2.1 Contract staffing services

In business, you can find two types of employees regarding their contracts. First, there are the ones who established a long-term working relationship with you. Namely, they work in your organization under an unlimited contract in your full-time positions.

On the contrary, you can also find employees whose contracts are not unlimited. These contracts establish a limited time for their labor in your organization. Such employees are your contract staff, and you can get them through contract staffing services.

In essence, contract staffing services allow you to search for and hire employees you need in your company for a short time. Do you need to contract technical staff for a year? You must seek providers of this type of staffing service.

As you will learn later, the employees hired through contract staffing services will become an integral part of your company. You must be clear with your provider about what you require. As a result, you could end up with staff that wants to extend their stay in your business.

2.2 Temporary staffing services

You could also find employees in your business that hate the word contract. Such employees find attractive the freedom and compensation of working in companies for short periods. In other words, they are the temporary employees you can require seasonally or occasionally.

Do you see the holidays approaching and need employees just for them? You must seek temporary staffing services for the holiday season. Essentially, they involve letting an external firm source and recruit the temporary workers you need. Their goal is to fulfill your temporary requirements in no time.

Companies often use temporary staffing services when they need specific skills that involve high expertise. For instance, you can use them to search for the IT support staff you need for some projects. Your staffing services provider will know how to find them.

You could probably think that the only difference between temporary staffing and contract staffing services is the contract. Now, we will show you many more differences. Indeed, both services work similarly but search for different employees.

3. What differences can you discover between contract staffing and temporary staffing?

You are now arriving at the land of comparison. Contract and temporary staffing look similar firsthand. After all, both have the same procedure: assessing your requirements, searching for potential candidates, and recruiting them. However, contract and temporary employees are substantially different.

For example, imagine you need to look for sales staff for your organization. You can use temporary staffing services or contract staffing services to get it. But, your contracted sales staff is not the same as your temporary sales staff.

To explain to you adequately why they are different, we will compare them from several vantage points. As with staff augmentation and outsourcing, you will see them differently through the same lens. This time, our focus will be on your employees.

Let us see why contract staffing and temporary staffing are different:

3.1 Length of their stay

The first fundamental difference between contract and temporary staffing is the length of the employees’ stay. Regarding contract staffing, your employees will work in your organization as long as their contract says so. Usually, it could be from three months to up to three years in your organization.

Otherwise, your employees related to temporary staffing could stay for less than three months or more than three years. You have to define such length because no contract establishes it. Keep that in mind when you seek temporary tally clerks for your stores.

In short, contract staffing and temporary staffing services allow you to hire employees that will stay temporarily in your company. However, they also allow you to test employees that could stay permanently working in your organization. In other words, you could use the contract-to-hire methodology.

3.2 Payroll

Another difference between temporary and contract staffing is who pays your employees’ compensation. They both charge you for their services, but, with contract staffing, you are the person who defines the sums of their payments.

Keeping these payments correct for your permanent and contract staff can be challenging. It is especially true if your company has a significantly large size. You can find it helpful to hire payroll staffing services to avoid issues with your employee’s compensation.

On the other hand, you do not pay your temporary employees’ compensation directly to them. Your temporary staffing agency is the one that pays their compensation from the payments you make for its services. In other words, they are not directly your employees.

3.3 Benefits

Benefits mean the compensation your employees can receive in addition to their salary and financial bonuses. They can go from healthcare insurance to annual paid leaves and more. You should know how contract and temporary staffing deal with such benefits.

In contract staffing, your employees are a part of your organization because of their contracts. Consequently, they can enjoy all the benefits your company provides. In this sense, they are equal to your permanent staff.

On the contrary, none of your employees related to temp staffing can enjoy these benefits. These employees belong to your temporary staffing services provider and are working for an hourly fee. As a result, they do not have the right to ask for your benefits.

Nevertheless, you can decide to offer your temporary employees some of your benefits because of their performance. For instance, you could reward your temp customer service executives when they are doing a good job.

3.4 Working methodology

These two staffing services not only vary in what your employees receive as compensation. They are also different regarding how your employees work. In other words, your temporary staffing and contract staffing have two significantly different working methodologies.

First, your employees hired with contract staffing services work slowly and consistently. Their goal is to know about your business to discover how they can improve their performance. For instance, your contracted in-store assistants will know how to work by learning about your products.

Otherwise, your temporary staffing services will provide you with employees that regularly work fast and effectively. Their job implies fulfilling your temporary needs quickly. They focus on finishing their assignment to move to their next one.

It is why temporary employees are the best option you can use to carry out something fast, like an event. By all odds, you can hire event staffing to make your events memorable for your workers and clients.

3.5 Job security

Finally, contract and temporary staffing services will provide you with employees with substantially different job security. They will eventually leave your organization in both cases. The difference lies in knowing when they are going to leave it.

Your employees hired through contract staffing services have an advantage in this matter. After all, their contracts establish their date of departure. It allows them to plan what to do in advance: seek contract renewals or make themselves more visible to recruiters.

Unfortunately, your employees related to temporary staffing are not that lucky. Their stay depends entirely on your requirements. In other words, you can let them go without notice if your needs are no longer valid. It is one of the disadvantages of working for temporary staffing firms.

4. Which one of these staffing services do you need for your company?

The answer to such a question depends on what your company needs and can afford. Contract staffing services allow you to get employees you need as a part of your organization. However, it is an expensive option because of the benefits you would have to give them as contract workers.

On the contrary, temporary staffing services are a more cost-friendly choice. But, they will provide you with employees that could leave your business when you least expect it. In conclusion, it is up to you to define which one your company requires the most.

5. Where can you find more information about staffing services?

Seeing vacant positions in your company is something that should worry you substantially. Nevertheless, you can find many options in the market to solve that problem as staffing services. Therefore, you must learn the difference between the most important ones: temporary staffing services and contract staffing services.

Now, you are probably thinking you need to search for different staffing firms for each staffing service. However, on Connect Staff, we are glad to tell you that we can help you with both staffing services. Our services will allow you to hire the contract and temporary employees you need.

Let our staffing services allow you to build a skilled and talented workforce for your company. Contact us if you have any questions about how contract and temporary staffing can help your organization. Give us a call at +971 43 316 688 or email us at and our team will happily provide you with the information you need.

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