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What is the difference between employment services and recruitment agencies in Dubai?


Job providers worldwide now have several available tools to search for new employees. However, some of them may benefit your organization better than others. Hence, you will find it helpful to understand the difference between employment services and recruitment agencies in Dubai.

The main goal of this article is to show you what makes employment services and recruitment agencies in UAE different. You will learn this by discovering how each one works and help your business. Therefore, choose the one that will improve your company the most by reviewing the following subjects:

  1. What are employment services?
  2. How can employment services help you find a job?
  3. What is a recruitment agency?
  4. How do recruitment agencies in Dubai work?
  5. What makes employment services and recruitment agencies in UAE different?
  6. Where can you find more information about recruitment agencies in Dubai?

1. What are employment services?

the difference between employment services and recruitment agencies in Dubai

Imagine you lost your job and do not know how to search for a new one. Assuredly, it is a scary scenario where you need to find help quickly to move away from unemployment. Luckily, your friend in the HR support staff gave you the best recommendation: seeking employment services.

In essence, employment services involve activities that will prepare you for a new job. Furthermore, they also will assist you in your employment quest, teaching you how to use job sites and more. Consequently, you will see your path toward a new company less challenging.

Therefore, employment services are primarily effective for people without updated knowledge about jobs and technology. They would be like the IT support staff that helps workers that do not know how to turn off their computers. By all odds, they are tremendously necessary when such a case appears.

In short, you can substantially increase your chances of finding a new job by using employment services. Nevertheless, you can make their assistance more effective by knowing how they can help you. Our next topic will show you everything you need to know about their labor.

2. How can employment services help you find a job?

We know every unemployed person is a specific case regarding skills, background, and desired jobs. But, every company in this industry will provide them with the same employment services. Let us show you how you can use them to become the newest receptionist of an important organization.

First, experts in employment services will tell you that it is essential to assess what employers want in workers. Indeed, they could require skills that you do not have yet. As a result, they will lead you to improve your knowledge of them to stand out as a potential candidate.

Furthermore, you also can use employment services to learn how to use networking tools. For instance, they can teach you how to be more visible to recruiters and companies. It will involve learning to be active on LinkedIn, attending networking events, and more.

The end of the road here is you attending your new work on your first day. Nonetheless, such a premise is also the goal of every recruitment agency worldwide. But what is a recruitment agency? Jump to our next subject to find out the answer.

3. What is a recruitment agency?

You cannot compare two methodologies without assessing each side adequately. Therefore, it is time we begin to understand recruitment agencies in Dubai and elsewhere. Let us start by showing what a recruitment agency is and how it can help your organization.

In summary, a recruitment agency is a bridge you can use between you and your employees. Their services involve searching for top talent, evaluating their knowledge, and hiring procedures. In other words, recruitment agencies in UAE can use software to handle your staffing activities for you.

Above all, they can allow you to save money and time in your company. First, a recruitment agency will keep inadequate employees away from your organization, giving you the option of lowering your costs. Second, they can find the employees you need faster by understanding the business better.

Assuredly, these benefits make recruitment agencies a popular option for all companies in every industry. However, we do not recommend hiring one to get admin support staff without learning how they work. Our following subject will show you how they operate, step by step.

4. How do recruitment agencies in Dubai work?

the difference between employment services and recruitment agencies in Dubai

All recruitment agencies in UAE and elsewhere work in a substantially similar way. Indeed, some of their processes have small changes regarding their industry. But, in general, they all follow the same procedure to look for and hire new employees for their clients.

Fortunately, you can learn this procedure in detail and discover how they will find technical staff for your company. Most importantly, it involves five steps that your recruitment agency will apply regardless of your line of business. After all, their knowledge specializes in the staffing market.

Nonetheless, some additional steps could be necessary to fulfill the requirements of specific companies. So, feel free to look for them to determine if they also apply to your case. For instance, some recruitment agencies in Dubai could focus on hiring seasonal staff.

Finally, remember that your recruitment agency is the expert on the matter. Therefore, you can be sure they will follow these steps that will show how recruitment agencies in Dubai work:

4.1 Agreement and Profiling

Even the best recruitment agencies in UAE cannot succeed in their work without knowing what you require. Hence, you must start with an agreement with them regarding what positions you need to fill. This way, they can begin performing their activities and find tally clerks for your organization.

Once you reach such an agreement, it is time they profile the available positions in your organization. Indeed, your recruitment agency will evaluate which skills and abilities every role requires. They will use this data to assess how every candidate would fulfill their wanted position in your company.

One way to accelerate this process is by giving them clear job descriptions of your positions. For instance, these features will allow your recruitment agency in Dubai to find the correct staff for the holiday rush in the UAE. As a result, you will not let go of this opportunity.

In short, you must define what you need to let recruitment agencies in UAE do what they know best. As our following subject will show you, they need this information to begin looking for the new employees your business requires.

4.2 Sourcing potential candidates

Undoubtedly, the best employees you can find to cover your available positions are in the job seekers group. All your recruitment agency in Dubai has to do is catch their attention. Luckily, they often follow techniques used by the best staffing recruiters worldwide.

In essence, recruitment agencies in UAE can use tools such as Applicants Tracking Systems to source potential candidates. They also can go to social media, searching for data entry operators on platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. After all, they have millions of users they can evaluate.

Furthermore, the more successful recruitment agencies in Dubai also use networking events to find new employees. Indeed, some even carry out these events with the help of an event staffing agency. It is a way to detect potential candidates that go beyond using telecommunications.

We can keep showing you all your recruitment agency can do to look for potential candidates. However, their goal will remain intact: Building a list of professionals that would add value to your organization. Logically, the following step is to interview them.

4.3 Interviews

The potential candidates that recruitment agencies in Dubai find in their expanding candidate pool must now go through an evaluation. It is a process that they can perform remotely or in person, depending on their working methodology. Nonetheless, both options are equally effective.

First, your recruitment agency uses these interviews to brief candidates regarding your company. In other words, they assess if their values align with your organization’s culture and long-term vision. By all odds, you do not want to hire employees that consider your business as non-important.

Moreover, recruitment agencies in UAE also evaluate their candidates’ knowledge through these interviews. For example, they can assess if your potential finance staff has the experience that processes such as bookkeeping requires. This way, they can assure you they will cover your needs effectively.

In short, your recruitment agency in Dubai uses this activity to know your candidates in detail. It can even take two or three interviews to evaluate a candidate adequately. It seems like a heavy workload, but you must not take risks regarding the new additions to your team.

4.4 Hiring your new staff

At this point, most recruitment agencies in Dubai have a clear picture of the candidates they want to provide you. They can even help you further by negotiating with them the aspects of your job offer. For instance, they could debate performance bonuses and annual leave salaries.

Therefore, your recruitment agency can offer you staff that already handles all the info they need. It is an excellent way to help with their hiring process and avoid misunderstandings regarding their employment contract. After all, you do not want them to start working in your organization feeling unhappy.

Assuredly, you could think that the role of your recruitment agency in Dubai ends here. Nevertheless, the best of them can assist your customer service executives on their first day. Ergo, they go side-by-side with them during their onboarding process.

4.5 Onboarding process

Onboarding is the process several companies use to help their new employees on their first day on the job. These organizations follow steps to allow their team’s newest members to adapt quickly to their roles. Indeed, it is about making their adaptation time the shortest one possible.

In this sense, the best recruitment agencies in UAE follow their selected candidates during this process. It is a way to evaluate if your new sales staff feels happy with their job choice. Moreover, they also can make recommendations regarding how to improve this process in your organization.

5. What makes employment services and recruitment agencies in UAE different?

The main difference between employment services and recruitment agencies in Dubai is their working methodology. As you just witnessed, employment services firms focus on helping your new in-store assistants to catch your attention. On the contrary, a recruitment agency will search for them and put them on your front door.

On the other hand, they are also different regarding the benefits they can get for your organization. For instance, your recruitment agency in Dubai can help you save time and money by choosing the best candidates. Instead, you cannot achieve such a thing through employment services.

Therefore, take the time you need to evaluate your case and determine which option suits you better. Also, do not skip considering a third option different from a recruitment agency: a staffing agency.

6. Where can you find more information about recruitment agencies in Dubai?

Getting a headache during your quest for new employees is a thing of the past. Today, there are many tools you can use to source and hire the best potential candidates available. Hence, learn the difference between employment services and recruitment agencies in Dubai to know what to do.

If you choose to use a recruitment agency, you need to hire the best of them to be successful. In this sense, you can assess each option regarding cost and effectiveness. Or, you can stop doing so and go with the best you can find on the market: Connect Staff.

Stop waiting, and let us show why we stand out among the recruitment agencies in Dubai. Feel free to contact us to discover more about our recruitment services. Our representatives are waiting for your call at +971 43 316 688 and your email at

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