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Keeping your staff or outsourcing their duties: Which one is better for your company?

Managing a company often involves resolving several debates about numerous essential topics. Above all, it implies making good decisions about your organization’s finances, operations, and human talent. In this sense, you probably ask yourself regularly: should I keep my workers or outsource staffing? Which one is better?

In this article, you will be capable of defining if you must keep your staff or outsource their duties. Here, you will learn about the advantages of each option to discover which one is better for your company. Come and resolve your doubt by reviewing the following subjects:

  1. What does it mean to keep your staff?
  2. How can your company benefit from keeping its staff?
  3. When does your company outsource staffing duties?
  4. Why should you outsource staffing duties in your company?
  5. Which option is better for your company?
  6. Where can you find more information about outsourcing staffing duties?

1. What does it mean to keep your staff?


In business, the word “unlimited” is not commonly used. When it comes to staffing, you will more regularly hear the word “limited”. That is to say, most companies use permanent employment in the form of limited contracts. Thus, what happens when those contracts expire?

The first option we present here is that you either extend their contracts for another limited period or indefinitely. In other words, it means you keep your staff working in your organization for a longer term. All of this considering your staff’s performance justifies your decision.

Certainly, you will find positions in your company where this practice is the preferred one for numerous reasons. It is especially essential for roles where you need to preserve how things are done and trusty employees are required. For instance, many companies keep their management staff for long periods.

On the other hand, it is also important to know how you can recruit candidates for your full-time positions. In this matter, you can make your life much easier by using staffing services to do so. This way, you will not struggle to find qualified candidates for your job openings.

2. How can your company benefit from keeping its staff?

Let us now start comparing the two options you have. First and foremost, keeping your staff and seeking the services of staff outsourcing companies in Dubai deliver very different results. Hence, you must know how your company can benefit from each one of them.

When it comes to keeping your staff, you can find several pros related to it. Indeed, they are all related to the fact that long-term working relationships are also necessary for business. Logically, they will not look like anything you can find when you outsource staffing duties.

However, your company can benefit from keeping its staff only when you successfully hire the right permanent employees. Thus, you should use the right permanent staffing solution. Certainly, it is very important for your organization’s goal of building a talented and compromised full-time staff.

Now, it is time we show you how your company can benefit from keeping its staff working for longer terms. In this sense, you can enjoy the following benefits by doing so:

2.1 Stability

One thing you can find in companies where employees have long trajectories of several years is stability. It is a feature that can benefit your organization substantially if your team members understand each other perfectly. Furthermore, it can also give your business a great image for your customers.

Undoubtedly, you can encounter many examples where long working relationships have helped businesses in several ways. For instance, you can learn about the case of the airline pilot Chesley Sullenberger. Besides landing a plane on the Hudson River, he also had 30 years of career working for US Airways.

However, achieving business stability is not always easy. Certainly, it involves making smart moves related to your company’s finances to keep it running smoothly. Hence, you can make those moves adequately by hiring the services of outsourced accountants and finance staff for your organization.

2.2 Deep knowledge about your business

You can acquire knowledge through working experience gained over time. It is a formula that even an IT Outsourcing Services company can verify to be accurate. Therefore, you can allow your staff to acquire deep knowledge about your business by keeping them working in your company.

Such deep knowledge can help your company tremendously. Indeed, your oldest employees can use it to train your newer staff in aspects of your operations. Furthermore, you can also use it to boost your clients’ confidence about the quality of your services or products.

Besides, your most experienced staff can train your company’s outsourced staff as well. This way, your contract staffing can also discover how your business activities are assessed and performed. They will find it extremely helpful in their search for effective ways to help your organization.

2.3 No unemployment compensation

Logically, when you keep your staff working in your company, the need for unemployment compensation goes out of the window. In other words, you will avoid the numerous expenses related to the layoffs of your employees. Such expenses can be substantially high in some cases.

Moreover, as many IT outsourcing firms in Dubai may tell you, you could also avoid facing legal issues. Certainly, several countries have severely restrictive labor laws that establish hard unemployment terms. Thus, keeping your staff may be an effective way of getting your legal team happy.

On the other hand, you should always know the legal and financial aspects of unemployment in your company and location. But, learning about it can take the time you do not have. Therefore, you should consider hiring the services of outsourced HR support staff that have such knowledge.

3. How does your company outsource staffing duties?


Remember, this is a debate between two methods of how you handle your staff. Now, it is time to learn about your other option: to outsource staffing duties in your company. Above all, you need to know how your company can do this correctly.

In essence, you outsource staffing duties when you need external assistance in your business operations. Furthermore, it implies hiring one of the many staff outsourcing companies in Dubai and around the world. They will have the expertise and the qualified candidates that will allow you to outsource staffing duties.

Indeed, this practice is extremely popular among several businesses today, such as IT companies. Here, you can use an IT outsourcing services company to outsource staffing duties by hiring IT support staff. That is to say, you can perform many activities without the need for full-time workers.

4. Why should you outsource staffing duties in your company?

Making a proper comparison between keeping your staff and outsourcing their duties involves knowing your second option’s benefits too. Certainly, using the services of companies such as the IT outsourcing firms in Dubai can be tremendously helpful. You are here to see why that is true today.

When you outsource staffing duties in your company, many doors will open wide. However, the benefits you can enjoy depend heavily on factors such as your line of business and your location. But, you are here to see the big picture, not a list of specific cases.

With this in mind, we made an effort and found four interesting reasons you should outsource staffing responsibilities. They can apply to any business regardless of its industry or its size. Hence, you should expose such reasons in your organization if you need to convince them about this idea.

Furthermore, they also apply to any position’s duties you want to outsource. For instance, you can hire any of the several staff outsourcing companies in Dubai to seek outsourced sales staff. Let us now show you in detail the reasons why you should outsource staffing duties in your organization:

4.1 Flexibility

One of the first changes you will notice after you outsource staffing duties is flexibility. In other words, you can build a team capable of facing any good or bad market scenario by doing so. The large working experience of your outsourced staff will help you in this matter.

You can find several cases where flexibility can make your company more adaptable to fast changes. For example, you can outsource staffing duties related to data entry operations by working with an IT outsourcing services company.

Moreover, such flexibility will also allow you to properly assess your seasonal peaks in demand. Indeed, you can also stop outsourcing staffing duties when the seasonal peaks are finished. It is an easier option than letting your permanent staff with nothing to do.

4.2  Promoting your company’s growth

Another great advantage of your plan to outsource staffing duties is that it will permit you to save money. This way, you will be able to expand your business model while still adequately satisfying your customers. In other words, you will promote your company’s growth.

Among the most illustrative examples of this benefit becoming a reality you can find the healthcare sector. Indeed, many healthcare companies have grown by hiring the services of staff outsourcing companies in Dubai and worldwide. They can get any type of healthcare staffing through them.

Above all, you will promote your company’s growth this way because you will lower your operational costs substantially. Besides, when you outsource staffing duties, you apply a solution for handling operations that will take too long to effect.

4.3 Developing your internal staff

Several IT outsourcing firms in Dubai and elsewhere can offer you many skilled employees that will help your business. Most importantly, they can help your business by developing your internal staff in subjects they still do not handle properly. Their working experience will be an important asset for your organization.

In this sense, you must promote training activities where your outsourced staff shares their knowledge with everyone else. It is an excellent way to upgrade your team’s capabilities without the need for expensive certifications. Undoubtedly, your internal staff will thank you for it.

For example, let us imagine you want to carry out a highly complex engineering project. Here, you can face the problem of having engineers that do not have the necessary skills for it. Thus, you can develop their skills with the help of outsourced technical staff.

5. Which option is better for your company?

The answer to this question can be only one: it depends on your vantage point in the debate. As you just learned here, your company can benefit from each option at different levels. Therefore, your choice must be motivated by your specific circumstances.

In short, feel free to look at this debate from any angle. Also, take a moment to assess the disadvantages of each option for your company. All of this will allow you to make the right decisions in terms of what your business needs nowadays.

6. Where can you find more information about outsourcing staffing duties?

The power of choice is essential for the business world. When it comes to choosing what to do with your staff, such a choice can affect your company’s growth substantially. Hence, you must know how to assess your requirements to choose between keeping your staff or outsourcing their duties.

If your preferred option is the second one, you can outsource staffing duties correctly by working with a staffing company. In this matter, Connect Staff is one of the best staffing outsourcing companies in Dubai that you can hire. Our outsourcing staffing services will help you in many ways.

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