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The advantages of outsourcing recruitment for your company (besides cost and speed)

One of the most effective methods for improving your recruitment cost and speed is to outsource it. However, there are companies where such benefits are not enough to justify following this methodology. Outsourcing recruitment allows you to enjoy a wide range of advantages that we will now expore.

In this article, we will show you what advantages your company can enjoy from outsourcing recruitment besides cost and speed. You will learn what recruitment is, how you can outsource it, and the advantages you can get from it. Achieve all of this by reviewing the following:

  1. What is recruitment?
  2. How can outsourcing assist in the recruitment process ?
  3. Why outsourcing recruitment allows your company to improve cost and speed
  4. What additional benefits can your company get from outsourcing recruitment?
  5. Where can you find more information about outsourcing recruitment?

1. What is recruitment?

Talent acquisition is a process that companies must do constantly in their search for improvement in their productivity and efficiency. Thus, it is an activity that they need to do in facing two scenarios: business growth or unfilled positions. Logically, a lot of their success relies heavily on it.

Essentially, it involves following several steps to do it properly. First, you need to search for potential candidates in every way you can: referrals, networking events, and online. Later, you must perform the most important step of all: screen and interview them to assess their abilities and personalities.

In other words, you need to carry out your recruitment. Your goal with such a process is to detect which candidates have the skills you require in your company. As a result, you will end up with top talent you can now start hiring and onboarding.

Furthermore, your company can perform its recruitment process through its internal HR staff. However, many businesses are now taking a different path that brings them many benefits of outsourcing recruitment . That is to say, you can use external assistance to make your recruitment process better and more efficient.   

2. How can your company outsource its recruitment process?

Above all, you must define which type of employees you want to hire to answer this question adequately. When it comes to your need for temporary employees, outsourcing recruitment implies hiring the services of a temporary staffing agency. Their experience in the field will come in handy for your business.

On the other hand, you will need another staffing solution for your permanent staff: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). In essence, it implies outsourcing all your recruitment process or only parts of it. This way, you will be covering your hiring needs without adding workload to your internal team.

Most importantly, both options for carrying out talent acquisition can be used to recruit employees for any position. For instance, you can use an RPO agency to recruit and hire outsourced credit collects for your organization. They can even perform all their processes remotely without any problem.

Indeed, outsourcing recruitment is a popular option for companies worldwide because of the benefits it brings to them. The two most known benefits you can get from it are lowering your cost and increasing your hiring speed. Consequently, your company can grow substantially because of it.

3. Why outsourcing recruitment allows your company to improve cost and speed

Imagine a scenario where you have a defective machine in your company. If such a machine is complex, your staff will spend a lot of time and resources to fix it. Consequently, you got tired of waiting and called a specialist that fixed it by only replacing a broken bolt.

Indeed, it was his expertise and knowledge that allowed him to detect and correct the failure quickly and efficiently. In the same manner, outsourcing recruitment involves giving the wheel of your recruiting activities to experts in the staffing field. Therefore, they will know how to recruit your candidates adequately.

Undoubtedly, their vast experience allows them to recruit candidates faster without spending too many resources. Moreover, they will assist you this way while also ensuring to choose the right candidates for your business. As a result, they will allow your company to improve cost and speed.

On the other hand, outsourcing recruitment can also help your organization to overcome the top staffing issues it can face. Certainly, they can affect your company to the point of closing it permanently. Thus, make sure that your RPO Company or temp staffing agency knows how to deal with them.

4. What additional benefits can your company get from outsourcing recruitment? 

Fortunately, low cost and great hiring speed are not the only benefits you can get from outsourcing recruitment. This methodology can help your business in several other ways that apply to every line of business worldwide. Thus, you must learn about them too to have a complete picture.

We are sure you can find more advantages, but we will present you here the six most important ones. This way, you can choose the best staffing agency for your business by assessing how they bring you these advantages. In other words, they tell a lot about their service’s quality.

Nevertheless, you should also remember that recruitment is not an exact science. Hence, you must not feel disappointed if you only get a part of the advantages here listed. Indeed, your company will still achieve several improvements by getting them.

Let us now show you in detail the six additional advantages your company can get from outsourcing recruitment:

4.1 Personalizing your hiring process

One of the problems recruitment often has in many companies is failing to be specific. That is to say, your talent acquisition activities could potentially be too general. As a result, it brings the consequence of failing to hire the specific talent you may require for your organization.

Therefore, you must find a way to make your recruitment and hiring processes more personalized. In this sense, outsourcing recruitment is the better way to do so. Indeed, RPO companies and temp staffing agencies are experts in handling every recruitment process individually.

By personalizing your hiring process, you will be able to seek specific skills and experiences that are hard to find. You outsourcing recruitment agency can do it by creating new processes directed to target specific talent. It will also allow your business to comply with specific objectives.

For example, you can include certain IT tests when you are seeking specific IT support staff for your organization. It is all about making a more personalized assessment of what you need in your company.

4.2 Maximizing your employee’s referral methodology

Finding potential candidates quickly in the business world nowadays can be challenging. In this sense, one method you can use that is substantially effective is to promote your employee referrals. Moreover, you can maximize this methodology by outsourcing recruitment.

Certainly, no employee will harm his/her reputation by referring a candidate that is not suitable for the job. RPO and temporary staffing agencies know how to maximize this, by setting up awards for each referral your employees deliver. Consequently, they will save time by making fewer screenings with them.

The reason this practice is so effective is the knowledge your employees have about your business. In other words, they know what to look for in their friends and family which can help your company tremendously.

Furthermore, you can also use employee referrals as temporary workers you can use for the holidays. This way, your company will enjoy the great benefits of holiday temporary work.

4.3 Improving the candidates’ quality

Recruiting new employees with your internal staff may cause you to miss important aspects in the process. Among all the possible consequences, the most harmful is that this could decrease your candidates’ quality. On the contrary, you can improve such quality through outsourcing recruitment.

In this matter, most outsourcing staffing agencies have distinctive screening processes that assess each candidate more precisely. After all, their goal is to give you the right candidates for your company’s available positions. Unequivocally, such candidates must have the quality you need.

Moreover, a candidate’s quality not only includes how he/she works. It also includes how well he/she interacts with your employees during working hours while facing different scenarios. That is to say, your outsourcing recruitment team will also evaluate a candidate’s personality as a part of his/her quality.

Most importantly, outsourcing your talent acquisition process will ensure your candidates’ great quality regardless of their level of labor. Indeed, your external assistants know what quality means in skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled labor. And, with qualified employees, your business will grow tremendously.

4.4 Reporting your recruitment’s effectiveness in real-time

Good management in every business involves closely following the results of every small and big operation. Logically, your recruitment is not exempt from this. That is to say, your employer will probably ask you about your recruitment’s effectiveness regularly to ensure their business’ wellbeing.

Luckily, you can get reports of your recruitment’s effectiveness in real-time by outsourcing it. Essentially, your external team will present you with reports regarding the number of hired employees, the contract-to-hire rate, and more. With all this information, you can determine if your talent acquisition process is efficient or not.

When it comes to large companies, the amount of data that a recruitment agency may handle can be huge. Fortunately, they can hire data entry operators to help them in this process. Such operators can also assist you in processes where data must be collected and stored.

4.5 Enhancing your brand

Efficient recruitment not only includes finding the right candidates for your company. It also involves making your company attractive to them. In other words, you must find ways to enhance your brand to make candidates want to work in your organization.

When you outsource your recruitment process, your external staffing agency can give you advice about enhancing your brand. For example, they can teach you ways to improve your company’s culture and working environment. Consequently, you will have a company that candidates will look at and say “I must work there!”

One great way to enhance your brand is through corporative events. In them, you can expose your company’s upcoming plans and how your alliances are improving your revenue. Nevertheless, you cannot plan and carry out them adequately without the help of proper event staffing.

4.6 Standardizing your recruit-to-hire processes

You may think this final advantage contradicts the “personalizing your hiring process” one. But, it actually complements it in a great manner. This is because it implies standardizing the parts of your recruitment that are mandatory for your organization.

Companies that specialize in outsourcing recruitment know how to build procedures related to your recruit-to-hire processes. This way, they will have the quality you need to hire the right employees. Furthermore, you will also have good traceability of your recruitment.

Remember, standardized processes are less likely to generate mistakes while performing them. Thus, take the time to work with your staffing agency to assess which parts of your recruitment can be standardized.

5. Where can you find more information about outsourcing recruitment?

Undoubtedly, it is not a coincidence that many companies worldwide are seeking external help for their recruitment activities. Above all, they all now have low costs and faster hiring because of them. However, you should discover which other advantages your company can get from outsourcing recruitment.

Several available firms in the market claim to be experts in outsourcing recruitment. But, if you are looking for the best of them in the field, then, Connect Staff is your best choice. Our meaningful work will justify your decision in no time.


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