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How to find and hire successful seasonal staff for your business

Business in most industries does not have a linear behavior. On the contrary, it regularly has moments when demand peaks that companies must leverage. For this reason, you may find it highly beneficial to learn how to find and hire successful seasonal staff for your business.

In this article, we will show you how to get the best staff for your company. Furthermore, you will learn what seasonal staff is and how it can help your business in multiple ways. Discover how you can improve your company’s growth by reviewing the following:

  1. Defining a seasonal staff?
  2. How can seasonal staff help your business grow?
  3. Why are companies hiring seasonal staff today?
  4. How can you find and hire seasonal staff?
  5. Pros of hiring seasonal staff
  6. Cons of hiring seasonal staff
  7. Where can you find more information about seasonal staff?

1. Defining seasonal staff


When it comes to your employees, you can classify them into two main groups. First, you can include them in the group of your permanent staff. They are the ones that have a long-term working relationship with you, primarily in strategic positions, such as your management.

However, you can also find employees that do not permanently work in your organization. Instead, they will stay in your business for as long as needed. When such a requirement is cyclic, you can call them your seasonal staff.

In other words, the seasonal staff is the temporary employees you have only when spikes in your business occur. For example, the receptionist you hire for your hotel during a high tourist flow belongs in this category. They will leave your organization when such spikes end.

Many companies are following the trend of using seasonal staff nowadays. It is a popular option regarding temporary work on holidays. The following points will show why it is a terrific choice for businesses worldwide.

2. How can seasonal staff help your business grow?

Temporary staffing is an option several companies use today to improve their growth during seasonal peaks. It is an alternative that has benefits and drawbacks similar to outsourcing staffing. But, how can seasonal staff help your business grow?

Your seasonal staff will increase your business capabilities during specific periods. As a result, it will allow your company to take advantage of the high demand times and improve its revenue. You will end with the money you can use to expand your organization.

On the other hand, the staff hired through temp services also can upgrade your internal team’s knowledge. Their experience will come in handy to erect successful business strategies. Consequently, your business will take off to the top of its league.

Nevertheless, the seasonal staff is not the only option you can use to reach this goal. You can also use temping agencies to hire IT staffing services that will handle your technological requirements. We are sure you will need a more complex IT network once your business grows significantly.

3. Why are companies hiring seasonal staff today?

A more steep growth is not the only reason companies are hiring seasonal staff today. Indeed, it is an option that can be helpful from several other vantage points. Let us briefly show why this is substantially popular for businesses in the Middle East.

As several temporary employment agencies will tell you, you can cover gaps efficiently with your seasonal staff. For instance, it will allow you to get admin support staff that can fill in for your sick employees temporarily. In this way, you will not compromise your productivity.

Moreover, your company also can use its seasonal staff to prepare better against unforeseen eventualities. One clear example is the practice used to handle healthcare staffing issues. After all, multiple healthcare facilities were substantially affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, which left them with seasonal peaks.

You can find numerous reasons why businesses hire seasonal staff regularly today. Consequently, they are still increasing their demand for temp services worldwide. Next, we will show you how temporary agencies can provide these services to your organization.

4. How can you find and hire seasonal staff?

Hiring seasonal staff for your business is an excellent idea. For this reason, on Connect Staff, we recommend you learn how you can find and hire it properly.

Imagine you need to hire additional in-store assistants for the Christmas rush. One way you can get them is through your internal HR staff. Most importantly, they will use their knowledge about your business to find and hire the correct candidates for the job.

However, it will be a much better option for your organization to hire one of many available temporary agencies. Their access to a vast talent pool and knowledge of the staffing business will get you your seasonal staff faster. As a result, you will find your seasonal need covered efficiently.

In conclusion, you will lower your chances of finding the best seasonal staff without hiring the correct temporary staffing agency. Thus, take the time you need to assess all available firms and select the one that suits you the better. Your team and your customers will thank you for it.

5. Pros of hiring seasonal staff

Another thing managers often ask about is the benefits they can get from seasonal staff. Such a question may generate several answers depending on your line of business. But, you also can find pros that apply to all industries worldwide.

Our team prepared the following information about the four most common pros your company can get from it. Above all, we will show why numerous businesses hire temp services during high production periods.

These advantages will apply to your company regardless of the type of seasonal staff you require. Ergo, they will benefit your organization when you look for skilled, unskilled, or semi-skilled labor. However, they will only apply when getting adequate candidates for your available positions.

You also can seek additional advantages that will apply to your organization specifically. We are sure they will prove to you one thing: Hiring seasonal staff is the best choice you can make.

Let us learn about the pros your company can get from seasonal staff:

5.1 Lower payroll cost

Your finance staff will reveal that temporary employees are significantly expensive. After all, they involve additional benefits besides their salary, such as paid leaves and performance bonuses. You have to look for a cheaper option if this represents a problem.

Fortunately, hiring seasonal staff through temping agencies is an efficient way to lower your payroll cost. They will remain in your organization only during the seasonal peaks. They will represent a low-cost option to protect your company’s financial status.

Moreover, you also can seek temporary staffing services to secure your payroll’s correct performance. Indeed, they can provide excellent payroll staffing services to avoid discomfort among your employees. Understandably, none of them want to see their payments miscalculated.

In summary, your seasonal staff will allow you to get more by paying less. Such temporary assistance will improve your revenue without representing a high increase in your expenses.

5.2 A contract-to-hire methodology

During your assessment of temporary employment agencies, one feature you must look for is their contract-to-hire rate. Essentially, it will tell you how many members of its seasonal staff end up as permanent employees. Such a rate speaks substantially about the quality of their hiring techniques.

You can use the hiring of your seasonal staff as a contract-to-hire methodology. This way, you can test potential permanent workers in live-action scenarios and witness their performance. Such a methodology will give you the advantage of letting a worker go quickly if his performance is poor.

Most importantly, it is a method that can help your company tremendously regarding its highly-technical requirements. For example, you could hire candidates as your IT support staff and define which ones deserve a place in your IT team. In essence, they can prove their worth directly to you.

You can perform test runs with potential candidates for full-time positions through temp services. Besides, demand peak periods are often stressful times. It will give you a pretty good picture of how they can work under pressure.

5.3 Keeping your quality during seasonal demand peaks

In a restaurant, the quality of the service regularly tends to go down during rush hour. Indeed, their event staffing will have to handle several people at once in those minutes. Consequently, some customers may think returning next weekend is not a good idea.

Your business could face a similar fate during seasonal peaks because of lacking the necessary staff. Thus, you must hire the best seasonal staff to keep your quality during those busy periods. Remember, every potential customer you lose is a missed opportunity to keep your company growing.

One clear case where this is paramount is during the holiday rush in the UAE. In this matter, your temporary staffing agency can help keep the great image of your organization by providing seasonal staff. It is a terrific way to avoid letting your company out of control.

In addition, you will enjoy this pro only by hiring the best temp services firm. They will know the strategies they must apply to hire the correct sales staff for your business. Do you want to change your marketing strategy? They will know what to do.

6. Cons of hiring seasonal staff

Unfortunately, almost everything is like a coin: it has two sides. In business, every method you can apply has its pros and cons. Therefore, you must take a moment to discover which cons your company can get from finding and hiring seasonal staff.

First and foremost, all external assistance comes with a risk involved. After all, you are letting external employees handle the strategic processes of your organization. Consequently, they could harm your business significantly if you hire the wrong candidates for the job.

Besides, remember that this staff does not have to remain in your company mandatorily. Thus, your external call center executives could leave your organization at any minute if they do not feel comfortable. In other words, you have to prepare for every possible outcome.

Last but not least, you have to look for ways to minimize the effects of these cons in your company. Nevertheless, the most efficient way to do it is by seeking an excellent temporary staffing agency, such as Connect Staff. Employees like our data entry operators are what you need.

7. Where can you find more information about seasonal staff?

Seasonal demand peaks do not have to be scary times for your organization. Indeed, you can even take advantage of them by finding the correct temporary employees. You will find it interesting to learn how to find and hire seasonal staff for your business.

One of the main steps of this process is finding the temp services firm that suits your company adequately. In this sense, we recommend you stop wasting time and discover what Connect Staff can offer. With our meaningful work, you will get the staff you require as soon as you need it.

Discover how our services allow you to remain successful in every high-demand period your company can face. Our representatives are waiting for you to contact us. You can do so by calling us at +971 43 316 688. Also, get in touch with us via email at

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