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UAE to Provide 100,000 Golden Visas to Attract Top IT Talent

Every economy in the world is heading toward a digital future. After all, the IT business is growing faster than every other in the market. In this sense, one country wants to be ahead of the pack by promoting talent acquisition for IT jobs in the UAE.

In this article, you will learn what the UAE is doing regarding IT jobs in Dubai. Above all, it involves making immigration processes easier for top IT talent. So, discover how this can benefit IT companies in the UAE by reviewing the following topics:

1. What is a Golden Visa?

IT jobs in the UAE

Approximately 90% of the UAE population is foreign professionals and skilled workers that picked the country as their working place. After all, advantages like the UAE public holidays are hard to miss. So, let us reveal how a foreigner can live and work in the UAE today without facing deportation.

One excellent way to achieve this is to apply for a Golden Visa. Indeed, it is a document that allows you to work and live in the Emirates without problems for ten years. As a result, you can enter the country and look for the best UAE IT jobs and more.

In short, several E-commerce companies offer IT jobs in Dubai to promote their growth. However, authorities only created the Golden Visa to allow them to bring foreign talent. On the contrary, they are following a different path in the UAE nowadays.

100,000 Golden Visas for Top Talent

2. Attracting IT talent for IT jobs in the UAE

Undoubtedly, the UAE is an attractive destination for foreign talent in the manufacturing industry. Nonetheless, they want to promote it for experts in IT jobs in the UAE too. Let us reveal what UAE authorities are doing regarding this issue in detail.

In this sense, the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy announced that UAE authorities plan to issue 100,000 Golden Visas to top programmers worldwide. Their goal is to promote their demand for positions in IT companies in the UAE today.

Furthermore, the UAE follows this plan intending to focus on specific parts of the IT industry. Indeed, their goal is to attract professionals to work in software development and Artificial Intelligence. In other words, Emirates wants to be a global leader in the IT business.

3. The UAE as a global leader

Issuing that many Golden Visas is a titanic task to perform. Assuredly, it will lead foreign programmers to apply for a job in Dubai online. But what is its primary goal regarding IT jobs in the UAE?

The answer is simple and ambitious: The UAW wants to become a global leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2031. Logically, it will require creating and filling several IT jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is the primary reason for every Golden Visa issued to top IT talent today.

4. Where can you find more information about UAE IT jobs?

The future of worldwide business involves a dominant IT industry to reach success. Above all, it involves finding and hiring the available IT talent worldwide. Logically, the UAE is leading the pack regarding this feature through Golden Visas to fulfill UAE IT jobs.

Nonetheless, getting and beginning one of several new IT jobs in the UAE can be challenging. After all, you are a talented foreigner entering a new city and culture. Fortunately, we can help you with this and more through our excellent services at Connect Staff.

Let us help you get one of many IT jobs in the UAE available today. Feel free to contact us to discover how to get your Golden Visa without problems. Above all, you must submit your inquiries via email at or a call at +971 43 316 688.

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