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What is the difference between staffing and consulting services?

Recruiting processes can be difficult nowadays. A company can choose between making its own recruiting and hiring an agency. But, there are two kinds of recruiting agencies: staffing and consulting services. Knowing the difference will be a little tricky. But choosing the right one can impact your business positively. Let’s take a look at staffing services and consulting firms.

In this article, we will explain how to differentiate between both. Also, you will learn each one’s advantages and how they benefit your company. Additionally, we will give you the knowledge to make a proper decision. You will understand better how to improve your recruitment process.

  1. What is a staffing service?
  2. What is a consulting service?
  3. How do we differentiate between both?
  4. Which are the benefits of each?
  5. Who is contracted by each service?
  6. When is a staffing service better?
  7. What are the services offered by a staffing firm?
  8. Where can I contact a staffing service?

1. What is a staffing service?

A staffing service is a company that helps its clients to find the best candidates for those vacancies. They usually perform continuous recruitments to have a huge pool of available applicants. These pools allow the agency to offer a broad variety of candidates. Therefore, a staffing firm is a company that enlists employees from different areas for their clients.

Once a client contacts them, these agencies showcase their most appropriate workers for the role requested. Thanks to these, companies can rely on them to reduce the time spent on recruitment. These staffing agencies’ main function is to provide a temporary workforce to their clients. Hence, staffing relieves businesses of the heavy tasks involved in recruiting personnel.

They also take care of the legal expenses related to the worker. These agencies also give the payment to their employees instead of you. Thus, these agencies facilitate legal and financial processes. Moreover, they look forward to meeting their clients’ needs and goals in regards to personnel. They are more than quantity, they also offer quality.

These recruiters first focus on looking for qualified personnel. Then open a selective recruitment process to filter candidates. Once they choose the applicants, the agencies try to connect them with clients. After that, the client determines if the worker is the right fit for their needs. And as the last step, the worker provides his or her services to the company for a period. During that time, the contracting company has the right to supervise the performance of the temp employee.

2. What is a consulting service?

On the other hand, consulting agencies send worker options to their clients. The agency will be responsible for the performance of its candidates. Even though the worker is now employed by a third party, the company will still oversee him. This means that the consulting agency takes care of employee productivity.

Similar to a staffing service, consulting agencies take care of their employees’ payments and legalities. To avoid increasing their clients’ load, these companies carry out any mandatory data of their workers. Also, they look after any benefits to improve their workforce motivation. On the other hand, the cost of their services is valued often considering the level of expertise required rather than the time.

However, a consultancy has fewer employees available for work. Usually, they work with a specific number of people. The agency offers its professional advice thanks to high–quality personnel. But, to achieve this, they lower the number of employees. Further, they guarantee constant specialized training for their workers. Consequently, these firms try to offer services only in the areas they concentrate on.

Finally, this kind of agency works in a specific niche. It is hard to find consultancies that cover different matters. For these reasons, we find most of the time consulting agencies dedicated to only one sector. For example, there are legal consulting firms and marketing consulting firms. They try to build their experience and partners in one area so their work is done properly.

3. How do we differentiate between staffing and consulting services?

Consulting and staffing firms differ in many ways. Although both focus on a specific niche, they deal with their client needs differently. Generally speaking, consulting firms offer specialized services that are more expensive. Due to the nature of their work, these agencies only contract professionals that work in their area. However, these professionals generally only offer services related to their specialty.

On the other hand, staff providers can adapt more successfully to different environments. Staffing firms contract temporary workers to assist in multiple tasks of different nature. They are recruited based on diversification of work. This allows their workers to have more flexibility and creativity when it comes to offering services to different businesses.

These firms look for workers that are capable of performing a huge variety of jobs. Nonetheless, this does not mean that they lose quality. Instead, staffing services generally capacitate their personnel to work in their niche. And also, these workers can be contracted for long periods.

Finally, consulting services are hired mainly to do specific professional tasks. Meanwhile, staffing services offer professional support based on the time the client requires it. This means that consultancies will help their clients with guidance in specific matters, and staffing firms will offer support for more different tasks depending on the client.

4. What are the benefits of each?

Staffing services are generally better for those periods in which companies require more working hands. These services provide a temporary workforce that will alleviate the problem. Additionally, they are quite flexible and do allow their company to supervise the new workers.

Besides that, an important benefit of staffing firms is that they provide high-quality workers that will perform well in different scenarios. They have a huge reserve of candidates ready to supply the firm’s clients’ needs. Consequently, companies can rely on this kind of firm to improve their services during shortages of employees.

Contrarily, consulting firms will take care of more complex issues. For example, a legal firm can address any legal issue the company client might be facing. Those consultancies work to give professional advice in matters that require more experienced personnel.

Companies also outsource some of their duties to consultancies. This transfers some tasks to the consulting firm. That gives companies the ability to avoid contracting extra personal while reducing responsibilities. Contracting firms also supervise their personnel and take care of their performance.

5. Who is contracted by staffing or consultancy services?

Staffing services specialize in personnel from different contexts. They look for hiring employees that will perform excellently in varying ambients. The recruitment process in staffing firms seeks flexibility and competitiveness. They hire all those workers wishing to improve. Also, this recruitment has strategies to filter good candidates from bad ones.

The staffing firm will look after their clients. For that reason, they only hire people who have demonstrated skills related to the niche. However, these companies are generally multifaceted. Consequently, they try to keep in their pools enough workers with different abilities to cover their clients’ demands.

In contrast, consultancies work with a fixed number of employees instead of running long recruitment campaigns. They have more strict selection processes because their focus is mainly on professionals in their area. Therefore, consulting firms work only in the areas of their specialty.

Nonetheless, it will always depend on the size of the company. Some consultancies are bigger due to their years of experience. This results in a firm with broader scope and reach. Nonetheless, bear in mind that consultancies will have more surveillance on their workers’ tasks. Therefore, it diminishes your ability to control or follow up some processes.

6. When is a staffing service a better option?

Temporary services are the best ally of a company during busy seasons. Companies tend to have a hard time trying to cover all the demand. Thus, they get more workers from staffing services to avoid losing clients. This also benefits the employees of the company because more staff allows them to reduce accidents and stress. That is why an increasing number of businesses have begun to bring more employees from external sources.

However, there are more reasons to contract a temp agency. If your company is trying to reduce expenses, a staffing business will help you with that. These agencies cover all the expenses related to the recruitment of their employees and their maintenance. You only pay the company for the services contracted, they do the rest. They cost their workers social security, payments, legal expenditures, and else.

Additionally, these businesses allow you to save valuable time. Rather than having a long search for candidates, they already have what you need. Thus, a staffing firm will reduce the time required to bring aboard new employees to cover those critical areas of your business. Fewer processes and more results.

Finally, a temp agency will help you with any new project you come up with. For that reason, hiring this kind of firm will give you enough workforce to speed up and see results. So, consider outsourcing your search of employees to a temporary staffing firm. It will cost you less money, less time, and it will be more effective.

7. What are the services offered by a staffing firm?

Staffing agencies can offer you a variety of workers able to do almost every job. Anything from receptionists to accountants and finance staff, that is the huge advantage of temporary staff. Thus, it is recommended to understand what the niche of the staffing agency is. Due to the different experiences of each company, some might be specialized in offering some services instead of others.

When you look for a staffing provider, try to first make a list of your staffing needs. How many employees you will need and for how long, will make a big difference. Knowing what kind of worker you need, how many and for how long will give you an idea of what kind of company suits better your needs. Always bear in mind your business needs.

Also, temporary staffing services offer pricing options depending on the kind of service you are contracting and the duration. This could be beneficial for you because it is generally a low price compared to recruiting on your own. Nonetheless, consider thoroughly the proposals of your staffing provider to see if it is a good fit for you.

Last but not least, temp staff providers offer high-quality recruitment processes. However, it is always worth taking a look at their approach to newcomers. It will let you know if the recruitment strategy will provide good candidates for those vacancies in your company. Thus, review that information with your staff provider so you can take a more informed decision.

8. Where can I contact a staffing service?

If you are looking for a staffing service that will provide your company with excellent workers, consider working with us. At Connect Staff, we guarantee you the best workers for any task. We choose the best candidate from a talent pool of excellent workers. They are professionals and will do their job in no time.

We have experience in many areas. From customer service to sales staff, you can choose whatever you need from our company. Connect Staff ensures that every worker is ready to attend to any request and task from our clients. They will do their best thanks to our values and mission.

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