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Is outsourcing your recruitment process really beneficial to your business?

The number of businesses outsourcing several parts of their production process is growing more every day. All of them have different motives to do it, but their goal is the same: to increase their productivity. However, you should analyze if outsourcing your recruitment process is really beneficial to your business.

In this article, you will get the tools to detect if outsourcing your recruitment process is beneficial to your business. Here, you will learn what recruitment is and the benefits of doing it with both internal and outsourced recruiters. We will give you all this by talking about the following:

  1. What is recruitment?
  2. Which are the types of recruitment you can use in your business?
  3. What are the benefits of using internal recruiters?
  4. What can your business get by outsourcing your recruitment process?
  5. Which one is the better option for your business?
  6. Where can you find more information about outsourcing your recruitment process?

1. What is recruitment?

Recruitment process

Your business’s workforce is essentially a living organism. At some point, it will need to let go of some parts because they are no longer synchronized with the rest. But, such parts must be replaced to keep the organism healthy. This replacement begins with the sourcing of candidates, or parts, for your job offers. For example, if you need a receptionist for your headquarters. After you source for candidates to fill the available positions in your business, you must take the next step: recruitment.

The recruitment process is the guidance of candidates through screening and interviewing activities. In essence, during such a process you must perform evaluations, interviews, negotiations, and, in some cases, onboarding. Finally, after performing all of these activities, you will have a clear picture of who the best candidates are. In this final group, you will find the candidates that you will hire for your business.

The importance of this process lies in the premise of choosing the right candidates for your available roles. Indeed, when performed correctly, it allows you to build a talented and motivated team. Above all, performing recruitment correctly involves searching for potential candidates efficiently. In this matter, you will find it helpful to know how the best staffing recruiters do it.

2. Which are the types of recruitment you can use in your business?

How recruitment is performed depends on several factors, such as your business’s industry and location. However, the most influential factor you can find is not how to do it, it is who does it. In other words, it is a process heavily influenced by “the person at the wheel of the car”. Besides special cases in which you could find variants of its applicability, you can use two types of recruitment.

One of such types you can use is by using internal recruiters. That is to say, you must build an HR department that takes care of all the tasks related to recruitment. This is an in-house approach, in which recruiters are full-time employees that already know how your business operates. Therefore, they will know the type of permanent employees or contract workers that you will need.

On the other hand, you can also perform recruitment by delegating it to an external company specialized in the field. To clarify, you can do it by outsourcing your recruitment process. Above all, it is a practice that is gaining popularity nowadays, because of its major benefits. When it comes to the second type of recruitment, you can outsource your recruitment by hiring a staffing service. Hence, you must know how to choose it properly.

3. What are the benefits of using internal recruiters?

Let us focus on the in-house approach first. Here, your internal recruiters have the function of performing all the required tasks using the available tools in your business. In essence, you will have an in-house perspective of the candidates, choosing them from your company’s perspective.

Certainly, you can find several benefits by performing recruitment this way. Such benefits depend on numerous factors such as the current state of your business and your recruiters’ talent. However, we managed to find three benefits of using internal recruiters that can be seen in every industry.

In this matter, your internal recruiters must keep in mind all the external influences your recruitment process could face. One of such external influences is the supply chain shortages that have generated some effects in the staffing business.

Now, we will show you in detail the three most common benefits of using internal recruiters:

3.1 Keeping your recruitment process sustainable

When you outsource your recruitment process, you hire the HR support services of a staffing agency. They can handle many of the workloads for you, but they will also charge you for it. In this matter, most staffing agencies charge their clients a percentage of their hired employees’ first compensation.

For some companies, performing their recruitment process this way is unsustainable. In essence, they would have to pay high fees when their new employees’ compensations are high too. That is to say, they cannot offer great salaries to keep such fees acceptable.

3.2 Solving your long-term requirements

Internal recruiters have a much better understanding of your company’s requirements than outsourced ones do. This makes them a preferred choice when you want your recruitment process to focus on your long-term necessities. On the contrary, outsourced recruiters mainly focus on the most necessary requirements of your organization.

Indeed, it is not a bad characteristic of theirs. However, it can make them have different incentives than yours with recruitment. Hence, an in-house approach will allow you to build a workforce for the future.

3.3 You can always learn more

When someone else knows how to do something, the need for you to learn it no longer exists. Outsourcing your recruitment process brings mostly specialized employees to your company. From your full-time employees’ perspective, outsourced staff will bring knowledge that they will no longer need to acquire.

Thus, using internal recruiters can give your employees the motivation of learning more about the business without interference. Furthermore, it will motivate you to implement training strategies to specialize your full-time staff.

However, you can certainly use outsourced services to hire your permanent employees. Indeed, you will find several reasons you should hire employees for your full-time positions through a staffing agency.

4. What can your business get by outsourcing your recruitment process?


Now, it is time we focus on the external approach. As we stated earlier, outsourcing your recruitment process is a practice that is gaining popularity rapidly worldwide. It makes you wonder: What makes this external approach so appealing?

Above all, numerous businesses are enjoying several benefits they get by outsourcing their recruitment process. Such benefits have even allowed them to promote their growth this way. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to learn in detail about what you can get here.

With many companies outsourcing their recruitment, you are right to think that the list of benefits is incredibly long. But, we managed to identify three main benefits you can find in every industry. Furthermore, outsourcing the recruitment process has also become a vital practice for companies with problems in this matter. For instance, you can find several firms in Dubai that are currently understaffed today.

Let us now show in detail the three main benefits your business can get by outsourcing your recruitment process:

4.1 Saving money and time

Outsourcing your recruitment process will allow you to work with people specialized in the staffing business. Indeed the staffing agency you choose will certainly be in a constant search of performing their activities more efficiently.

As a result, you will get potential candidates for your available roles faster. This way, you can save time to focus on more essential processes of your business. Moreover, staffing agencies will use their network connections and available tools to give you the right employees.

It will keep you from losing resources due to the poor performance of inadequate employees. In other words, outsourcing your recruitment will also allow you to save money. Nevertheless, this is not the only way you can apply to save money and resources. One premise several companies are applying today is to scale their businesses. Hence, you should know how staffing businesses do it.

4.2 Working with a bigger pool of talent

We do not have any doubt your HR department is diligent in its work. But, staffing companies chosen to outsource your recruitment process can give you access to a bigger pool of talent. Their experience in the field and their correct use of technological tools allow them to find candidates quickly.

Consequently, they will have a wider catalog of potential candidates for the available roles in your company. It will increase the possibility of finding the right employees tremendously.

On the other hand, working with a bigger pool of talent may seem like hard work. However, you can discover that the current recommendation they are giving in the staffing business is to expand it.

4.3 Filling your specialized roles

Outsourcing your recruitment process is the best decision you can make to fulfill the specialized roles your company has. In his matter, seeking the services of staffing agencies will allow you to find expert employees for certain tasks. Certainly, most specialized roles in all businesses are temporary positions they need for cases such as short-term projects. Here, you can source and recruit the right employees for these roles with a staffing firm.

Indeed, many companies are seeking success by handling their human talent this way. Therefore, it will be beneficial for your business if you know why organizations should use staffing firms to hire contract workers.

5. Which one is the better option for your business?

Well, it is a question to which only you have the answer. In essence, you need to analyze the advantages of each option and choose accordingly. You can study this from different points of view to make the right pick. For instance, choosing internal recruiters over outsourced ones is the right decision for companies with highly classified information stored. Their way of work could be compromised by letting outsiders interfere in their daily operations.

On the contrary, large companies with several hubs worldwide often have a high number of employees. Managing such a big workforce can be challenging for an HR department alone. Thus, seeking the services of a staffing agency may come in handy for them. In conclusion, you must take a look at your business and where you want it to be in the future. In this way, you can design strategies related to recruitment in which internal recruiters or outsourced ones are an essential part.

You can even choose to use both types of recruitment. That is to say, you can outsource your recruitment for non-strategical positions and use internal recruiters for the most important ones. Feel free to apply the best option you can find.

6. Where can you find more information about outsourcing your recruitment process?

You will never find two twin businesses in any industry. Every case is different, and when it comes to recruitment, you will find benefits in doing it both internally and through outsourcing. It is up to you to find out if outsourcing your recruitment process is beneficial to your business.

Indeed, you can find it to be beneficial to your business. In such a scenario, you must seek the services of a staffing agency to help you. On Connect Staff, we believe in doing meaningful work for you, by providing the outsourced recruitment services you require.

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