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All You Need To Know About Employment Visa UAE

Seeking the best destination to boost your professional life may be challenging. Nonetheless, we can guarantee you will not find a better one than the UAE. Therefore, it is essential that you learn everything you can about the employment visa UAE.

In this article, you will find all you need to know about the employment visa UAE. For instance, you can discover the difference between an employment visa and a work visa UAE by reviewing it. Thus, begin this new professional journey after taking a look at the following:

  1. What is an employment visa UAE?
  2. How is the process of getting an employment visa UAE?
  3. What is a UAE Labor Card?
  4. Why do an employment visa and a work visa UAE are different?
  5. How much does it cost to get an employment visa and a UAE work visa?
  6. Where can you find more information about getting an employment visa UAE?

1. What is an employment visa UAE?

Labour card UAE

Becoming a part of the sales staff of an organization involves following several steps. However, you cannot do this in the UAE without an essential document that local authorities can issue. So, let us show you what an employment visa UAE is in detail.

An employment visa is a work permit that allows you to live and work in the Emirates. In other words, you will need to get one to begin your dream job as a technical staff of an organization. After all, you do not want this requirement to leave you emptyhanded.

On the other hand, we must clarify that this employment visa combines two documents: a residence visa and a UAE Labor Card. Therefore, you will need to apply for these two documents before beginning your process of getting an employment visa UAE.

In short, an employment visa UAE is a must-have if you want to develop a professional career in the country. Assuredly, you could think the process of getting it may be complex. But, as we will show you next, it is not as challenging as it seems.

2. How is the process of getting an employment visa UAE?

Did you decide to apply for a job in the UAE? We think you could not make a better decision. Now, it is time you know how you can get your employment visa UAE. Above all, it will allow you to work part-time and online jobs in Dubai.

First and foremost, you cannot reach the starting line of this process without understanding what it requires. Ergo, you will not begin your job as a finance staff without knowing its rules and required documentation. Luckily, you can discover all that here.

Nevertheless, we must warn you that failing to comply with these requirements and applying for an employment visa can get you in trouble. Hence, make sure you have everything ready before beginning this process. After all, the UAE is a country with excellent and efficient laws for a reason.

Let us show you what you need to get an employment visa UAE:

2.1 Rules

Logically, you will encounter rules you must comply with to be eligible for an employment visa UAE. However, do not think these are rules impossible to fulfill. It is only a way to ensure you will not harm your organization by being an inadequate tally clerk.

Although young people 15 years old can work in the UAE, they cannot apply for employment visas. On the contrary, you can only apply for one if you are at least 18 years old. In the case of adult people, the maximum age to be eligible is 65 years old.

Furthermore, you cannot ask for an employment visa UAE if you work for an organization with a non-valid license. Thus, remember this when you apply for a phone banker position in a not-so-transparent company. It could lead you to some unpleasant times ahead.

Last but not least, it will not matter your academic level. It is because the UAE offers all kinds of jobs for workers with a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma. Indeed, all of them are welcome to enjoy the advantages of the Middle East’s economy.

2.2 Required Documentation

Assuredly, you cannot get HR and accountant jobs in Dubai from a Manpower Supply Company without the required documentation. Similarly, the same premise applies to getting an employment visa UAE. Let us see the documents you require for it in detail.

In essence, you need the following documentation to get a receptionist position by applying for an employment visa UAE:

  • Your passport’s copy (it must have at least six months remaining).
  • A visa application form.
  • Your passport’s size photo.
  • A valid healthcare certificate.
  • Three copies of your contract of employment.
  • Your professional qualifications and education certificates.
  • Your permit of entry to the country.

Moreover, your employment visa application could require additional documents, such as a copy of your employer’s trading license. Therefore, review your application in detail to avoid any problems. Or, you also can seek adequate assistance for it.

2.3 Working in the UAE

By all odds, we are explaining how to get an employment visa and a work visa UAE. Nevertheless, you must be wondering why you need these documents in the first place. Above all, it will allow you to work in a fantastic location like the UAE.

First, working in the UAE will give you access to excellent recruitment agencies in Dubai. As a result, you will find your new job faster and with a terrific onboarding process. Namely, you will have the opportunity of working for your dream company in the palm of your hand.

On the other hand, it will also allow you to work as a seasonal staff if you prefer it. After all, you could feel more comfortable organizing your job schedule as you please. Remember, such a kind of job also requires an employment visa UAE.

In short, you will find it easy to apply for an employment visa UAE. But you will need a more basic document from the moment you arrive to work in the UAE. Come and discover what document is in our following subject.

3. What is a UAE Labor Card?

Labour card UAE

Imagine you step off the plane that took you to the UAE. After admiring the architecture of your new home, it is time to get the documentation you need. In the case of employment, you cannot begin your job as an in-store assistant without getting a UAE Labor Card.

Your UAE Labor Card is a document that identifies you as a worker in the Emirates. It contains your name, nationality, profession, and your employer’s name. Furthermore, it is also known by several people as a work permit, even by the temporary staff of small businesses.

One key feature that your employer must consider is that he is responsible for keeping you away from your expired UAE Labor Card. It is one of several essential tasks he must perform, alongside paying you a salary relative to your profession.

Besides a UAE Labor Card, you can also apply for a Dubai work visa. At first, you could think it is the same as an employment visa UAE. However, our following topic will demonstrate that they are tremendously different documents.

4. Why do an employment visa and a work visa UAE are different?

An employment visa and a UAE work visa are similar documents in the UAE. Nonetheless, they have significant differences you should know to avoid any confusion. So, let us show you why they are two tremendously different documents, even for data entry operators working in the country.

First, getting an employment visa and a UAE work visa involves working with two separate government agencies. Indeed, you will need to go to the General Directorate of Residency Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) to apply for an employment visa UAE.

On the contrary, getting a work visa UAE implies a visit to the Ministry of Human Resources of Emiratisation (MOHRE). In other words, the first one allows you to live as a worker in the UAE. The second only relates to your employment information.

In summary, you will need to have at least one of the two to work in the UAE as an IT support staff. However, you still do not know how getting it will affect your finances. Our next subject will show you it is not as expensive as you think.

5. How much does it cost to get an employment visa and a UAE work visa?

We know you arrived to work in the UAE, among other reasons, to earn a high income. Nevertheless, it requires you to invest in getting essential documents such as your work visa UAE. Let us talk about how much money you need for it and your UAE work visa.

As you will see, you will not need large amounts of money to get each document. On the contrary, authorities established an work visa UAE cost that encourages foreign workers to enter the UAE labor force. Assuredly, it will motivate you to start a career as a customer service executive in the country.

Also, remember that you can pay fees such as the employment visa UAE cost online. Hence, do not think twice and perform the payments of the amounts we will show you next:

5.1 Cost of employment visa UAE

The employment visa UAE is a document that does not have a specific cost. Instead, such a cost varies depending on factors such as your employment category and country of origin. Let us show you some examples of how its fee can grow or decrease because of these factors.

In the case of in-demand skills, the employment visa cost is significantly less expensive than in other cases. Indeed, it can cost around AED 500. On the other hand, less skilled employees often have to pay up to AED 1,200 for it, even if they work for event staffing agencies.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that you do not need to worry about this at all. Indeed, your employer is responsible for paying your employment visa UAE cost. After all, he must make your arrival at his company as comfortable as possible.

5.2 Fees for work visa UAE

Getting a Dubai work visa is a process whose fees are more specific than the ones related to getting an employment visa. In essence, they depend exclusively on your work category. So, let us discover how much your contracting company in Dubai will have to pay for it.

The fees for getting a UAE work visa are as follows:

  • AED 200 to request initial approval for your new work visa UAE.
  • Fee for the approval of your new Dubai work visa:
    • Category 1 (Bachelor’s degree): AED 300.
    • From AED 600 to AED 2,000 for Category 2.
    • Category 3 (High school diploma): AED 5,000.

6. Where can you find more information about getting an employment visa UAE?

It is time you stop thinking it is challenging to get a job in the UAE. After all, it is an excellent location to work if you have the skills businesses seek. Above all, it will involve learning everything you can about how to get your work visa UAE.

However, it could be complex for you to find time to carry out the process of getting your Dubai work visa. Therefore, we recommend taking advantage of the assistance of an excellent firm such as Connect Staff. You will get your employment visa in no time through our services.

Allow us to help you get your employment visa UAE. All you need to do is to contact us to discover how our services can boost your professional career. Do you want to know more? Give us a call at +971 43 316 688 or write us an email at

By all odds, you cannot begin your process of getting your employment visa without a new job. Fortunately, you can find the best one among the job offers we have waiting for you at The Talent Point. Go to or contact us at to take this extraordinary journey.

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