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MOHRE Labour Card Status

MOHRE Labour Card: Your Key to Employment Compliance

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been on a great journey to achieving global business and innovation hub status. Nevertheless, such a fast rise would not have been possible without laying a secure base. Formulating of the work environment in the way it is fair and well-organized to all the workers. This is where the MOHRE Labour Card Status becomes a pivotal part of the larger UAE labour law.

In this article, we get into details of the MOHRE Labour Card information. This document represents an important tool not only in the protection of the local workforce, but also removes the uncertainties faced by employers. We will discuss the labour card as a transparent and safe process to ensure compliance with the law.

Understanding the MOHRE Labour Card

MOHRE Labour Card Status

The Labour Card issued by MOHRE is the main document that both employer and employee must be aware of. Recognizing the importance of this law to everyone in the UAE who works is crucial.

Essentially, the MOHRE Labour Card is a formal proof for workers attesting to their legality to work in the country. It gives evidence of meeting the requirements of UAE labour law and regulatory framework. For employees, possessing a valid MOHRE Labour Card status offers numerous benefits:

  • Primarily, it maintains the legal protection and security and rights of employees. For example, compliance to the minimum wage, work hours, and other labor requirements as stipulated in the UAE law. This card also brings along to the table access to many governmental services including health care and financial services.
  • On the other side, employers also gain from employees holding MOHRE Labour Card status. This speaks loudly about the company’s determination to employ legally-authorized workers and conforms to the UAE labor regulations. This helps to reduce the danger of paying penalties or getting into legal problems.
  • Furthermore, the MOHRE Labour Card provides an automated system to handle employees’ data and communication issues. This is done through a central source of information.

Awareness of the MOHRE labour card status and its method of application and eligibility criteria is very important. In most cases, candidates can only be chosen if they have the prerequisites. Like a confirmed contract of employment and passing a medical examination.

Additionally, employers may step in as a bridge between their employees’ jobs and the MOHRE. Which is another contributing factor indicating the importance of collaboration between the employer and the MOHRE.

Checking MOHRE Labour Card Status

Checking the MOHRE labour card status, ensures the necessary compliance with labor regulations in the UAE. The procedure grants them an opportunity to verify the developments of their application. Thus, ensuring legal compliance in all procedures.

To look up your Labour Card with MOHRE, there are several online channels available from MOHRE which customers can use. These portals are usually easy to use. So that makes easier to enter their information or put their application numbers for tracking.

  • The process of status check involves providing passport details or visa numbers to make the process of retrieving application records more convenient.
  • After the application has been submitted, the applicant will be able to see their application’s status from the moment of submission till approval. The application will be transparent and the applicant will be able to track where their application is in the process.
  • Particularly checking your MOHRE Labour Card status periodically is crucial, since it allows you to be aware on time of any delays or other issues.
  • The processing could be delayed or even there can be incorrect application documents which may have the need for additional action. Such as submitting supplementary documents or contacting the related authorities for their clarification.
  • Additionally, verifying your MOHRE Labour Card allows people to make smart employment decisions and plans. For instance, by notifying the concerned employment authority, individuals can look for alternative options that will grant them legal status in the United Arab Emirates.

Generally, checking a MOHRE Labour Card status is a preventive action that facilitates people to have an update with their employment status and do the required actions to conform with UAE labor laws.

Downloading Your MOHRE Labour Card

Getting your UAE MOHRE Labour card download is a simple but pretty important process for keeping your employment records in the country. This card plays a really important role demonstrating your right to work in the country. To download your MOHRE Labour Card, you have different options:

  • In MOHRE’s online portal or mobile app, employees can login and download a copy of their labour card. This digital form is generally very convenient and accessible.
  • Instead, the people could use their employer’s HR website to download their MOHRE Labour Card. If that option is not accessible, any government service center is also available. These centers can help you on how to download your card correctly, for a quick and accurate procedure.
  • It is important to double-check vital information about yourself (including employment details) via your MOHRE Labour Card before downloading them. We should immediately notify the authority if any anomalies or mistakes could lead to problems in the future.
  • Save the document on a digital platform. Keep the physical copy in a secure place as well. It is vital you also notify your employer of the updated status/number of this card in order to make sure it is in compliance with the employment laws of the UAE.

Acquiring your MOHRE Labor Card installation is a vital duty and a proactive step to secure your legal status and to ensure smooth relations with your employers, government institutions and other entities. Understanding the download process also allows you to keep the documents needed to prove your employment status in the foreign country.

Essential Information about the MOHRE Labour Card

Knowing the details of the MOHRE Labour Card status is important for the employees and employers doing business in the UAE. This document is the main reference for labor law in the nation. It has a vital role in making sure that you are complying with laws and protecting workers’ rights.

  • Firstly, the MOHRE labour card is a mandatory condition for all non-nationals workers in the UAE. It holds the status of being a legal document issued by competent institutions containing certain details. For instance: the name, job title, employer details, and validity period of the card.
  • The first advantage is that this document secures the rights of employees complying with UAE labour law. This includes obligations to pay overtime, appropriate benefits, minimum wage and maximum hours. Such entitlements fall under the laws and regulations specified by the government staff.
  • Employers equally have an obligation to maintain these rules and make sure that every employee is in an equal and equitable working ground.
  • Employers must make sure their employees have valid MOHRE Labour Cards to be in line with UAE labor law requirements. Not doing this could cause you to face penalties, fines or even legal implications. This shows how crucial it is to be scrupulous in employment documentation management and provide timely renewals.

Usually, the application process for obtaining a MOHRE Labour Card involves a step-by-step procedure. This includes submitting documents, for example, the labour contracts, copies of passports, health certificates. Employers are responsible for submitting the applications on behalf of their staff, ensuring cooperation and transparenc.

The renewability of the MOHRE Labour Card is an important aspect. Its omission in time may result in a fine or cancellation of the card. Therefore, the worker’s employment status in the UAE is now questionable.

Checking MOHRE Labour Card Fines

The process of checking if there are any fines imposed as per MOHRE Labour Card is a way to ensure you are compliant with UAE labour regulations. MOHRE is able to assess and impose fines for different violations. For instance, expiry of the job card as well as inability to comply with labor laws.

  • You can check as a fine on your MOHRE Labour Card through online platforms, which are provided by MOHRE or use their service centers. These platforms often supply this data to users lining up their personal details or their finances where an individual wants to access their information.
  • Furthermore, you could get notifications that you have been directed some fines through email or SMS if you have registered for such services.
  • It is crucial to do the MOHRE Labour Card fine check on a regular basis to avoid getting into more serious fines and in the worst case, legal consequences.
  • Respondents will learn about the nature of the fine, the factors that made it appear and the measures taken in order to find a solution. For example, paying the fine or appealing against it can be used if the solution is considered to be not fair.

You will be able to adhere to the MOHRE Labour Card status and the UAE labor acts by so as to prevent penalties and to also guard your legal status and rights as a worker in this country.

Exploring MOHRE Labour Card Fees

Every individual and employer must familiarize themselves with MOHRE Labour Card fees in order to understand the financial procedures involved.

  • The standardizable costs are registration charges, update payments, and penalties for late enrollment or any additional infractions of labor laws.
  • The price for the Labour card may vary considering things like the type of employment, how long the cards are valid, and if there is need for extra services. Regularly they range from 100 to 300 AED.
  • In addition, checking up on any developments or revisions to the fee structure through reputable online resources like MOHRE website or contacting the appropriate place of authorities will maintain up to date information and conformity with the required standards.

It is important to learn about the fee structure that applies to you, given your individual reasons and financial means. Besides, employers must also factor in this budgeting the costs of employee recruiting and management as well.

Knowing the MOHRE labour card fees paid to does not only help workers and employers achieve financial stability but also keeps the UAE labor market in order and corruption-free.

Locating Your MOHRE Labour Card Number

Locating your MOHRE Labour Card number is essential for various administrative purposes, such as job applications, official documentation, and accessing government services. The Labour Card number serves as a unique identifier for your employment status within the UAE.

You can typically find your MOHRE Labour Card number on the physical card itself, usually printed along with other personal and employment details. On the other hand, in the case of a digital Labour Card, a number is on the document or in MOHRE online account .

If you cannot find what your Labour Card number is, you can contact your employer’s HR to help you find it or reach out to MOHRE directly. They may need specific identification details to validate that you are indeed who you claim to be before responding to your question.

  • Using the MOHRE app:
    • Download the “MOHRE UAE” app on your smartphone (available on the Play Store and App Store).
    • Log in using your UAE Pass.
    • Once logged in, go to your profile section.
    • Your Labour Card number should be displayed alongside your other information.
  • Visiting a Tas’heel service center:
    • Locate a nearby Tas’heel service center.
    • Approach the customer service representative and inform them you want to inquire about your Labour Card number.
    • They might require you to show your Emirates ID for verification.
    • The representative will then access your details and subsequently issue your Labour Card number.

Being able to easily choose your MOHRE Labour Card number is an important step in establishing effective communication lines with employers, government organizations, and other relevant entities. Therefore, you will be able to complete your administrative business with ease and comply with the UAE labor law.

MOHRE Labour Card Application

The MOHRE Labour Card application process is a relevant part of the procedure which foreign citizens should enter to work in the UAE legally. Employers can initiate and manage the entire process. Thus, carefully depicting that the legal employment of the prospective employee is facilitated by the employer.

The application process usually goes through various stages:

  • You have to deliver the documents. Such as: passport copy, employment contract, educational certificates, and medical fitness certificates. The employers might ask for extra documents related to the registration of the company.
  • After you submitt the application to MOHRE, it is processed giving the authorized staff an opportunity to verify the tendered documents and guarantee that they comply with the labor law of the UAE.
  • The processing time may differ due to the complexity of the applications and the files which are presented during the assessment.
  • Following the approval process, the MOHRE would issue a Labour Card, required to be carried by every single worker who has the authorization to be employed in the UAE.
  • The application process should be followed accurately by both employer and employee to submit the correct application.
  • The Labour Card can get delayed if there are complications so the process should be done correctly to avoid it.

Following the application guidelines by fulfilling all needed requirements helps workers to get MOHRE Labour Cards which will ensure that they are qualified to accept legitimate jobs and be a part of the labor force of all UAE member countries under the labor laws.

MOHRE Labour Card Renewal

Renewal of your MOHRE Labour Card status is a very important step in order to continue to have legal employment in the UAE, avoiding the consequences of working without work permit. Hence, timing plays a crucial role and the precautionary measure is to start the opening process early to avoid getting into an employment limbo.

The renewal process commonly involves several stages. Employers should provide active services for that by collecting and submitting all necessary documents to the MOHRE.

  1. Access MOHRE eServices: Use
  2. Login: Use your MOHRE legitimate credentials to sign in. If you are not an account holder, you need to register yourself first.
  3. Navigate to Labour Card Renewal: Upon login, it is worthwhile to click on “Labour Card Renewal” or a related choice among others. The particular menu’s structure might be different, so use the search button or explore the options wisely.
  4. Complete the Application: The online form would ask for certain information. Such as personal data of the employee, details regarding the company and the specific points of requesting the renewal.
  5. Attach Documents: Fill in the provided section of the application form by uploading all the required documents, stipulated before.
  6. Review and Submit: Carefully look through the data and make sure everything is right. After completion of the process, submit the application in the electronic form.
  7. Payment: Refer to instructions on the site to proceed with payment of the renewal fees. Alternative methods available to you include paying online with credit or debit cards.

Making sure you check on the status of the renewal and reporting any mistakes or possible issues immediately will facilitate the better progress of the renewal procedure. Employers and workers should stay engaged to make sure all of the renewal procedures are done in time.

MOHRE Labour Card Cancellation

MOHRE Labour Card Status

MOHRE Labour Card cancellation is a procedure that is necessary to be taken in case when an employee abandons their position or moves out of the UAE. This guarantees that the worker will be able to exit from the UAE workforce legally and in accordance.


  • Employer is the only one that can initiate the cancellation process.
  • Reasons for cancellation can vary, but some common ones include:
    • Job termination
    • Employee resignation
    • Completion of a contract
    • Staff who want to offset their workplace commitments for good reasons, for example furthering their education.


  1. Access MOHRE Services: You can use one of the following channels:
    • MOHRE website:
    • MOHRE Smart App (currently on Android and at the Apple Store)
    • Tas’heel customer service is a step-by-step guide that leads you through the process.
  1. Submit the cancellation request:
    • Online/Smart App: Log in and look for the “Cancellation of work permits and labour contracts” in the menu bar and click. Please, complete an online application and attach the required documents.
  1. The exact documents might vary based on the reason for cancellation, but generally include:
    • Submission of ministry exit acceptance form that should be filled and signed.
    • Photocopies of the employee’s passport and Emirate’s ID.
    • Existing Labour Card
    • Termination letter/resignation letter. Choose the most convenient option for your case.
  1. Fees: Sending the application along with the due federal fees would be more appropriate through submission.

After the processing of the cancellation form, the Labour Card is canceled. Then, the holder is considered as an illegal worker and has to leave the UAE. However, we recommend you to get a written confirmation from MOHRE to avoid any legal issues.


The labour MOHRE Labour Card is a critical tool which highly contributes to good,vivid and safe employment conditions within the UAE. This is a solid foundation for complying with the labour laws. Safeguarding the rights of the employers and the workers themselves.

Do you have any questions concerning MOHRE Labour Card status or those processes? Your team of experts is at your service! Please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are look forward to assist you, as well as to guarantee that your journey with us is both seamless and successful.

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