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The increasing number of healthcare job opportunities in Dubai

During the last few years, Dubai has experienced a significant increase in the number of licensed medical practitioners and facilities. And, as a result, there was also an increase in the number of opportunities related to hospital jobs in Dubai. Plus, with the efforts of the local authorities, this number will keep growing, benefiting professionals and the country’s growth.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about healthcare jobs in Dubai and opportunities for professionals. Besides, we will briefly explain the recent growth of Dubai’s healthcare sector. Let’s observe:

1. What is the recent news about the healthcare sector in Dubai?

hospital jobs in Dubai

Over the past 5 years, Dubai witnessed a considerable increase in the number of licensed medical practitioners and facilities. And this was a 61% increase that benefits the healthcare sector and the opportunities for hospital jobs in Dubai. Plus, there is also a large number of new health facilities in the emirate that increase the sector’s growth.

In fact, the official statistics that the Dubai Health Authority released for 2022 is that there are 55,208 licensed medical professionals. Furthermore, the DHA, according to its projections for 2023, estimates a significant increase between 10% and 15% for medical professionals.

Now, the latest Medical Tourism Index ranks Dubai at number 1 in the MENA region and number 6 in the world. And when it comes to Quality of Facilities and Services, the emirate is among the top 5 globally.

2. How many new private health facilities are there now in Dubai?

As we previously mentioned, there was a recent increase in the healthcare sector growth in Dubai. And, therefore, it also increased the number of medical representative jobs in the UAE as there are now more facilities.

Jobs in UAE

As a matter of fact, there are now 4,482 private health facilities in Dubai, according to the DHA’s official statistics. Plus, the DHA’s projections for 2023 estimate an increase between 3% and 6% for facilities. And Dubai’s private medical facilities now include the following:

  • 56 hospitals.
  • 57 day-care surgery centres.
  • 59 diagnostic centres.
  • 1,566 specialized outpatient clinics.
  • 21 specialized centres for people of determination.
  • 154 home healthcare agencies.
  • 417 school clinics.
  • 9 fertility centres.
  • 3 cord blood and stem call centres.
  • 6 dialysis centres.
  • 49 dental laboratories.
  • 17 telehealth centres.
  • 1 gastrointestinal endoscopy centre.
  • 57 facilities for traditional, alternative, and complementary medicine.
  • 4 patient transfer service centres.
  • 17 medicine storage facilities.
  • 1,353 pharmaceutical facilities.
  • 410 optical centres.

Furthermore, several international entities, like the Joint Commission International and the International Organisation for Standardization have accredited many private hospitals in Dubai.

On the other hand, the DHA considers a number of vital factors before licensing a facility. For example, some of them are healthcare standards and processes, treatment methods, quality and diversity of health services, equipment, etc. And this way, it is possible to ensure the provision of specialized accessible care for residents and medical tourists. Plus, it can be beneficial for professionals who are searching for hospital jobs in the UAE.

2.1. What else should you know about facilities and hospital jobs in Dubai?

In Dubai, you can find many leading research centres, including the Dubai Genomics Centre (focused on genetic research and personalized medicine). Also, there are telemedicine services for remote consultations. And these services can benefit both patients and professionals.

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