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Managing your staff transition during outsourcing

Managing your staff transition during outsourcing

Transitions often require finding ways to make them as smooth as possible. Such an affirmation is true whether the transition is changing school, getting a new job, or an immigration process. When it comes to business, you should know how to manage your staff transition during outsourcing.

In this article, you will learn how to manage your staff transition during outsourcing correctly. Furthermore, you will know what staff outsourcing is and how a staffing outsourcing service can help your organization. Now, take the time to learn about this matter by reviewing the following interesting subjects:

  1. What is staff outsourcing?
  2. How can a staffing outsourcing service help your company?
  3. When should you outsource your staff?
  4. How can you manage your staff transition during outsourcing?
  5. Where can you find more information about staff outsourcing?

1. What is staff outsourcing?

Your company can face several situations where your internal staff is not enough to keep your operations running. For example, you could face peaks in your demand that require a sudden increase in your production. Logically, you would find it inefficient to fulfill such an increase without adding new employees.

However, in many of those situations, adding new employees is not as simple as it may seem. These are cases where permanent employees would certainly bring more problems than solutions. Therefore, you will need a different type of staffing solution to deal with them adequately.

Here is where staff outsourcing comes to your rescue. It implies delegating a part of your internal staff’s duties to highly talented and skilled external employees. This way, you will be able to cover your temporary needs without needing to hire permanent staff for it.

You could search for and hire temporary employees to help your organization. But, it is substantially more beneficial to hire a staff outsourcing service. If you would like to know more about staffing firms, you should read this article. Now, you will learn about how such a service can assist your business in numerous ways.

2. How can a staff outsourcing service help your company?

In business, every help you can get will be positive. However, not everyone can help your organization regarding specialized requirements, such as those that involve technical staff. In this sense, your staff outsourcing service can provide you with the specialized staff you need in your company.

You can also cover your seasonal demands by outsourcing staff. In other words, you can use this service to get temporary employees for periods where high production is required. This way, you will not need to hire permanent employees that would eventually end up without assignments.

Among other benefits of staff outsourcing services, your company can grow substantially by using one of many available solutions. Indeed, your business can improve its workforce without requiring high investments. Consequently, you will see an increase in both your revenue and your staff capabilities.

The functions of staffing agency can be tremendously helpful for your company. But, it cannot help your business adequately without a correct assessment of when you should use it. You can discover with us what are some things to consider when hiring outsourced staff. Right now, let us show you when it is better for you to use it.  

3. When should you outsource your staff?

This question will bring up different answers, depending on your line of business or your company’s upcoming plans. Nevertheless, there are three common situations when you should use a staff outsourcing service in your company. Let us talk briefly about each one of them.

First, you will need to outsource your staff when your internal team sees its capacity overwhelmed. For example, you should lower your staff’s workload with additional temporary employees you can add by outsourcing staff. This way, you can eradicate the possibility of mistakes and delays during operations.

You should also outsource your staff to carry out expansion projects in your organization. Indeed, you can choose a staff outsourcing service to start and develop your projects without altering your business’s day-to-day work. That is to say, they can help you with your company’s growth.

Finally, outsourcing staff can help you when you need to train your team about specific skills they do not have. For instance, you could request IT support staff to give your employees training about your IT network. They will be capable of resolving any IT issue.

4. How can you manage your staff transition during outsourcing?

One of the key periods of your use of a staff outsourcing service is your staff transition. It happens when you replace your permanent staff with outsourcing staff and when you change your temporary employees. Logically, this occurs regularly in every business worldwide.

You must find ways to make your staff transition as efficient as possible. Indeed, your company could face serious consequences for performing such a transition inadequately. For example, you could end up wasting time explaining to your new temporary employees about your business.

Luckily, you will not need to make this search. All you have to do is to take a look at the five pieces of advice that we are posting here. As a result, you will be able to manage your staff transition during outsourcing correctly.

You can use this advice with every kind of outsourcing staff, including outsourced in-store assistants. It is all about changing your organization’s staff without any problem.

Let us now show you in detail how you can manage your staff transition during outsourcing:

4.1 No dependencies

We may forget that an employee is temporary when he or she is doing a great job. Consequently, you must choose: to treat him or her as a contract-to-hire employee or realize that they will leave your company eventually. When it comes to the second option, you must not develop dependencies.

Having dependence on an outsourced staff can difficult their transition tremendously. After all, you will end up missing them from the minute they walk out of your workplace. Hence, you must think about ways to make their role non-dependent on a specific temporary employee.

One great way you can do this is by standardizing their assignments. In other words, you need to write a temporary position description the same way you did with your permanent ones. Your goal here is that every new outsourcing staff that arrives will be able to perform their activities.

On the other hand, you can also ask your temporary employees to pass on their knowledge to your internal staff. As a result, you will end up with a team that can carry on without them after their departure. Remember, no dependencies.

4.2 Communication is key

In every sport, changing players in your team is not complete without communicating how their teammates must play with them. Similarly, communication is an essential aspect of your staff transition during outsourcing. In short: communication is the key to a smooth transition.

All the staff outsourcing solutions you can use require correct communication on several topics. It can include telling your need outsourced staff information left by the previous one about their activities. You can compare it to a shift change at any continuous production facility.

Moreover, your staff outsourcing service provider must ensure their new provided staff knows what the upcoming staff did. Above all, this is paramount, especially for your temporary projects where you use different employees at every stage. Here, inadequate communication may harm your project’s outcome significantly.

Because of this, the HR support staff in several companies focuses on methods of improving your team’s communication. It could involve the use of technological advances or good training in teamwork. Indeed, it can make your staff transition successful.

4.3 Agreeing on service levels

During the negotiations with your staff outsourcing service supplier, you should agree on several aspects besides money and time. In terms of staff transition, the most important topic they and you should agree on is their service levels. In other words, you should define how far their service must cover.

Let us use an example to help you understand this more clearly. Imagine you are outsourcing staff to perform maintenance at your facility during Christmas break. Your first holiday temporary employees arrive and perform their assignments without issues. But, when the second team starts working, they perform additional activities.

Consequently, such a discrepancy could easily disrupt staff transition. This is why you and your staff outsourcing service provider must agree on their service levels. You must seek that every new employee knows exactly what he/she must do during their stay in your organization.

Furthermore, these agreements should also include the level of confidentiality your temporary employees must handle. They will be external workers with access to your business operations, sensitive data, and more. Thus, your staff outsourcing services provider must tell them that they cannot share such information.

4.4 Working procedures

Transitions are efficient when upcoming temporary employees have ways to know what they can and cannot do in your company. Today, the way most companies use to deal with this aspect is a working procedure. Essentially, it is a group of guidelines every worker must follow in your organization.

Working procedures help substantially in an outsourcing staff transition because they allow you to avoid unnecessary communications. In other words, they help you by transmitting information that could get lost during the transition. Besides, every employee you get through your staff outsourcing services knows that they are mandatory.

You must include an explanation of such procedures in your employees’ recruitment process. That is to say, you should include it as one of the steps to follow in their hiring and onboarding. As a result, you will be able to recruit top talent during your staff transition.

4.5 Not disrupting your offered products or services

When you use one of many available staff outsourcing solutions, you will have employees coming and going constantly. Such a high rotation of employees may affect your operations if their work is directly linked to them. Hence, you should figure out how not to disrupt your products or services.

This is not a problem when you are outsourcing staff for projects or activities non-related to your business process. But, you need to focus on this issue if they are indeed related to it. For instance, you could not include your outsourced staff in your operations initially.

In other words, you could start their transition with a short training process with your internal team. We know they probably bring some highly specialized skills, but they could not know anything about your company too. Your goal here is to not disrupt your operations during your staff transition.

You can also include your staff outsourcing service to carry out such training. Indeed, your internal staff can give them the information your temporary employees need while your event staffing serves properly.

5. Where can you find more information about staff outsourcing?

Using a staffing solution that involves staff outsourcing can be challenging for your organization. Certainly, it implies that you will witness several temporary employees arriving and leaving your company regularly. Hence, you should take your time to assess how you can manage your staff transition during outsourcing correctly.

Undoubtedly, you will not perform your staff transition properly without a piece of advice from the experts in the field. Now, when we say “experts”, that means us, on Connect Staff. Our meaningful work will allow you to handle any staff transition you need to do during outsourcing and more. Take a moment to see all the staffing services we have waiting for you!

On the other hand, if you are an outstanding professional looking forward to work in a top staffing agency, there are many reasons to do so. Now, feel free to check out our careers section and see the opportunities we have available.

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