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What are the most challenging temporary IT roles to fill and why?

This year, the IT sector will invest in key temporary IT roles and jobs; particularly those focused on increasing operational efficiency and improving the customer experience. There is also a strong push to increase spending on cybersecurity, business process transformation, and profitability.

In this article, you will learn everything about what the most challenging temporary IT roles to fill are. Hence, focusing on those areas may require new talent. Following, we are going to take a look at:

  1. An overview
  2. The most difficult IT positions to fill
  3. How can Connect Staff help you learn more about temporary IT roles?

1. An overview

The field of cybersecurity has been suffering from a severe skills shortage in recent years. Additionally, with the push to hire more professionals with these skills in IT jobs, the shortage is likely to worsen.

Hence, when it comes to transforming processes and increasing profitability, an important first step for IT businesses is to go back to the drawing board; then, they must consider how to redesign, implement, and manage infrastructure as the world shifts to a more cloud-based environment.

You may be looking for work and wondering, “How do I find an IT job?” Thus, it is a good idea to know what specific temporary IT roles and skills are in demand. Note that because of the rise of new technologies, areas such as security are seeing an increase in the number of challenges.

Therefore, skills for popular IT brands are in high demand as more businesses migrate to the cloud. In other words, artificial intelligence (AI), a constantly evolving technology in terms of capabilities and availability, is increasingly being used to build, analyze, and visualize data models.

2. The most difficult IT positions to fill

2.1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, also known as “IT security,” encompasses security and protection against all types of cyberattacks. Hence, an organization implements a variety of technologies, processes, and practices to safeguard its IT assets, which include networks, devices, software, and, ultimately, data.

As cases of cybercrime continue to rise and criminals attempt to obtain sensitive data, such as customer credit card information; cybersecurity is an essential component of any good IT system. Because cybercriminals become more sophisticated as companies improve their security measures, the demand for good cybersecurity technicians is ongoing and at an all-time high. Hence, jobs in this area include:

  • Cybersecurity graduate/junior
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Senior cybersecurity architect (inside IR35)
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Cybersecurity internal audit manager
  • Senior cybersecurity analyst
  • Cybersecurity architect
  • Second-line cybersecurity analyst
  • Cybersecurity senior consultant
  • Senior cybersecurity specialist and senior Java developer
  • Senior cybersecurity engineer and senior web developer
  • Cybersecurity incident response consultant

2.2. Data science, analytics

Note that the term “data science” refers to the broad set of skills used by experts to extract meaning and actionable insights from raw and structured data. Above all, their goal is to find an answer to a question that we may not even realize needs to be answered. Thus, it is all about spotting patterns that can improve business.

Hence, the primary function of data analytics, which is a subset of data science, is to capture, collect, and process data; as well as perform statistical analysis on it, to create ideas that you can use to help a business grow. Following, the jobs are:

  • Junior data analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Graduate/junior data scientist
  • Data science and analytics director
  • Data engineer and Data scientist.
  • Senior/lead data scientist
  • Data analyst – Marketing/retention
  • Data scientist (outside IR35) and Data scientist – Global big data lab.
  • Senior strategic consultants will be necessary, plus Data science and analytics

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2.3. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation

AI focuses on creating intelligent machines with human-like capabilities such as learning and speech recognition. Machine learning, a subset of AI, is concerned with the study of algorithms and statistics. With them, computers will self-learn and then use to develop statistical models to perform specific tasks without human intervention.

Hence, robotic process automation (RPA) occurs when a company uses software or artificial intelligence (AI) to automate specific roles. You can opt for the following temporary IT roles:

  • Junior machine learning engineer: RPA, Python, TensorFlow
  • AI/machine learning principal enterprise architect
  • Head of RPA program delivery
  • RPA developer
  • AI/machine learning principal enterprise architect
  • Senior web developer C++, C# or Java .NET and AI, RPA
  • Document imaging senior web developer C++, C# or Java .NET and AI, RPA

In addition, you might consider the benefits of offshoring your IT functions.

2.4. Integration of cloud services

Cloud services include applications, resources, and services that are made available from the cloud on-demand to improve data storage and computing power. Hence, cloud integration refers to the tools and technology that are used to connect many different applications, systems, and so on for real-time data exchange and process use.

Additionally, all cloud services and resources, once fully integrated, can be accessed by multiple devices via the internet or a specific network. You can apply for:

  • Cloud engineer
  • Cloud solutions architect
  • Oracle platform-as-a-service integration developer
  • Azure developer
  • Digital services: Azure developer
  • Senior consultant, operations integration
  • Senior operations integration consultant

2.5. Technologies from the past

Legacy technology” refers to previous methods of doing things, such as archaic or obsolete systems that are still in use. This can include out-of-date methods, technologies, computer systems, or application software.

A legacy system has been in use by a company for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to the business to be stopped, disrupted, or integrated into newer technology. They are looking for the following:

  • A business development manager (Legacy systems support).
  • Senior data migration lead who knows about SAP, legacy, transformation, consultancy
  • A sales engineer who knows about application modernization
  • An expert who knows about data conversion.
  • Integration Developer (ETL) II or senior will also be necessary.
  • An analyst on data services.
  • A specialist in

2.6. Agile processes, DevOps, DevSecOps

DevOps (development operations) combines development and operations teams to improve communication and collaboration to accelerate the product development process. Note that DevSecOps (development security operations) incorporates the business’s security into the DevOps process.

Therefore, the agile process aids in the management of complex tasks by breaking large processes down; also, by focusing on collaboration and customer feedback to produce small but frequent development releases. Following, among the jobs available in this field are:

  • Firstly, a DevSecOps/ (DevSecOps) engineer and a DevSecOps consultant/engineer
  • A DevSecOps project lead with security clearance
  • Security architect with knowledge on DevSecOps.
  • An application security engineer who knows about DevSecOps.
  • A security architect who knows about DevSecOps, software, SOC, IAM, cloud, and retail.

Note that when you are recruiting, you should do research on hiring and HR systems.

2.7. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) is the interconnectedness of interconnected computing systems via the internet. Note that this includes any device and any mechanical or digital machine that has a computer embedded in it. Also, it must be able to send and receive data without the need for human intervention. Check its available positions:

  • Product manager. For example, for software, IoT, and apps.
  • IoT security expert
  • Senior information security architect, IoT
  • IoT specialist solution architect
  • Head of IoT – Smart cities
  • Marketing manager – IoT
  • Standardization manager (consumer IoT)
  • Consultant – Industrial IoT

2.8. Architecture of the cloud

The term “cloud architecture” refers to the various components and subcomponents required to effectively use cloud computing. Therefore, databases, software capabilities, and networks have been specially designed to harness the cloud. Note that this was to provide a solution for a variety of business needs. Hence, they need to fill the following positions:

  • Cloud and infrastructure architect, AWS.
  • A cloud architect and cloud infrastructure architect – Oracle 936.
  • Solution architect
  • A cloud solutions architect (AWS)
  • Platform architect/cloud architect
  • Google cloud architect
  • Service cloud architect
  • AWS cloud architect
  • A senior manager in Security architecture and emerging technologies

2.9. User Experience, Design Thinking

Design thinking, a structured methodology for designing concepts, assists user experience (UX) developers in breaking down large and complicated problems into parts; some of which may be previously unknown issues in product development.

In addition, the design thinking methodology incorporates issues of design cognition as well as strategic and practical processes. The goal of design thinking is to provide a practical and logical innovative solution to the problem at hand. Apply for the following jobs:

  • A Senior UX designer and Senior user interface (UI) designer
  • Senior product designer
  • Head of UX and design
  • UX/UI designer
  • Senior experience designer
  • UX and design undergraduate
  • Design lead
  • Interaction design lead

2.10. Engineering of software

Software engineering is a type of computer science in which developers use a systematic approach to the engineering and creation of new software technology. Therefore, it falls under the broader term “general engineering.” It is a type of systems engineering that is used in conjunction with general engineering in many disciplines.

Thus, software engineers use their specialized knowledge of engineering and coding languages to develop better software packages, computer games, and other networks and integral systems. Hence, it is the practical and real-world application of software principles that has an impact on the world. Following, these are the jobs you can apply for:

  • Software engineer
  • Graduate software engineer
  • Software developer
  • Software engineer – C++, Qt
  • Embedded software engineer
  • Robotic systems software engineer
  • Software developer – C#, MVC, SQL, Javascript
  • NFTS NMS software engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Software engineer Jython
  • Electronics and software engineer
  • Software engineer – FX technology
  • Software engineer, machine learning

2.11. Application creation

Application development is a subfield of computer science in which software engineers are hired to design, develop, and deploy computer-based applications. In the business world, app development entails creating computer programs to meet specific needs, such as scheduling sales reports.

Hence, a well-designed app with a specific purpose will solve an internal problem, allowing a company to run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Following, let us observe the available positions to fill:

  • Application development.
  • Mobile application developer.
  • Android mobile developer.
  • Web applications developer.
  • GIS web application developer, WorldPop spatial data infrastructure.
  • C#/MVC E-commerce developer.
  • Applications developer – SQL/Java.
  • Senior C# application developer.
  • C++ application developer.
  • IT application developer.
  • Retek application developer.
  • Mobile application developer – iOS & Android.

2.12. Management of multiple clouds

As the name implies, multi-cloud management entails a user utilizing multiple clouds from different providers at the same time; therefore, assisting in the resolution of space and speed issues, as each cloud is used for a single and distinct task.

Hence, multi-cloud management moves data and workloads from one cloud to another, allowing for the continuous, seamless operation of multiple applications and programs at the same time. Following, let us take a look at the positions:

  • Multi-cloud solutions marketing manager, NEMEA
  • Building software-embedded cloud services for a more efficient, scalable, and profitable cloud business
  • Solution architect, multi-cloud, consulting
  • Multi-cloud engagement lead (AWS/AZURE/GCP)
  • Bridging multi-cloud deployments with Kubernetes
  • Multi solutions consultant (Adobe marketing cloud)

3. How can Connect Staff help you learn more about temporary IT roles?

It can be difficult to know where to begin when there are so many ways to get into these temporary IT roles. Employers struggle to fill these roles. For this reason, there is a lot of overlap with other IT areas in many cases; businesses would benefit from implementing in-house upskilling, reskilling, and IT training programs for their current staff.

Therefore, employees can use programs like this to not only improve the skills they need to excel in their roles and propel the business forward; but also to explore new IT areas that may have higher skill gaps. It all starts with proper training.

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