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Best staffing agency

What should you do to pick the best staffing agency?

Reaching success in any business requires that all the parts involved be aligned with its mission. Achieving such an alignment is easier when you work with the best at what they do. When it comes to staffing, there are some tips you should do to pick the best staffing agency.

In this article, we will dive into the world of what you should do to pick the best staffing agency. Here, you will learn what a staffing agency is, which qualities the best one has, and how to pick it. You can do all of this by reading the following:

  1. What is a staffing agency?
  2. Which qualities does a staffing agency need to be the best?
  3. What tips should you follow to pick the best staffing agency?
  4. Where can you find more information about the best staffing agencies?

1. What is a staffing agency?

Best staffing agency

You most probably heard the phrase “a company is its people” at some point in your life. Indeed, several companies take this phrase as a management objective, ensuring their employees feel like a part of a family.

In other words, they address processes such as sourcing, recruitment, hiring, and employee management as vital for their operations. That is to say, they focus on the performance of one main process: staffing.

However, these processes require many resources and, above all, time. Therefore, performing them properly can be a challenge when your attention is on other important aspects of your business. Luckily, there is someone you can go to for help: a staffing agency.

In essence, staffing agencies are firms specialized in the staffing business, with the required expertise to perform these tasks efficiently. They are experts in sourcing and recruiting potential candidates for your available positions, and can even guide them through onboarding.

Furthermore, working with staffing agencies can save your company from the consequences of a bad hire. Thus, you must understand how they can get you a talented workforce capable of facing any challenge. For example, if you need event staffing for a high-class meeting you can resort to them to help you find the best options available.

2. Which qualities does a staffing agency need to be the best?

As it is with any other, the staffing business is highly competitive. In it, several companies seek to overcome each other to get the best clients and the highest revenue. Logically, you will provide greater help to your company by hiring the services of the best staffing agency. However, you have to stop here and ask yourself: when a staffing agency can be considered the best of all?

Certainly, calling a staffing agency the best can be subjective, because it depends on it being the best for you. Nonetheless, we managed to find a list of qualities staffing agencies need to have to be considered the best. Indeed, you need to consider that these qualities are not the only ones you need to search for. Hence, feel free to include additional qualities you must see in a staffing agency to declare it as the best.

Furthermore, you can get the services of the best recruiters by working with the best staffing agency. In this matter, you will find it helpful to know how they search for potential candidates today.

Let us now show you the four qualities a staffing agency must have to be the best:

2.1 Long trajectory

When choosing a new employee for your company between two with equal skills, you always go with the most experienced. Similarly, staffing agencies with a long trajectory in the business tend to provide better and more efficient services. Hence, it is a quality the best staffing agencies should have.

Such a long trajectory will give them the advantage of a better understanding of the industries they staff for. Moreover, it can allow them to have a bigger network of connections in their business and beyond. However, the number of years a staffing agency requires to have a long trajectory is not exact. It is more based on how many years of experience it has over its competitors in the field.

On the other hand, a greater amount of experience also means having expertise in several staffing solutions. Thus, they can provide you with the staffing solution you need. Therefore, you should know how to choose the right one for your company.

2.2 Experience in your industry

You can consider a staffing agency as the best when you do not need to explain your business. That is to say, staffing agencies with experience in specific industries have a competitive advantage in the market. For instance, if you are looking for technical staff in a certain area, you must look for an agency that has vast knowledge and candidates in that specific lane.

Above all, such an experience allows them to know what to search for during candidates’ sourcing. It can even upgrade their communication with you because you will be speaking the same industry language. Additionally, staffing agencies with this experience often have a talent pool with candidates who work in your industry. Thus, you will have a higher probability of finding the right candidates for your available positions.

Furthermore, most staffing agencies are now focusing on gaining experience in more industries to attract more customers. It is a part of all you need to know about the future of staffing companies.

2.3 Wide talent pool

One clear sign that your staffing agency is the best is when they always have candidates ready to work. They can achieve this by building a large database of candidates with known skills, qualities, and experience. In other words, the best Staffing Agencies have a wide talent pool.

In essence, it allows them to perform their processes faster because the sourcing tasks would not necessary. They can even stay in contact with known employees of other companies and treat them as passive candidates. Moreover, you may think dealing with a wide talent pool implies a heavy workload for staffing agencies. Nevertheless, recent analyses have shown that it is a good idea to expand it further. In conclusion, if a staffing agency is used by many job seekers, it cannot be a coincidence.

2.4 Temp-to-hire ratio

Another way you can check staffing agencies’ performance is by seeing how many temporary workers they hired are now full-time employees. In other words, you must take a look at their temp-to-hire ratio.

The best staffing agencies are always searching for ways to improve their sourcing and recruitment processes. This way, they can constantly find and hire the right qualified candidates. Indeed, their quality can be measured by reviewing how many of its temporary employees are permanent ones today.

However, hiring a temporary employee full-time is something you cannot take lightly. Hence, you should consider a few things before making such an important decision.

3. What tips should you follow to pick the best staffing agency?


You just learned what the best staffing agencies should have. But now, you arrived at another important question for your business: “how do I get to them?”

Most importantly, the staffing business is varied aside from competitive. When you seek a staffing agency for your company, you will have before you a big catalog to choose from. Hence, it will be helpful to you to learn some tips you can follow in this matter.

Remember, the goal is not to pick the best staffing agency of all, but to pick the best staffing agency for your business. Because of it, we posted here details about the four more effective tips you can apply. On the other hand, picking the best staffing agency is a matter of life or death for some companies. For instance, you can discover many firms in Dubai that are currently understaffed.

Let us now dig deeper into the four more effective tips you should follow to pick the best staffing agency.

As we stated earlier, the number of staffing agencies available globally is staggering. Hence, you can lose a lot of time reviewing every agency out of a big bowl of options. Therefore, you can save time and choose the best staffing agency for you by narrowing down your search.

You can do this by adding filters to rule out some staffing agencies and end up with the best one. For instance, you can fulfill your requirement for temporary staffing agencies by ruling out the ones that are not temporary. On the other hand, you can also consider only the staffing agencies that work remotely. Indeed it is a practice more agencies are embracing every day. They all want to enjoy the benefits of learning how to manage their business this way.

3.2 Clear hiring needs

Without a doubt, you cannot choose any staffing agency without explaining your hiring need clearly. In this way, you can search for the agencies that understand what you are looking for and help you properly.

For example, you may need a large staffing agency when you seek fulfilling several acountant and finance positions in your organization. Furthermore, you may only consider staffing agencies that work with experienced candidates if that is what you are looking for.

The best staffing agencies will also ask you about additional topics that they will consider when sourcing candidates. For instance, they can ask you about your organization’s working environment or its values. Thus, you need to express all of this information clearly to know which staffing agency can fulfill your hiring needs properly.

3.3 Take a look at how they work

You can also measure the quality of a company by seeing how they work every day. Certainly, their efficiency, order, and effective communication between employees will speak for themselves. Hence, you should find a moment to take a look at how your potential staffing agency works.

In this matter, you can review how their recruiters check their staff experience or their academic background. You can also ask what methods they use for sourcing candidates. For instance: do they use social media platforms? Or do they use an ATS?

One way you can see this is by analyzing how the staffing agency behaves during demand increases. After all, there are several ways a staffing agency can assist businesses during the peak season.

3.4  The budget question

Of course, you cannot pick any staffing agency until you ask about its fees. You must then analyze your organization’s finances and decide if your option is right financially. In this way, you will ensure your picked staffing agency is within budget.

You should already know that you can save money by working with a staffing agency. Thus, you must classify your options under the filter of price and investment return. Finally, you must choose the best that adapts to your financial status.

To sum up, some staffing agencies can be expensive. Thus, you must choose an agency that generates positive answers to the budget question.

4. Where can you find more information about the best staffing agencies?

You probably one day heard the quote “to be the best, you need to play with the best”. This phrase can be applied to business, where success is achieved by working with the best talent. Hence, you must know what you should do to pick the best staffing agency.

Above all, choosing the best staffing agency for your company will open many doors to successful roads. Therefore, it is a process you must perform carefully. On Connect Staff, we believe in doing meaningful work for you, by providing you with the staffing services you require today.

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